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The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 3 Re-War-D Part 2

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:41 am    Post subject: The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 3 Re-War-D Part 2 Reply with quote

Lucia"You have to find a manual kill switch for the lethal gas."

Chris"What? These can be destroyed by a switch?"

Lucia"All scientist are not that stupid. Besides, the technology now, we can anyway."

Chris"Tell me something I don't know."

Raynard"You like sports?"


Raynard"Did you know the females are the most dominate over males."

Chris"Finally, they grew breasts."

Lucia"Thats mean! But damn funny!"

Grew balls, grew breasts, get the picture? Still, running towards more enemies. Firing on him, and Chris saves ammo by removing their gas mask.

Chris"Breathe well."

In the research center, enemies send sentry bots to kill him. Fireball should do the trick, and his flamethrower burns them more than lethal gases.

Lucia"Could I ask? What does the lethal gas smells like?"

Chris"Smells like death. But it's really worst than corrode, with a garbage smell and old perfume type I think."

Lucia"That sucks."

Chris"Reek of death."

Upstairs he went and found tons of machines on fire.

Chris"I think I'm getting close to the kill switch."

Lucia"There should a red room nearby."

He hurries it up and found the red room. There is the kill switch. He pull the switch and then the lethal gases are vaporized.

Chris"It's done."

Lucia"Good, no sign of lethal gases. Good job."

Harper"You!! What have you done!!?"

Chris"What does it look like."

Harper"Years of my research, gone to waste because of you!!"

Chris"Don't I get that a lot."

Harper"Shut up!! You destroyed my cure!!"

Chris"Cure? Lethal gas, a cure?"

Harper"To kill the disease you idiot!! A small portion to kill the disease!!"

Chris"Yeah right. I bet you plan to turn all of us into crazy people."

Harper"You dare curse at my work!!?"

Chris"Yeah! What the fuck are you going to do about it!!"

He pull out his gun and shoots him. But Chris fires back to the kidney.

Chris"I want answer. Who order you to do this?"

Harper"From the one who wants to change this world the way he wanted to."


Harper"You should know it by now you fuck."

He killed him. Knowing that is enough. He check his personal data video. Three video, under complete results. The first one is the subject turns very strict, obeying every law in the book she was holding. The second on is the subject turns very horny, having many men please and she wants more. Sick twisted fuck, always looking for an answer to control them for pleasure. The last one is the subject is dying, the lethal gas killed her in seconds. What was the reason for this? I don't understand, pleasure is their goal I assume, but death? It doesn't matter now, this place is destroyed. We all went back to base, the team was there looking at him.

Sakura"Chris just saved us from his predicted future. We owe you in great debt."

Chris"It was nothing, just doing my job."

Sakura"Of course. Nothing leave in this room. Dismiss."

Not the greatest thing I ever did, I recorded the whole future stuff and send it to the rest of the team. They all reply how horrible it was and can't believe that was going to happen. They all said Chris is a hero, they will never forget this moment. Chris doesn't know yet, that was the hardest part. Still, he want to continue his memory. The machine knows his presence, they were ready for him.

Andrea"A guys dream is to have as much for his pride, and make it like a god."

Memory 2 - Chapter 4 The Last Natural Legend

Again the light mights me down hard, and fell to another world in time.

Chris"I hope this mission is worth the annoying small pain. Now where am I?"

The watch tells me the year is now 2100 B.C., and this is now China.

Chris"Great, who am I going to kill, my super great grand father?"

Then it saids my target is Wei Tai, the Fenghuang.

Chris"Fenghuang? These race are really a myth, it's telling me it's real? We should find out."

It's night time. In the plain hills, I see nowhere. But nobody is here. I then decide to fly. I jump, flap my wings, and fly high. Searching around the place, I see lights over there, by the two hills. I flew over there, on low height, and hide behind the tree's. At close, I land on the roof top. And then, I saw a lot of people gather in a public annoucement.

Chris"Better figure out what the fuck is going on over there."

Jumpping on the roofs, I manage to do this very slient, even if these type of buildings should crack by weight.

Mayor"People of YangCheng, there will be a volunteers to go on the expedition. Those who are brave enough should be here by the next morning. There will be a great reward on your return. Bring your weapon of choice, and be here if you have the courage to go on this expedition."

Then the people left and went home.

Chris"I should find clothes here and a good sword here. Hopefully this expedition should get me near the target or this will not and it will be a huge waste of time."

Jumpping across buildings of houses, I manage to enter a room where no one is here. Found some clothes to wear, a dark blue shenyi. Pefect wear, and on the wall, there is a steel jian sword. It's big, but I could handle it.


Jing"What are you doing here??"

Oh shit!


I look back, the Red Crowned Crane doesn't look happy.


Chris"What do you think I'm doing."

Jing"Your trespassing, stealing, and I bet your going to kill me just to run away silently. That's your plan right?"

Chris"Yes, yes, and no. Killing you? Why would I kill a beautiful Crane like you?"

Jing"Wait, what?"

Chris"Listen. I need to get ready for this expedition. I'm sorry about this, but I have to do this. It's my goal."

Jing"Then why steal my stuff?"

Chris"Because I need to get ready. I promise you I will return this stuff back to you. You have my soul as promise."

Jing"Fine. Anything else?"

Chris"I have to rest, I need the energy for tomorrow."

Jing"Just for one night."

Next morning, I woke up, and got ready.

Jing"Your going on the expedition?"


Jing"Well, I hope you come back."

Chris"I will."

Jing"Names Jing by the way. Yours?"

Chris"Sorry, I never had a name."

I left, then unto the meeting place. There were only five of us.

Mayor"Gentlemen, this expedition is very dangerous. Your task is to bring back the head of this beast we have claimed about. Whoever comes back with it, shall have a great reward. I hope you guys come back safely."

Then we are off. The mountain is over there, and that's where I should find him. I was in front of them. They chat about their times, some were funny, some I wish I want to kill them.

Chris"Does any of you know this beast?"

Lin"They said it's more than two headed beast."

Chris"Glad to know."

Climbing on the mountain, and we found the cave. It was cold, yet I like it colder. Inside was dark, we have a fire stick to light our ways.

Kei"I hope we survive this battle."

As we are walking, there is a bridge that is a suspension wood plank. On the other side.......

Wei"Who goes there?"

Chris"Are you Wei Tai?"

Wei"Do not mention my name ever again!!!"

He then cut the ropes, and the bridge fell. They all fell to their death as the many spears did their job. I was flying.

Chris"Wei Tai!! Your dead!!"

Wei"Come follow me then, hahahahaha!!!"

He ran fast, and I ran fast as well. Then their is a big cave.

Chris"Come out you bastard!!"

Wei"Didn't you even bother looking at my collections on the wall over there?"

The wall was cover with skeletons. Many of them look small, maybe a teenager.

Wei"I love young adults. They have the weirdest imagination."

Chris"And yet you kill them?"

Wei"What do you expect, I too have the weirdest imagination as well. Say hello to my pet that I created with magic as I reborn him.

The beast came just with their heads, but they are not heads, no face. It's all tentacles. Holy shit. Then all quickly grab both my arms and legs. I can't move.

Wei"Hehehe, my pet hungry for pleasure."

We all know his sex crime. Now to break free. That thing is coming to my mouth. It went in, but I bite it hard. It let go of me. I fly and shot fireballs at it. It was on fire. The beast in now in flames. I shot more.


Chris"Hello pet, your on fire."

The thing went down and the fire kill the soul hell of it.

Wei"You!! Your a monster!!!"

Chris"I may be. But I don't give a fuck about what you said."

Next to him, I stab him in the chest, and burn him in flames.


Chris"Burn in hell you fuck."

It was moving around too much, and then it stop. the flames keep lighting up. Target eliminated. Next target, I saw dark cave, then a push of light out of this year.

To be continue………………….Memory Complete.


Chris"Yes. I never saw one in my life, nor do I believe it exist."

Lucia"And yet it was true."

Chris"But no match for me. Let us continue."

Andrea"Was beauty the ultimate power for attention? Why do they want to feel loved by other in sex? Is one guy enough?"

Memory 2 - Chapter 5 Saving The Traitor

The time is going so fast, and then I fell once again in someone's hell again.

Chris"Great, now where?"

The time and place is 1183 B.C. in the island of Rhodes. The target is Polyxo, the Podiceps cristatus.

Chris"Wait!?! I'm killing a girl? What the fuck, why?"

The watch even leave a info. Polyxo is the murderer of Helen of Troy, the Stork Ciconia ciconia. Stopping her will prevent the rise of the cult of Laconia. Ok, that makes sense I hope. And now I'm in the beach and I need to find clothes now. Then there is a guy over there, lying down on the sands. He's naked, and the clothes are next to him. I sneak up on him, grab his clothes, and leave quietly. This garment does fit alright.

Chris"Ok, now where are they?"

Over the hills I saw a village, Lindos, and look around. There is not much people here. They were so peaceful. I bet not under the shadow.

Chris"Where could she possibly be?"

For the hell of it, I ask one of the people.

Chris"Excuse me, where is Polyxo?"

Young Lady"The queen? She is in the city of Rhodes."


Great. I have to fly to get there. But it's the afternoon. I'll have to rest until night. I then rest and a small hours past by.................Now it's night time. I begin to fly, high up. Then I went down and soar in the night sky and saw the dark water and the reflection of the shining moon.

Chris"Cold breeze, brings good memory."

Recon mission at my time, giving intels to my teammates down below and do some tactical breach.

Chris"There's the city of Rhodes. Now where does she lives? No doubt it's the palace."

Then I look for the palace, and in the hills not far from the city, it's there. There are some lights in the palace. I slowly land on the roof, and listen the voice from the open views. Most are sleeply, and then I heard a voice.

Helen"Nicostratus and Megapenthes, my sons, why did they kick me out of Sparta. I know I cuase a lot of damage, but it's not fair that love is so blind."

Polyxo"Yet your so beautiful, I bet your Zeus's father. Only a god can have that beautiful body."

Helen"Well, there is that. I'm sorry Polyxo, for being here and wasting your pecisious time."

Polyxo"No, not at all. In fact, I think you put a spell on me."


Polyxo"Oh yes, I can't resist it."

Touching each other and they are naked and kissing.

Chris"Touchy, oh well, better wait more now. Lying down and seeing the moon, I could watch the sex. But I rather not be a prevert and wait. After all, can't ruin the history by destroying love. It's not my style."

But I could hear it all.

Helen"Oh god, your tongue is blessed by the goddess of Aphrodite."


Helen"It's only fair if we both do the same."


Helen"Ahhhh!!! Mmmmm!!!"

Polyxo"Ooohhhhh!!!!! Yessss!!!"

Helen"Our enteries should want it together as one."

Polyxo"I love that."

Helen"Ohhhhh!!! Ahhhh!!!!"

Polyxo"Yesssss!!! More!!!! Oh god!!!!!!"

Helen"I can't take it!!!!"

Polyxo"Me too!!!!!"


Chris"13 minutes and 48 seconds. Very slow compare to me and Andrea's long sex dare. 10 hours straight. It's funny on the part she is trying to say new words that could be more relaxing and feel much more power to it. Hehe, that was great."

Helen"That was great."

Polyxo"Yeah. Time to go to bed. This love needs rest."

So they sleep and so did day at noon. I never woke up this late. But it was good.

Chris"Ok, no more lying around on the fucking job. Better get to it."

I went inside, looking room by room. Then in bathroom, there she is, Helen, she is taking a shower. My god she is that beautiful. But I think Andrea still over win her by a catfight. I heard someone coming. I hid behind a wall that I think no one ever bothers to look at. Then came Polyxo as a furies, and then she grab her hair.

Helen"Owwww!!!!!! Stop that!!!!"

Chris"Polyxo!!! It's over."

Helen"Polyxo?!? Who are you stranger??!!!"

Chris"My name is not important. Polyxo wants you dead."


Polyxo"You whore!!"


Polyxo"You are the reason my beloved husband is dead, oh dear Tlepolemus. I will avenge his death!!"

Chris"That's not going to happen."

I quickly ran up to her and put her to sleep hold. She then fell cold.

Helen"I'm a curse!!!"

Chris"Not unless you run off somewhere, where no one will ever remember you."


Chris"Jerusalem. You'll be safe from there. No one will remember you there."

Helen"Thank you who ever you are."

I carry the body and escort Helen to the nearest dock. I found the boat that will take her to Cyprus, then to Beirut and there the walk to Jerusalem.

Helen"Thanks for saving me. I owe you my life."

Give me a blow job or leave her innocent..................

Chris"It's my pleasure. Now on you go."

She went on the boat and left. And now to deal with this killer. I got a idea, and it's going to be very harsh. Inside the forest, she woke up, on top of the tree, and she realize her neck is being roped.

Polyxo"Let me go!!!!!"

Chris"Can't do that. You were about to kill Helen."

Polyxo"She deserve to die!!!!"

Chris"Why don't you. Because think about it. I bet the gods are very angry at her. Why not do them a favor, you have to give up your soul, and you can meet your husband again and be together forever and ever, and you can make Helen curse and she will no longer be beautiful again and for that matter, she will have no choice but to kill herself and and she will end up with the devil. A good plan right. In the end, you have avenge your husbands death."

Polyxo"You mean it? I have no doubt that you are right. I believe in you. Now, I will depart this body and be on my do I do that?"

Chris"Jump off."

Polyxo"Thank you for your advice."

She jump off the tree and hanged herself in what history said she comitted suicide. It was mean, but I couldn't hurt her by just attacking her, I was giving her the direction to hell.

Chris"Dumb fuck. Oh well, target down. Next!!"

Hit the watch, and it strikes harder like weights hit you for training.

To be continue…………………Memory Complete.

Lucia"God, holding that grudge for a long time."

Chris"I rather forget the problem and be alone forever."

Lucia"Bet you are."

Andrea"Woman are a beauty, a gift in life. But we are treated as a thing, do we deserve life or to choice right from wrong?"

Memory 2 - Chapter 6 Buying Love

The light, I thought follow the light was a good thing. But now it seems it's hitting me with unknown reason. But I actually know the real problem. Time travel hurts. Whats worst, you come out naked like you are born in an unknown time in a unknown place. Just like birth. But I was in the ground in a second.

Chris"It may burn, but I don't care. So, *sigh*, now what."

The year is 578 B.C. in the Babylon empire. The target is Niiqquulamuusu, a Dhole. Seem's to have more wives than ever legal.

Chris"We'll see about that bitch."

In the desert world, I was lost, until I notice where my ears tells me of voices. The city is near. I flew over there quick and in the noon, I was now in the city of Kish. Blending in with another garment, I was on the roof, and was finding him. It's hard to find him, a lot of people are here and they all move. I then went down and ask someone.

Chris"Sir, do you know where Niiqquulamuusu?"

Old man"Sure I do, he should be in the vice market over there."


I went over there like a normal person. People here are in some groups. Some walk, some sit, and some are alone. I hear them talking about business. Always like that. Then I was inside of the market. A lot of mens are here. This looks like a auction place. Then a guy came with a girl on his hands.

Saosduchinus"It's now time for the auction. This young girl is really truthful and faithful. Who will buy her? Starting at 5 golds."

People raise their hands.

Saosduchinus"10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90. Anyone else?"

One guy raise his hands.

Avil Kush"100 golds!"

Saosduchinus"Very good, anyone else? Going once, going twice?"

Niiqquulamuusu"200 gold coins!"

Saosduchinus"We have a challenge!! Now 200 golds."

Avil Kush"250 golds!!"

Niiqquulamuusu"300 golds!!"

Avil Kush"350 golds!"

My god, just for one girl? That's insane.

Saosduchinus"350 golds, going once, going twice,...."

Niiqquulamuusu"500 golds!!"

People are shock to hear that.

Saosduchinus"Wow! I think we have a winner! Going once, going twice...............sold to the young Dhole!! She is now your wife my dear friend."

Sex crime found, buying marriage. That's the worst way to buy love out of that. The young girl is crying. Even I see Saosduchinus crying as well. He was reaching her hands. But it was block by a group of Niiqquulamuusu guards.

Niiqquulamuusu"Too bad, your wealth doesn't really get you a girl."

He left, and then I follow him. The streets was fill with vice, I can't kill them all. I could, but I can't. Then it follows us to his house outside of the city. I find it funny that the retarded guards didn't see me what so ever. It may be a big house, but it's hard to call for help at this time. On top of the roof, I saw his plan with the wife's. All were naked, and all are tried.

Chris"Marriage is freedom, not like this."

Niiqquulamuusu"We have a new girl here. I hope she gives you comfort."

None of them are in the mood for pleasure. It's time to take action. I jump in and the surprise of Niiqquulamuusu saw me.

Chris"Game over Niiqquulamuusu. Your dead."

Niiqquulamuusu"Guards, stop him!!!"

He ran, and I fought. One of them tries to slice me down with his shamshir sword, but I grab his arm, took his weapon, and slice his neck off. Then another one came, our blades made sparks. Then while he was going to do a heavy strike, I stab him to the chest and kick him. I ran to the
stairs, and found more guards. I start to slice around and I did got some kills. Other attack, but I block and slice his arms off. One behind me, I dodge his horizontal slice and I slice both of his legs. I went up the stairs and he was the last one.

Niiqquulamuusu"Please!! I'll pay you!!"

Chris"Your worth more dead than alive. Why you buy these girls."

Niiqquulamuusu"It's legal in this city. I bet others don't have this kind of luxury. I like to have a lot of wives, they are so nice and beautiful, I want to have them all."

Chris"Sure you do you fucking bastard."

I slice his chest, and then I cut off his head. Blood splatter around the floor. Before I go, there is one more mission to's night time. I went back to the vice market. It's all close, so I went in anyway. I found 3 barrels of wines. I then found a large rope. I cut it in 3 pieces, and put it to each barrel. I set them all on fire, and it's time to watch the show. Outside of the city, I waited. Then the explosion was big. I saw the fire starting to get everyone's attention. I laugh at this view.

Chris"Hehehe, money don't buy happiness. But it's fun destroy money making places."

I got naked, and hit the watch as the burn continues it's job.

To be continue……………………….Memory Complete.

Lucia"More wives? What the hell?"

Chris"It was crazy back then, nothing new to me."

He left to his room and sleep. Sakura and I are concern about him.

Sakura"He'll follow his spirits?"

Lucia"Thats what I saw."

Sakura"We really need him focus. We can't afford lost. We need him."

Lucia"I know. I'll working on it."

I'm worried about his spirits. Who does he really love more? My god I'm screwed, he really loves her more than me? This isn't fair. But tomorrow, I'll talk to him, I want an answer.


Next day, I was looking for Chris. It led me to Sakura's office. Chris was massaging her, giving her total relax and perfectly ready. Like renewing your body.

Chris"Hello Lucia."

Lucia"Chris, I want to talk to you."


She was sleeping anyway, must have been very powerful.

Chris"What is it, my love?"

Lucia"Chris, I begin to wonder if you love your spirits more than me."

Chris"That isn't true. I love the four of you equal."

Lucia"Are you sure?"

Chris"Lucia, why would I do such a thing? Your my creator. I won't leave you. Even in death I still find a way to see you. Just like the spirits found me."

Lucia"Can you please prove it."

He grab my hand, and knee'll down.

Chris"Lucia, I promise you, I'll defend you with my life. I'll even protect our friends with my life. You think I would turn back at my creator, even if the spirits I love tell me to do something that I'll leave you, no way we're are being separated. I love you to death."

Lucia"Ok. I trust you Chris."

He then kiss me.

Chris"My love. Curious about the five of us in bed?"

Lucia"Kinky are you? We'll see at the end."

Later on Sakura was well recover from her massage and got Chris his next mission.

Sakura"Ok. Chris, next target is Sergru, he is a Python, Chairman of the Arms Corp. Even though our army is attacking at some location, they are not crossing the states. You have to destroy them in order for our troops attack the next stage."

Chris"Where am I heading?"

Sakura"State of Amber. One of the old state that survive other civilizations. But the city of Strenbreg is also one of the largest city in the world."

Chris"Any lead on him?"

Sakura"Sadly, no."

Chris"Of course. Ok, I'll find him soon."

Sakura"Good. Your going in with Fumi. Be ready."

Getting ready for another mission, the one kind that never gets easy but it torments your soul for what you become anyway. In the city of Strenbreg, tough only matters. No wonder this place has a reputation of discipline, they survive all theatre of wars. But our war is different, one man can change the course of this city. In the church, Fumi and Chris are in a wedding ceremony. It was Fumi's friend who is having this greatest day. Chris looks at the statue, Frigg, god of love and passion. He doesn't understand our religion concept though.

Chris"Don't this world have a religion?"

Fumi"Well, it's been many years no such thing of this so called prophets that came to this world. The only thing we have is Pantheios Gods and Goddess."

Chris"I shall look into that type of religion."

Fumi"The more you know."

Chris"So who's your friend?"

Fumi"Natalie. She is one of my friends in college years."


Fumi"Yes, but then after the college years I was one of the best medical student. I past and moved on to a professional job. I worked at world hospitality. I help a lot of poor people, I became their little saint. After my last trip to go home, I was finishing my shift, when suddenly I was knock out by gases. I fell and woke up later in prison. I can't remember where was I. Until those thugs took me to their master. Then I realize I was in a pirate camp, I was force to do some experiment with live subjects. They made me create some type of painkiller. I refuse because I don't know how to create one. Then I was abused, jerk around me and disgrace my life. It went on until they brought in other medical people they kidnap. There they stop the abuse and let me work with them. We were actually doing some progress. We then made one, and used it on other thugs who are injured and was cure by it. Those pirates lived and continue their nasty work, torture, murder, [word censored], burn others alive, even piss on dead bodies with their victims friend hug at their lost, smelling for a whole day. The master thank us team to create a painkiller, but let the rest go without me. I was his slave, watching the others escape, only to watch them get exploded by mines. He used me to create other medicine for his pleasure. I created them and in return, I get his cum on my face. It was enough, I had to escape. One night, I stole the guards key and open a emergency gate open and freed all the slaves and prisoners. They all fight back at the pirates, but they were just an distraction. I place in bombs in the fuel barrels. Then I quickly got back to my post before he notice I did this whole mess. I survive that round, and all the people I freed paid the price of death. Still, I feel guilty and made a horrible choice, all of them for one person to escape. Next day, when he cum all over my face once again, he was tired. I quickly grab his gun and shot him in the head. Then exploded the fuel barrels and escape from there. The base was engulf to a huge flames. I ran faster than I could possibly think. Before I left the town I visit in Novtem, there was a huge battle going on. I was taking cover, finally killing the real enemy. The Imonarpire troops were my enemy, and I have seen their cruel works in the news. I have witness proof of their crimes, and I know this for sure, I will fight for the good. Trouble is, I don't know who was the good guy for me. Then a fighter was going down fast, getting close to me. I dodge that huge metal and crashes into the building. I went in to find the pilot if he is ok. There I found Wake, I help him up and cure his injury. Once the battle was over, he told me many thanks and they could use people like me in this war. Thats where I began my new life and join the team. I was the best medic person and I earn my spot with my healing power. Support captain I am."

Chris"God, just, god."

Fumi"I know, I bet our story is kinda similar right?"

Chris"Kinda, being used."

Fumi"I know, don't worry about us. We'll be fine."

Watching the wedding continue, it was the most beautiful thing Chris has ever seen so far. But then his feeling get the punch, trouble is here.

Chris"Be on your guard."

Fumi"What? Here?"

Chris"I can feel it."

It suddenly turned to the worst. The priest reveal himself as a pagan. He and the groom grab Natalie and took her to the alter. The groom call his groomsmen's and attack Natalie's brides maid. Other guys were having guns out and pointed at the people. The groom and pagan was about to [word censored] the bride.

Fumi"No! Natalie!"

Chris"I got this."

He stand up, they point their guns at him, threading him to stand down or else open fire.

Chris"Nice day for a fucking divorce."

Chris's swift body pull out his gun and kill most of the armed men with 7 bullets and 14 guys. He angle his shot and the bullet rips through the skull to the next.A perfect ammo saving. Then reloads to kill the [word censored]. Then his last bullet aim and kill the pagan and the groom. The wedding was bloody. The parents were shock by their action more than their death.

Chris"I object this fucking wedding."


She check on her to see if she is ok. The people gather for help and try to calm them down. Natalie was in shock, Fumi calm her down. Chris was benign watch by the others as some type of vigilante. Chris scares them by his figure and his looks. After the wedding, Chris and Fumi escape the scene and went to the a near by restaurant.

Chris"Life is full of surprise."

Fumi"How do you notice trouble is coming?"

Chris"It's in my sense. I really don't know how to explain it. Like it has a gift, a power, to feel aware and know the danger ahead. My body, without this machine, I feel like spirit energy inside, awake and alert. From far away to close future event, to hear things far away and knowing the person's personality quick. Like power but natural in my kind."

Fumi"A superman."

Chris"Right, but I was born with it. Those scientist created their my world, and I bet they were growing a army. Only one stand out and the rest was blind to themselves."

Fumi"The lucky one."


After a quick dinner, they left but then he sense a presence.



Chris"I feel something, like the same bloodline."

Fumi"What could that mean?"

Chris"I have to follow it, I probably know what it is."

He follow his trail, leading him across the street, and watching him getting his body waiting for a surprise. Into the alleys, the presence is strong. He is almost there. Then the fire place was there with a tent. It's a dead end.

Fumi"You sure?"

Chris"It's here, the strongest I ever feel."

The tent was open, who could it be? Then appear a dragon and a white tiger. Chris remembers them, their face, their looks.

Chris"Gianna? Tennyson?"


Chris"My god. It's you. You two. Your alive!"


The joy in his face. They hug for the first time. It was really them, alive and well. Fumi was a bit shock to see this reunion.

Fumi"They're alive."

Chris"I know! I'm so happy to see you two again!"

Gianna"We know dad, we know."

Tennyson"Miss you so much."

Chris"Great! Let's chat!"

Fumi was listening to them, getting up to speed and watching them surprise about their adventure. She was enjoying this, makes it feel like family.

Chris"You see, I really didn't abandon. I failed to notice how much time I had left before my frozen time."

Tennyson"Your sister told us about that."

Gianna"Was the most painful thought I ever had to live with,"

Chris"Tell me about your story, I'm eager to hear it."

Tennyson"Well, after you left, mom was alone and took care of us. Kelly also took care of us too. I never saw mom very depress everyday."

Gianna"We grew up later, learning the beauty of life. We had friends in school, it was the nicest time we had."

Tennyson"We believe you were a famous scientist who we actually believe your in space, building a space home."

Gianna"Everyone in school was in awe about us, how lucky our dad was."

Tennyson"Mom doesn't want to talk about you. Every time we ask, it's always a no. Then we decide not to ask anymore."

Gianna"But then a horrible invasion happen. Those machines, we didn't even get a good look at them. They burn everything we see. Kelly told us to go to the space hub and blast off out of here, to the space home."

Tennyson"But mom, I ask Kelly we can't leave her here. But then she said she had a plan with her, not to worry. She will be saved. We believe her, and then we escape to a space home. We saw our planet destroyed."

Gianna"We were down in fear, what to do now. Kelly then told us the real truth. You weren't a famous scientist, you were an assassin, a killing machine. We didn't believe her. Then she told us to used the cryo sleep tube. We did and we were in deep sleep."

Tennyson"Then we woke up, into another planet, this one. Kelly told us to hide here until the time has come for a reunion. And here we are, for about a month. We stayed low in this city, surviving this jungle."

Chris"What a story."

Gianna"Dad, are you an assassin? A killing machine? That's not true is it?"

He didn't say a word but demonstrate his quick swift action by pulling out his pistol and shot four empty bottle from the trash can with one bullet.

Tennyson"What!? Why?!"

Chris"I was force to become who I am now. It's a long story, but I suffer much worst than you two. The problem is, I forgot how I become this deadly soldier I am."

Gianna"Dad, how many people you killed?"

Chris"A lot more than a planet population."

Tennyson"You killed a lot. You have no guilt did you?"

Chris"I do. Most of them not guilty about but some in rare cases. My life was killing, but I don't kill without a reason, that I live by as an oath."

Gianna"I want prove about your words."

Chris"You'll have all the answer when we get back to base."

Tennyson"Fine. But Kelly also said you were a real lover, mom sometimes prayed about you as her true lover."

Chris"I was. She and I go way back before you were born. We even did the hardest thing we ever did together."

Gianna"That's a true couple to me right there."

Tennyson"Yeah. Dad, we have to ask about something. I don't care if your a killer, but your my dad. Father always makes decisions and correct us from good and bad. So, I ask you this dad."

Gianna and Tennyson hold hand together. Fumi was watching carefully, not knowing what he will do next.

Chris"You two, love each other?"

Gianna"That's right dad. We both love each other as couple. We watch others don't do this, loving others out of their family. But we really love each other."

Tennyson"Does this makes us wrong?"

Chris"……..No. If you two really love each other, why should I destroy it? Love is strong and your my son and daughter, I want to make you happy. If this is what you want, if this is what makes you happy for each other, so be it."

Gianna"Thanks dad."

Tennyson"Thank you."

They kiss in front of him, watching it makes him happy that they grow up like him. One in a infinite chances you see son and daughter both the same age as their father and mother.

Chris"You kids better head back to base. I'm sending in a pick up. Once your there, ask Lucia. She'll answer all your question and you got proof. See you then."

Gianna"Ok dad."

They later got pick up in the jetcopter, leaving them to their new home.

Fumi"What a nice reunion."

Chris"Yeah. Let's go, wonder how were going to find Sergru now."

How really, was a mystery. Walking around in the streets of this city. Posters were everywhere in the closed shops. But then those posters gave him a clue. One of them said Military Parade tomorrow.

Chris"This is our best chance."

Fumi"A parade?"

Chris"Yeah. We'll find him there."

Until then, they found a safe place for tomorrow, someone's house. They won't mind if they are using it. Next day, they woke up and left for the parade. People on the streets were praising their champions, their fear. Tons of troops marching in straight formation, not even a slight disorganize.

Chris"Wow, look at them."

Fumi"There are millions of them."

Chris"Yeah, and there he is."

He was at his podium, waving at his army. That python won't expect this parade to go wrong. Chris decide to kill a group of platoon with one shot. The oil truck was in the middle of those platoon, and each platoon has their truck in the unit. Chris took a shot at the gas cap and then a explosion erupted and Chris was quiet please with his little bullet that kills a lot. Everyone was in panic, and people were running away, screaming for help, the whole army were looking for the shooter. Sergru left quickly, coward went back to his hiding spot.

Chris"We must follow him."

Fumi"Right behind you."

Running into the masses, watching the world in fear, but only the known people knows what's really going on. Into the podium, and following his track. Running towards traffic, cars are stuck. Sergru and his guys were running by in the traffic. Not losing his sight, helicopters were flying over them, even jet fighters. Making this place like a military takeover. Then a helicopter was about to pick up Sergru, but Chris aim and shot the pilot down. Crashing down on oncoming traffic, Sergru has no where to go but keep running. His guys were shooting at them, fighting around civilians in the way.

Fumi"Damn! This is more challenging than before!"

Chris"Tell me about it!"

Getting his killed shots, Sergru found and stole a ride home.

Chris"Damn it! Sakura, track him down!"

Sakura"I'm tracking it down now."

Chris"Fuck, let's get out of sight."


They went into an alley, and avoid much trouble. Fumi was catching her breathe.

Chris"Where did he went?"

Sakura"Back to his HQ. It's fully in lockdown."

Chris"I'll get him. Not to worry."

Then Chris saw thugs around him.

Thug"Well, what do we have here? Two of them just wonder off here and now this is just lovely. Hand her over and no one has to get hurt."

Ten of them, and Fumi is piss already.

Chris"Hurt? I think you better fuck off before someone has to die."

They strike at him, but dodge and pull out his blades. Fighting them, Chris strikes back at them with his blades in both eyes. Counterattack on their knife, just went to their balls and head chop off. Fumi grab their arms and break them, and peck their eye's. Dead and done, Chris and Fumi left the scene. Only to hide again from the public. Chris and Fumi are going to attack the HQ where weapons and manufactures will be destroy, and so will Sergru.

Chris"Let's go there now. We finally know where he is."

Fumi"Don't we just check their records?"

Chris"They erase everything step they do. But being watch is something he can't erase."

Later in the afternoon, they reach the HQ. The building on top of the hills looks like a damn fort.

Fumi"Sneaking in or blowing things up, your choice."

Chris"Sneaking in. Something we can find before they delete their data."

Instead of going in, they decide to go in the sewer. Fumi can't see a thing, so he hold her arm and follow the path in his thermal vision. The water is dirty, filled with waste and human body.

Chris"Dead bodies."

Fumi"Don't get near to them, I can't see."

Chris"Fine. Maybe I won't."

Fumi"Not funny!"

Chris"Sense of humor. Kinda getting used to it."

Fumi"Tell me a joke."

Chris"There are four female organism, the positive = Oh yes! The negative = Oh no! The spiritual = Oh god! The fake = Oh, insert name here. And the men only have one, Thank you! Because you never know when that would be your last."

Fumi"Hahahahahaha!!!! That's funny!!! You should be a comedian."

Chris"Can't do that."

Fumi"Why not?"

Chris"My punch lines are a killer."

She laugh more. Then they reach the end and found a way up. Open the hatch and saw more dead bodies. They're in the dead drop, throwing away the wasted ones.

Chris"Dead, innocent ones."

Fumi"Cause of death is electrocuted, others been burned. And, Chris, something smells different."

Chris"Dead body usually have terrible smells."

Fumi"I know how the dead body smells like, trust me. But this one, it's different."

Chris"I'll look in."

Scanning it, and the answer is shocking.

Chris"Depleted uranium. With bullet holes."

Fumi"What does this mean?"

Chris"Nuclear warfare perhaps. Sakura, they're using some type of depleted uranium weapon."

Sakura"Small amount. We look carefully at Wiltheis, and we can't see any nuclear facility."

Chris"I have two theory, either it's hiding somewhere very low or someone else is giving them."

Sakura"Prove one of them at least."

They left the area and went to the hallway. Going invisible where Fumi cannot, he make a path clear for Fumi to continue undetected. Once getting to the main floor, company and business were around. From ammo, guns, explosive, vehicles, ships, planes, equipment, missiles, everything. And he plans to stop it. He decides to plant bombs in each office while not getting caught. There are bunch of guards and security cameras. He EMP this place to go dark, giving much stealth for Fumi. They were on alert for power down. Chris and Fumi move quickly, opening doors and moving in with bombs planted. But there is something interesting. Chris found a Carbon Bullet in a seal glass vault. The tip is carbon and the case is platinum. He open it and took it.

Chris"Look at what I found Raynard."

Raynard"What kind of bullet is it?"

Chris"Carbon fiber tip with platinum case."

Raynard"Why did they made it for?"

Chris"I don't know. But you should look at it. It's concept."

Raynard"Bring it here and I'll work on it."

After that, they put in every bomb in the office. Must of time wasted but hope they could catch Sergru. They continue to the upper floor, the type here is vast hollow and steel. A bullet will trigger the sound alarm, even with silencers. A bright type deco with military logos and colors. They finally found Sergru's office. It was huge, with his personal armory, plans, and data.

Chris"Check something interesting."


He check the armory, tons of collected guns. Snipers, LMG, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, SMG, Pistols, Launchers. But there was a missing spot, and that spot is for Derkesthai. Chris's favorite pistol.

Chris"Your missing this baby? Too bad it's mine now."

He then took one of each new weapons. Nightfire-Seven Pistol, SM-54 Dusk SMG, Winterization SP031 Shotgun, TA-Firebolt Assault Rifle, HS-2213 Sniper, D1904 ThunderStorm LMG, and RTS-736 Hail Launcher. All in a huge bag.

Chris"Christmas gift in the black market on friday."

After that, Fumi found some recorded data from Segru's journal entry.

Fumi"Let's listen."

Sergru"First day on the job. Didn't expect much worse, but it is. Turns out we're at war and people here are like hyper with coffee on their back. Could be very useful to me. Still, I have the power. Who will be my favorite?"

Chris"Getting started at the wrong time I think."

Fumi"Next entry."

Sergru"My god, I can't believe what we've done. We just built a uranium weapon with small amount of it. It's consider depleted, although it's still very effective when the test subject slowing dies out with little radiation, like a fast virus inside the body. Yet a good thing it doesn't spread in air, it could lead to a nuclear wave kill. But the fact is that we have a weapon, and Imonarpire Dynasty will rise from the pretender enemies. They don't know true pleasure, like my little assistant here. She is something, a trophy wife for me to play with."

Chris"Well, they have it."

Fumi"Last one."

Sergru"This is getting worse, Caligari won't buy our companies weapons. We have the weapon of mass destruction, we could end the war now! But why wait here, if I could just do it myself. I'll be leaving in a few minutes to the EverStorm airport, to carry out what the Imonarpire should have done a while ago. My assistant, she just discover my plan and we talk about it. Something she will never understand. We had a good run. But I have another problem. Caligari warn me about a elite soldier that will stop us. I message the others to see if they are alive, four are still alive. Who ever this is, he will try to catch me. But, I think he is tired. The parade prove that he didn't kill me yet. He is tired, weak, and stupid if he comes after me."

Chris"We'll see about that."

Fumi"This entry was just 30 minutes ago."

Chris"We have to go now."

They plant the bomb one last time. Then they left, climbing out of the window, hide in the military truck that takes them to the EverStorm airport.

Fumi"I'm a medic. I never do these type of missions."

Chris"Your doing fine. Why worry now."

Fumi"I could fuck it up at the last minute."

Chris"Yeah right. Your just saying that because your nervous."

Fumi"Well I am."

Chris"Look, calm down and we will be fine. I'm here anyway, nothings is going to kill you."

Fumi"Ok ok."

Inside a huge airplane, four engines in each side. Making it fast, and they enemies were putting tons of bombs inside the plane. And they were being put inside. The bomber was loud, and the take off was record breaking to get off the ground and into the air. And they have little time.

Chris"Ok, let's go. We have a country to save."

Fumi"Serious? Putting me in this position!"

Chris"This couldn't be worse than the battle we just went."


In moments, they start silent killing the enemies. One by one they are popping their heads open.

Chris"See, easy."


Passing by the cargo, tons of bombs, ready to destroy us. Chris hack on one of the bombs and set the timer for 20 minutes.

Chris"Sounds good."

Fumi"Now were running out of time."

Chris"Oh the joy."

Rushing in the upper floor, boxes and enemies. They took them out quick and move on.

Chris"We're getting close."


Up in the command post, Sergru was talking to his men.

Sergru"Make sure we are not being spotted by those enemy bastards."

They left for their duty. Walking around and looking at his notes, having his moment where things are going smooth and he is waiting for the attack. But Chris has another moment to show.


Sergru"What! No!"

Chris"Don't think about running. We know what your up to."

Sergru"And your going to kill me."

Chris"That's right."

Sergru"I'll be damned. Caligari is right. Killing me won't do you good anyway."

Chris"And why is that?"

Sergru"We're flying to Ataraxis. It's too late for you."

Chris"You sure? Last time I check, those bombs you have are going to blow up from here and not the ground."

Sergru"You idiot! Your going to kill us all!"

Chris"I'll bet my chances."

Sergru"How about I give you information?"

Chris"Hurry up then."

Sergru"I assume you know about the depleted uranium weapons. Truth is we don't have uranium. We get supplies from someone else."


Sergru"That's for you to find out."


Sergru"A guy name Bejerano."

Sakura"Kill him!"

He shot him down and blood was all over the monitors.

Sakura"That's enough of him."


Sakura"I'll explain later."

Enemies found them and sound the alarm. Chris and Fumi fire back and running away from them, time is running out. They then took a dive out of the bomber and watch it made a huge firework. And another one at the HQ. All worth the moment. While Fumi was riding on Chris, they flew back to base. A lot of explaining to do now.

Chris"Who is Bejerano?"

Sakura"Someone that we cross path before. We at each others throat. Terrorist attacks and pirates. At the end, I won."



Chris"Oh. That's the least thing I would ever expect from you."

Sakura"Yeah. I may be sweet to you, but I have the power to destroy anything in my way."

Chris"Glad I'm on your side."

Chris then gave Raynard his new weapons and the special bullet.

Raynard"I'll get to it now."

Chris looks around and see it's still normal. It's better than his time in the future.



Gianna"Well, we believe you."

Chris"Hardest truth right."

Tennyson"I can't believe you went through hell and back with mom."

Chris"I know, not something I would expect to happen again."

Tennyson"Your right."

Gianna"But Chris, if you love mom, why are you loving others?"

Tennyson"Dad, how could you do that to mom! She died for you and you just betray her?!"



Andrea"I tired of this, he didn't betray me. I told him to find someone else to comfort him. He was in complete depression when he was reborn and lost his purpose."

Tennyson"I'm sorry."

Andrea"It's ok. Now this is different. Your father is trying to end this war for a new better life. I ask you to please help him. He is trying his best to do the right thing."

Gianna"Mom. Is it true, you and Kelly?"

Andrea"Yes, we're lovers, just like Chris."

Chris"I made the decision for them to love each other."

Tennyson"This is crazy. Things change in quick seconds."

Chris"I know. Not something for you guys to take it lightly."

Andrea"I'm happy to see you guys. I have to go now. Be good with your father. See you later my love."


She left and it's time for another memory check.

Andrea"Power is the greatest thing to have, not for dark desire."

Memory 2 - Chapter 7 ......Sins Of The World

Time again, but this force of light strongly hit me more than before. It's so much power passing by me and it does hurt a little. Then I fell once more.

Chris"I bet something is going on in this time. But what do I care."

The watch said the year is now 29 A.D. and this is Jerusalem.

Chris"Jerusalem? What gives?"

The target is Herod Anitpas, a Fennec Fox.

Chris"Alright, what ever he did, it's always desire that twisted the limit."

I was close to the city when I turn around and look behind me. I saw the city, I flew over the walls and then found some clothes, a robe was perfect for me. I walk into the streets and look for the court. His info said he works as a judge to all Galileans. Then I found the court. Walking around, I hear rumors of some one coming here, no sure who. I went to the court and begin to find him. The hallway was full of guards. I have to get through. I decide to walk up as a normal person. Nothing happen, as they were here for sense of protection. Inside this court, I found him, sitting in his chair. I went to the side of the wall, planning to take him out.

Chris"This place is going to be on fire. Suckers."

Then a man came with a message.

Civil Man"He's coming sir."

Herod"Send him in."

I better wait. Then came the jewish people look like consuls. Then they brought up a! Jesus!!! The passion of Christ has just started! Holy hell. Oh my god!! It's him, Jesus, a Hawk.


He then went up to him.

Herod"Is it true that you restore sight to the blind?"

No answer.

Herod"Raise men from the dead?"

No answer. Then other people mock him, fucking pricks.

Herod"Where did you get your power?"

No answer. It's getting him piss off.

Herod"Are you the one who'es birth was foretold?"

No answer.

Herod"Answer me!"

Chris"C'mon, say something."

Herod"Are you a king?"

No answer. His eye's was close. But I know he was beaten. His injures said so.

Herod"How about me?"

No answer again.

Herod"Will you work a little miracle for me?"

His wife notice, get's their attention. Yet no answer.

Herod"Hahahaha!!! Take this stupid fool out of my sight. He's not guilty of a crime, he's just crazy."

They all laugh. I then saw his eye's open. First time in a lifetime, he look at me, the power of his sight shows all good things he has done. I was shock, I don't know what to say or do. He then move his finger unnotice and it's a message.

Jesus"Why are you here?"

Before I could answer back, they took him away. I can't do anything. Herod must die in the correct time. I say let him enjoy his last moments. I'm here, waiting to strike him down.

Herod"I could honestly say he is crazy. Really, raised from the dead? He can't even raise his own cock I bet!"

What an idiot.

Herod"Now, let us enjoy with entertainment. Bring out those fine lades here."

Came in the slaves and dance in front of Herod. Watching his desire, the other friends were fooling around with jokes and drink spills. Not the attention they deserve. What should I do? I could attack him, but it seems like it's going to turn wrong. Waiting is the only thing to do now.

Herod"Hey! You, come here."

It was me. I walk up towards him.

Herod"I want you to please my wife. Go to her room and she will be waiting for you."

Chris"As you wish."

A good time, I went to her room and she is ready for me.

Herodias"Such a man you are, slave."


Herodias"I want you to please me. I need attention."

Chris"Your wish is my command."

Herodias"Take me, I want you. I've want a strong man to take me."


I went up to her and didn't have sex, just put her to sleep hold. Now that this is done, I have to kill Herod quick. Probably tell him a lie that she escape.

Chris"Herod! Your wife, she escape!"

Herod"How dare she! Guards! Find that whore!!"

They left out in the streets to find her. Herod and I went to her room. But before he notice a lie, I closed the door and knock him down with his knife I just took it fast.

Chris"I think I just lie to you. She's dead."

Herod"You murderer!"

Chris"Murderer? I think you and I know what sort of crimes you did. Say like, you order a honest man to be executed. You know who I'm talking about."

Herod"I know that man, you think I would let him died? I have no choice!"

Chris"You do have a choice, you could have denied her."

Herod"My daughter? How can denied an oath!?"

Chris"You show them who is in charge, not them."

Herod"How? It will become a raging war!"

Chris"Then you shouldn't have divorce your other wife."

Herod"I'm sorry!"

Chris"What you did is no different than your apology, but still, the people have spoken."

Herod"What do they want?"

Chris"They want the Great Herod to die."

I strike him down to the head and rip his neck open. Then the sleeping wife is still there, leave her to her misery or put her out of her misery……………It's better to have the people know there is justice in the throne. I stab her to the head, and then stab her to the heart. Blood was a lot, killing them was the best thing for the history book. The storm starts and I know why the storm just come, he went to hell as promise. I got naked and I turn to the light.

To be continue……………..Memory Complete.

Lucia"Was that your belief?"

Chris"Yes. Now, I just don't know who to believe."

Lucia"I could imagine losing hope of your belief."

Andrea"Watching things that entertain you, everything is for your entertainment. Is there once a rest?"

Memory 2 - Chapter 8 All Games

Being hit by a lot of lights just keep coming. Why so much light, why are they annoying. But then I fell, again and again.

Chris"Grr, now where am I?"

Watch said the year is 69 A.D. in Pompeii. The Target is Tammaro, a Eurasian Lynx.

Chris"Alright, I bet I will see more rare animals in this whole mission."

I was in the hill in this early afternoon and then I saw the city. It was very old and yet populated. I went on the rooftops and looking for clothes. These bricks on the roofs are losely stable, I did watch out for them. Then I went inside a building and found a white looking robe.

Chris"Nice fit."

I then went outside and walk outside of the streets of Pompeii. There are a lot of sex in the street corners, a lot of slaves, and a lot of people. People are talking about the game that is going on right now. I then follow the people words and keep going. The voices of the vice keeps making life harder for them, because liars is the key for them. I then found the arena. It was huge, and I then hear a lot of people in the arena.

Tammaro"Let the games begin!"

All yield for joy. I then have a plan. I went inside, sign in for a match, a last man standing match. Five of us killing each other, what joy of practice. I then got ready, old uesd armors, a helmet that covers my face, and a interesting sword, the dual bladed sword. It looks so old, yet it's very sharp. I can see old blood on them. I then was waiting at the gates to the open arena. I saw the battle in my sight, two gladiators were fighting, both are bleeding much. Then, the tall one, made a big jump and slice his head vertical. The cword cheers for the winner. It surprise me that the winner is a boar.

Tammaro"Good show! Now, let's introduce a new battle. Five gladiators will fight blood shed, but one will be champion!! Send them out!!"

Including me, the 4 of us went out into the arena. Everyone boo at us. I bet we are rookies to them.

Chris"Yeah, yeah, boo me. Wait till you see something very awesome than these pussies."

Tammaro"I have one surprise for you people!! The return of the greatest champion here that still exist today from the last burtal match from weeks ago!! Here he is!!! Aldo!!!!!"

Everyone cheers for the returning champion. He's a Mufloni.


We then fight. One of them is trying to slice me, but I move out of the way. Then I saw the others fighting behind me. I took the chance, I jump back and behind him, I slice his head off. People then reacted to it. I then continue to fight. He jumps, then I took a block, and push him back. I then quickly jump and stab his both eye's. People cheer. Then Aldo finish the poor bastard off when he keeps stabbing his chest a lot.

Chris"Hey!! Let's finish this!!"

Aldo"With pleasure!!"

We rush together, and we both block and the swords sparks.

Aldo"Give it up!!"

Chris"Fuck you!!"

We jump back, and he rush. But then I flip him over, I strike, but he blocks. He got back up, and he then jumps at me. But then I rollover, jump, and knock him down, and then I cut off both his horns. I grab both of them and stab it to his eye's. People then cheer. All was defeated and I won this match. The champion is dead.

Tammaro"I don't believe it! We have a new champion!!"

Everyone cheers. I hope this plan works.

Tammaro"Now on you go!"

Chris"No!!! I want more!!!"

Tammaro"This is not your decision! Leave now!"

Chris"Make me!!!"

Tammaro"Guards!! Take him away!!"

Roman legions, they came in and tries to escort me. But I stab their chest and kill more of them. I even got one of their legs.

Chris"Give me more!!"

Tammaro"Kill him!!!"

Piss off now. The crowds are now surprise to see this event. More legions came and tries to stop me. Throwing their nets at me, no good when I burn them down. One of them throw spears at me. But I grab it and throw it at close range and it went through it's jaws. I dodge their moves, and I counter back, slicing their legs, arms, heads, bodies, and some of both all together. I even stab in their eye's. They all cheer and was the new god. The last one is on the ground, his legs were broken. So I grab his beaks and stab it in his legs joints. And then all are dead.

Chris"You have more!?!"

Tammaro"We have no more!! You just slaughter half of the guards here in Pompeii!!"

Chris"Then I'm done for now!"

Tammaro"Killing all of these guards! Your no champion!! Your a god!!!"

People then are in awe as they look at me.

Tammaro"I think that it will be an honor to come to my house for a feast tonight!!"

Chris"Ok then, I will!"

Then the arena continue the rest of the match................Later on tonight, I was then into the house of Tammaro. A lot of guest are here. Even gladiators are here as well. They were all standing at the wall. On the table, their was intercourse under the mask. I was in the center of everything. Everyone was looking at me as if I was some super animal.

Tammaro"Please, sit."

I sit and no table. We face to face at a close distance.

Tammaro"Tell me, are you blessed by the gods?"


Tammaro"Then how did you do all that work of art back in the arena?"

Chris"I was creative."

They laugh.

Tammaro"If your good at making an art of war? Can you make an art of love?"

People seems of course interested in this.

Chris"No doubt about that."

Tammaro"Well then. Let's have a challenge. We will have one girl, whoever makes both partner climax, is the winner!"

Sex crime, this love is not ment to be a game!

Tammaro"Bring out the virgin slaves!"

Two girls came, both are twins, the Golden Jackals. One came to me, the younger one. The older went to him.

End P2
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