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The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 2 Re-Purpose Part 4

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 9:06 am    Post subject: The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 2 Re-Purpose Part 4 Reply with quote

Kelly"I know, just seeing you alive. Makes me happy."

Chris"What you been up to?"

Kelly"I wish I didn't spoil you this but, your kids are here and are waiting for you."

Chris"Really!? Where?"

Kelly"I can't tell you. We'll know when you are ready Chris. They are alive for your information."

Chris"This is good news. Thank you."

Kelly"No, thank you Chris. Yet, I feel it's wrong to hold back but, I'm starting to like Andrea."

Chris"What do you mean?"

Kelly"She took care of you before and she really is well fond of me. I don't know why but I staring to love her."

Chris"I never knew you were a lesbian."

Kelly"Actually, I'm Bi. So, what do you think I should do. She is your wife. I feel like it's a disrespect for you."

Chris"It's ok. You can love her. She loves you and you love her, you should have her."

Kelly"But when you are dead?"

Chris"You better be ready for me with the two of you."

Kelly"Chris, you naughty brother, I always thought you always think about sex. You love me?"

Chris"Of course. As my sister and my lover. I love Lucia, Andrea, and you."

Kelly"Your such a man. It's a shame sometimes people don't back up their words with passion. Well, I love you too. I'm going to ask her about us. See you soon."


She is strong and sexy. The dragons are really sexy to me, like they are sexy and no one can past their league. He came back to bed and we fell asleep. Chris, you really love me? You love those two, but do you really love me?


Playing with my breast the next day, everything time he touch me, I feel like I'm under his spell. Control is wrong, but I love when he seduce me. His spirits, I think they give him the ultimate power to please anyone he wishes to. But today is another day, the day we kill another one, and there was no final days of war.

Sakura"2 of 3 taken full control and under our protection for those bastards."

Chris"Who's next?"

Sakura"Doris, deer. Commander of police state. Putting people in their place by who they are. Yet, killing them is all she ever does. Your going in with Viola to Vrji, the south of the south, cold and old. Like the challenge?"

Chris"I love it. Challenge accept."

Sakura"Good. Go to Plinate. Viola is going to be there soon. Until then, prepare yourself."

Chris was ready, yet he ask me for more memory time. Like his meditation, trying to fight his fear.

Lucia"Ok Chris. Let's check your memory."

Andrea"Fighting the enemies is always the answer, it's what doesn't comfort you from their terrible action that change your course."

Memory 1 - Chapter 13 Pwned Them Or Owned You

Walking down to the city, by the following down river, we're holding hands and I somehow can tease her hand with my hand.

Andrea"Chirs, we really have to fuck. I'm dying for your cock to ride my innocent tightes pussy."

Chris"We will babe. We will."

As we get to the city, we decide to go to the park. We stroll along and there are people here having a good time. Even with couple's, more than a good time. We hide behind the bushes, lie down and start making out. She took off her shirt and I was kissing her chest.


So smooth, I know she wants more of course.

Andrea"Oh Chris."

I was massaging her back, and she was kissing my neck.

Chris"mmmmm, we should both do it."

Then, as she is kissing my neck, I stretch my head and kiss her neck as well.

Andrea"Chris, your making me sooooo hoooooot!"

Chris"That's the idea babe."

Suddenly, my ear's twitch. I hear big motor's, even helicopter. I know that helicopter is a gunship, fuck.

Chris"Shit, we have to go! Something is coming now!"

Andrea"What is it?

Chris"Army troops coming this way, they don't sound friendly!"


Helicopter's come in and yet they open fire! People are screaming. Building's are getting exploded. Ground troops are shooting people on site. We enter this big plaza and we hide until the coast is clear.

Chris"What the hell is going on here?"

I can't figure out the point of this, did they know were here? Or something about the political crap this world is going to.

Andrea"Back to the Hub Chris! I don't like it now!"

Chris"Hold it together Andrea! We'll make it out."

We then hide in the bathroom, and hope for the best they don't come here. We then wait.........until a girl came. That's the one I save her from the school chaos! Is she being followed? I look at her, so scared she is in, then the soldier came and out of my fucking mind, they shot her down without seeing them! Just their shadow!


They heard me, they came close to my hiding spot in the bathroom, and then I rush out and flip him over, grab his knife and stab it right to the head.

Chris"You shit, that's for her!"

Andrea"Oh my god!!! Oh my god!!!"

Chris"Let's keeping moving."

We left the bathroom with a P9Z Nail, semi-shotgun, and head to the forest. But we were block by troops. We enter to a house, and find cover to shoot them down.

Chris"Rrrrgggg, they'll all die!"

One of them storm into the house, and I shot him, exploding blood burst out to the streets and I got some attention.

Chris"Come to me bitches."

They open fire at the house.

Chris"Get down!!"

Walls were spraying random flying bullets and windows shatter around. Then three guys came, I shot them, blowen off his legs, blowen off his left arms, and blowen off his right ribs.


I grab more ammo's and head to the window and climb out. We jump over fences, and keep going to different houses. A helicopter is following us. It starts to shoot at us. Even with missile's at us. I hate those annoying pest.

Chris"I have to destroy it now or we're dead."

I found a house quick, went to it and hide there until the helicopter found us.

Chris"Ok, you wanna play like this shit? Ok!! We'll play war games!!"

I went to the roof as quickly as I could, made it there and it's still there. I aim, and I throw a huge fireball at it. I fly to the cockpit with that distraction, next to the pilot, I use my shotgun and blow him away and his co-pilot. They went down and exploded off the street.

Chris"Dumb ass."

I went back to the house, and found Andrea still save.

Chris"Let's keep moving."


Out to the back door and behind us is more troops shooting at the house. We're not even there anymore. We hurry then to the school, break in and find a way to the other side of the place.

Chris"The body's I fought are still here."

Andrea"I don't care about that, let's keep going Chris."


Running to the back, we suddenly stop and saw outside a tank.


Chris"Hold on."

Base on his point cannon, it's looking not at us. We ran outside quickly and trying not to get spotted. The cannon move, we ran to the same direction so we don't get caught. We finally hide behind the tank.

Chris"Keep your head down."

The back of the tank, I climb up, open the hatch and blow the crews away and making red mist. The tank is uncontrol for now. We can keep moving now. Onto the forest now.

Chris"Damn it!! Their coming out of the forest! We have to hide now!"

I can see them far away and they are sreaching. Running in the streets where apartments are, we found a museum. We quickly enter and hide there. Soldiers were passing by the place, didn't bother going inside our hiding place. Too much intense crap now.

Chris"We're find for now. We have to wait until they all are gone."

Andrea"That will take forever!"

Chris"No choice babe, we'll be find, trust me!"

And so we stay there. Hours later, we are tired from this crap. No one is coming. All we heard is the gun noise. Too much bad things happen today. I don't understand this connection. Too much stuff in my head.

Chris"What the fuck now! Why this! Why that! Why us!"

Andrea"Chris, your scaring me."

Chris".....i'm sorry, come here."

We hug, not even caring the outside problem we have now. I just want home, a perfect life, but things are just getting so much fuck up now. Yet, I have Andrea, I can't lose her and myself. Something is trying to kill us. I just know it.

Chris"Oh Andrea. You love me?"

Why did I ask this question.

Andrea"Always Chris!! Always!!"

Always, always, always, all ways? How many ways there are? Are they good or bad? What are they? Where are they?

To be continue……………Memory Complete.

Lucia"How bad could they be?"

Chris"When good doesn't exist. When machine is all you ever act and always see the same thing that no consequences ever comes."

Lucia"I wish I understand you, but it seems to be true."

Chris"It is. Next one please."

Andrea"Should we want to know our past, even it explains our problem."

Memory 1 - Chapter 14 A Beautiful Horror History

Fuck my life. There is nothing I can do about it. I probably should rot my life here than outside of this hell..........Chris, get a grip you fuck. You've been through a lot of hell and your going to back out of this shit, fuck you. I've seen many holy fuck things that it's nothing compare to this war. So, you going to sit here and be a pussy bitch, or you get up and do something about this fucking war...........yeah. I want total war now bitches. But, what's in this museum, I hope to fuind something useful stuff here.

Chris"Andrea, let's look around in this place."


Upstair we went and look around the place. Time era's. All of them in the old planet. This museum is mostly about the old Lexuing. I check the readings of the era's. Some of these were burnt, due to the communist era. They were burning old history stuff, yet the team came and rescue most of the documents. I see war's, history, anicent times. Even the time of the renaissance era, with the victorian era. Hate to see some of these history stuff has been burnt. But I see some sex stuff in most part of the museum. The anicent times said they invented the first vibrators. Shape like a dildo, but inside is bee's in it, making the movements acts like is vibrates. Interesting, but Andrea has my cock. Classical times has clays, and statues of naked people, even people with sex position. Medieval era began the rise of fetish, more brick rooms, hardcore things, even the famous whiplash toy. Renaissance have the arts done with sexy pose, even with the young girls, mostly the [word censored] girls and boys. They even mention the victorian era, most of them were about the sex everyday things. Even show list of hidden cities that is very popular for a gateway sex life, sadly, most of the list were destroy, one is there but the name was black lined. Industrial era, where machine came and yet invented the sex machine stuff and the rise of hardcore films. Some of the video's were political sex, taboo, even striping girls. Modern era, a lot of war, terrorist times, even the sex life. Their is a event call the fast sex time. People were fucking others more times ever recorded in the history of sex. Meaning, more private films and underground hardcore porn was released to the public and they were trillions of them. All in a month. I'm surprise to see these type of stuff. Then the big war started and the rise of communist came. It shows bloodly wars, [word censored] bodies, burning bodies, suicide, torture sex, druged sex, the worst one of all is the experiment sex. I read the details, they were testing subjects with bio chemicals, reaction of endless uncontrol pleasure. The stable result was to maintain the subject through the sex machine, time went by, the subject then die's of over cum, radiation chemical diease, and over bleeding from the vagina, rubbing the insde too much in time, it starts to bleed. What's worst, millions of young teenagers, boy and girl, dies with these ending result.

Chris"This is one fuck up world."

Andrea"All for sex."

Now, I check in our era, the communist era, total war, the world was now under the order of the fearless ruler, Xenoman. He rule the rule like the world is his. Publicly, he said he rather kills than to have sex. But we all know he does fuck with girls, or guys, who cares. I skip the whole thing and went to the history of Edolly. The settlement was great, but then communist group said we must have orders here. But most of the people oppose to this group and they were the freedom group. The leaders was, our parents!?!?!?!

Chris"What the fuck? Our parents is leaders?"

Andrea"Holy shit, read more."

Then they rebel the communist and they won a huge battle. Killing the rest of communist, the freedom group believe's our parents were some how gods of freedom. i find that hard to imagine them as gods. But then they annouce gods and goddess of freedom and pleasure. They said they believe more than freedom. That sex is the ancestor of our life, and we should respect the sex life. Then the people were bring more than sex, different type of sex there was and the gods and goddess were approving them, all of them. Then the gods and goddess were now leaving them on their own and start to live in the mountain of forbidden.

Chris"That's it, we now found them."

Andrea"Finally, time for some answer."

People who reaches there must go through the three headed pharaoh cats. They judge your sexual life, whatever you did in a sex life, you will be placed in the levels of their new home.

Chris"Sounds like we are going to the pleasure of hell now. This should be fun."


Chris"More killing to be done here."

Andrea"Oh, yeah."

There is also and big sword, it has dragon figure in the whole blade, symbol for freedom. I broke the window and I grab it.

Chris"Finders keepers losers can kiss my ass."

And now it's time to kick some annoying cunts in the way.

Chris"Ready my beloved soul mate?"

Andrea"Ready for anything babe."

We gave a strong kiss. Then we left the museum and away we go in the night of the high hell I will unleash. She climb behind my back and we fly to the mountain of forbidden, more like the mountain of sorry ass fucks.

To be continue……………Memory Complete.

Lucia"They even record their history. Something nice for once."

Sakura"Yeah. What's better is winning the war and then go home."

Chris"I'll take you guys there."

Lucia"I wish we could let you do that. Patience is key."

Chris gears up and teleport to his new mission. The city was cold, people here are in need of warmth. Chris on the other hand doesn't need warmth. Walking down the streets and watching gangs in their cars. Most of them show their guns and teeth, while he looks like he is new. Which he is since he is adopting to his surrounding. Viola was in the bus stop. Then they both enter the bus and watch the city freeze it's weak spot.

Viola"Welcome to the coldest south you could ever be in."

Chris"I've been in the worst condition."

Viola"I bet you do."

Chris"What's the plan?"

Viola"Well, we check that she is well hidden and she rarely goes out to the public."

Chris"How can we get her out of her cave."

Viola"We need to get her so upset, we have to destroy her pride."

Chris"Destroy something that really means to her and get things what she doesn't like overcome her defense."

Viola"How are we going to do it?"

Looking outside for answer, gangs, painting hate to local laws.

Chris"Join the gangs."

Viola"You think that will work?"

Chris"Police always hate gangs, it's better to try something new."

Viola"Your call."

They left the bus and went to club where they found more gangs here than anywhere else.

Chris"I'll try to join in."

Viola"And I'll be in the shadows. Watch yourself."

The party where he is not friendly with. Back room, he found most of them smoking with girls in their face.

Chris"Where could I join your gangs?"

They all laugh. How would he join their gang if they call him a old shit.

Medrick"You think your gang material?"

Chris"Test me."

Medrick"Whatever you say. Fight me, kill me."

Chris throw a punch and snap his neck. Stun to see their friend dead and did nothing.

Chris"Anyone else?"

Fillan"Calm down. You are more than a thug, your something I wish we all find these days. So, why join us?"

Chris"I rather do something than sit all day doing nothing."

Fillan"A point. Yet, could you show me your skill out there?

The Skunk walks with him to his car and drove off. In the cold city, the gangs are showing their pride and helping their people instead of people who spits in their face for being bottom. Evil rulers make everyone else living hell, gangs break the rules and lead themselves, us good guys wants a perfect loving place to be without sort of violence. Save to say, nobody knows how to lead their people to the end.

Fillan"Young man, your test is make a prison riot. If you have a lot of guts, show me that you are willing to free our brothers."

Chris"I'll do it."

He got out and went to the police station.Police were very alert about him, they pull the gun out.

Police"Why are you here?"

Chris"I'm bored."

Then he pull out his pistol and shot 10 of them to the head without missing in a second. Then he continue inside and killing every cops here without raising an alarm. Different room, the interrogating room, cops were not asking her any information, they want pleasure. He was grabbing her innocents, she was pulling away. Chris decides enough is enough, he open and kill the sick cop. The little girl left free. Going downstairs and saw all the prisoners in their cell. No choice, he open all doors and free them all. Everyone was escaping, and they stealing weapons. They all left and Chris was looking around for more stuff. Police came and try to stop him, but he just kill them all without breaking a sweat like always.

Viola"You free all the dangerous criminals."

Chris"Would you mind killing some of them?"

Viola"Already had the feeling."

Some prisoners are still here for their unfinished business. They were killing others, revenge. While other were sexually assaulting others as punishment, making them suck their cocks, raping them while being beating up. Chris grab one enemy and punch a hole through his kidney, then attack the other one punching his face and rip his cock off and smack his cock to the face. The innocent but guilty flee off. He continues on and saw more shooting to gangs and police. Chris kills the gangs instead of the police, but they aren't right still. Chris spill by and escape where other prisoners saw daylight again. Fighting for their freedom, Chris fireball them out of his way. Killing them all, the flames burns and dismember their figures, but the flames didn't let the others to get in the fight. He slip by the battle, walking as he created his own path to hell.

Viola"You look cool."

Chris"It comes with creativity."

Chris went back to the gang area. Fillan was impress of his action.

Fillan"My boy, you done us well and we are proud of you. It's time for you to join us in our celebration."

Everyone here in the club were all thanking him and showering bootys and drinks. Chris left quick and went for Viola. She was at the abandon ruin building. The structure shows how old it is and how strong it shows. No one comes here since months ago, a perfect place for Viola.

Viola"Your in?"


Viola"The plan is working then. What was your reward?"

Chris"Party shits and wasted girls."

Viola"Don't like it?"

Chris"I have Lucia."

Viola"Oh, I respect that. I really do. Just, a guy like you likes sex right?"

Chris"I do, with my loved one."

Viola"Very committed."


Viola"Well, I once did that. Cheated other people because I like sex. I feel great just having guys around me. I slept with a bunch of guys. Then I have a boyfriend. I like him, but we didn't talk. There I realize how much I notice from sex and love. My ex sometimes comfort me, but mostly he just bring his guys for a orgy. I fell in temptation, I love it, but I feel it was wrong. Feeling like I can't make a choice for myself. Later on, it was horrible experience. More dicks in all my holes. All those time I was covered in and out of cum. Lucky enough I was on pills. Then came Jack. We talk and surprise me he was in the special team. I fell in love with him. He was cute and nice. When we were about to have sex, I stop him because I have my ex. He respect that, but told me I should be with him than my ex. I was pretty upset about his words. I left and later I was with my ex again. One night, my ex was very horny, touching me and expose me to everyone in the party, I could tell. Then when I took a drink, I made a horrible decision. I realize the drink was drugged, but it was too late for me to contact Jack. When I woke up, bunch of my ex's friends were around me. They rip my clothes off, mock me, and spit at me. They grab my arms and legs where I can't be free. Before he was ready to [word censored] me, he told me I was being used for his pleasure, desire, and his fantasies. Right before he put his cock in my mouth, Jack came and saves me. Fighting everyone and taken some punches. But my ex escape and I never saw him her again. Jack and I flee to his home. He took care of me as I recover. He told me if I could join his team. I accept and was in intense training, and fear was gone. I was the master of stealth and the shadow is my best friend. But Jack is my lover. We had sex and out of all the people I had sex with, he was the greatest one. Gentle and very firm to me. That's why I think about boys these days. Love to cheat others because their partner was not enough for them."

Chris"It's hard for true love to be really strong than sex. I understand about your past. I'm sorry. But that was then and I'm here. I'm different."

Viola"Yes you are, and I believe you."

Chris"So, you and Jack?"

Viola"Now, Jack is very tired and not used to being himself. I'm affaird we might just be friends."

Chris"How so?"

Viola"Like we don't cooperate much, doesn't talk to me much, not even having sex with me. I feel like he is done with me."

Chris"Would it be better if I check him up about you?"

Viola"Please do, I hope he still loves me."

Chris teleport back to base. I was very happy to see him.

Lucia"Hey Chris, your back!"

Chris"Yes I am."

Lucia"Listen, I know you need to talk to Jack."

Chris"Sometimes I feel creep out by you knowing everything I know."

Lucia"Haha, sorry. Just well, could I talk to him and I'll answer you back."

Chris"Could at least hear you two talking?"


Why? Because he knows Chris and Viola are on the mission together. Would be odd if I Chris talks to them right? So I went to Jack's room. There he was laying down in bed looking up as if he was finding hope.

Lucia"Hey Jack."


Lucia"How are you?"

Jack"Down and ashamed."


Jack"As if like I'm losing it. I want to make Viola happy. Just that I don't feel it better. Like we should be together and alone."


Jack"But I'm tired. I'm old. I feel like I'm dead."

Lucia"You love her right."

Jack"Of course I do."

Lucia"Then you should tell her about how you feel and I hope she will comfort you."

Jack"But, I think she doesn't need me like before."

Lucia"I bet she does if you would talk to her."

Jack"Ok. I'll talk to her and hopefully, things will work out good."


I feel sorry as if I knew it may not work out right.

Chris"That's all I need to hear."

Lucia"Your going to talk to her?"

Chris"Of course."

Lucia"Let's hope she does love him still."

Chris"I know she does. But I want my memory check."

Lucia"Let's go then."

In the machine, as I would never dare try to go in and be tough because it's probably the hardest thing to do to myself.

Andrea"What does afterlife will be like? A perfect world of our desire?"

Memory 1 - Chapter 15 Three Judge Of Sex

Into the mountain of forbidden and now we finally reach the place where it's foging at the top part of the mountain. We then land and walk on foot. It's not that hard to see, I can see a cave up ahead.

Chris"Up ahead, must be the enterance."

Andrea"No turning back now."

Chris"I never look back."

Always didn't. So we enter the cave and light was showing us the path from those fire sticks. Following it, we feel a bit strange.

Andrea"I feel funny."

Chris"Probably this forbidden mountain effect. Hold on though."

I hold her hand and then we saw a three headed pharaoh cats. They were looking down at this one person, a skunk.

Skunk"I journey from a far away place, just to be welcome here oh judge of pleasure. Judge me in your believe and I humble to enter this forbidden mountain."

One body and three headed of them all smell the skunk.

Skunk"Dalaus, Kransha, Yimohawanatier, please."

Dalaus"This one smell so much pleasure in him."

Yimohawanatier"But he likes the pain in pleasure"

Kransha"You, you have been judge, beneath you is where you will now live in your on fantasy of our paradise."

Skunk"Thank you!!"

The floor open and the skunk fell down into the smoke that we can't see the hell under this judge.

Andrea"Where did he went?"

Chris"Who knows, we're not going to that fucking process."

We walk to the floor of the circle which it's a door. I told her to stand back from the floor. With the long sword of freedom, I call out the three headed pharaoh cats.

Chirs"Hey!!!! Wake up, I'm here to talk to you!!!"

Yimohawanatier"Who dare's to speak up before us!!!!??"

Chris"This son of a bitch here you fucking shits!!"

Then one of them smell me, suddenly, he leaps back as if he smell something worst......fuck you.

Kransha"Your virgin!!!!! You are not welcome!!! Go back and fuck someone in your own pleasure!!! Now, leave!!!"

Chris"Fuck you pussies, check out this sword!!"

Dalaus"The sword of freedom!! He is another god!! Impossible!!!"

Yimohawanatier"You, you, you warrior, why you came here!?"

Chris"To talk to our parents, gods and goddess of this place!"

Dalaus"But your virgin!!!"

Kransha"This means he holds the sword of freedom and is virgin, imposter!!!!!!!!"

Yimohawanatier"Kill him!!!!!!!"


They both attack with their heads and smash the floor. I quickly move and avoid those bastards. I fly, and then flamethrower at them. No damage, just makes them angry. I swing the sword and try to hit them, but they move like it's a super snake.

Chris"This might take fucking forever."

I move more, but suddenly, Kransha ate me, but I quickly flame inside and I got out and he fell to the floor. I then went to his head, put the sword in his right open mouth and slice him all the way to his big neck. He moves in pain, but I hold on and then fly fast around his neck, slashing it and
it cut his neck. Two headed pharaoh cats now.

Dalaus"Noooo!!!! Brother!!!!"

Yimmhawanatier"You'll pay for this you annoying shit!!!!"

Chris"Look who's talking, fuck face."

More mad, I move around more and they try to catch me.

Chris"Annoying fucks."

Then Dalaus launch at me, but I cut his teeth and make him scream.


Chris"Stop whining!"

He launch again, but this time, I throw a fireball inside his throat and he swallow the fire and moves around forcefully as he wants to stop the fire in him.


Chris"Burn bitch!!"

I see smoke in his neck, so I fly to his neck and quickly slash his whole burning neck, flames spit out and down the cunt went.

Chris"Your next you stupid fuck."


He launch at me, but he did ate me. I was now in his throat.


It's so sticky, I flamethrower his inside and my sword and I quickly slash his neck with a sword on fire. I was free and he is down headless.

Chris"Don't lose your head. Too late for now."

Andrea"Chris!!!! You did it!!!"

Chris"Yup, now to find our parents."

I watch the bleeding headless cats as blood is spilling more out of god forsaken body. Then light came from the middle of the floor. So bright, I look away. Then, it was a beautiful dolphin. She was with her staff and she looks like a pure god.

Chris"Who are you?"

Lily"I'm Lily, your guidence. I was watching you for the whole time since birth. I knew you would be a greatest hero."

Chris"Your god?"

Lily"You could say that, but I'm a watcher."


Lily"We watch everyone in every planets of the galaxy. Things is getting more worse from this planet, and you are the only hope who can stop this disease call the pleanomoreso."

Chris"What's that?"

Lily"I wish to give you more information, but I will when you are done here in this place. You must stop them, they are part of the worst from the other galaxy. More are out there, but you could stop this and be the greatest hero in the galaxy."

Chris"Wow, young kid here and I'm hero of the galaxy."

Lily"Go now, but I'll help you explain the four parts of this mountain. Go now, I'll be there."

She left, I look around and found a lever. I pull it and the floor open and the steam is gone. Probably they know we are here.

Chris"Andrea, come with me."

I hold her, she was on my foot and we fly down to the place I call it hell. Knock knock.

To be continue…………..Memory Complete.

Lucia"My god. What monsters are they."

Chris"It's something I really don't understand."

Lucia"I know, pretty fuck up anyhow."

Chris"Sure, next."

Andrea"Pain is something people loves to do, even if people doesn't want to have sex, by force is the answer."

Memory 1 - Chapter 16 [word censored] Of Sex

Into the world of the an underground kingdom and it's much darker there is. Good thing I know how to adjust brightness from my eye's. Just now, she has to hold on my hand so we don't get lost here in this type of new hell that it's not much tempting for me except the others.

Chris"Your ok babe?"

Andrea"A little, still feeling funny."

We land in the place where some fire sticks are around. There's even a sign.

Lily"[word censored], this part of the forbidden mountain is level one. [word censored], where the pleasure is so violent, people even hunt down the innocent victims here, alive, injured, or death, they [word censored] as masturbation body toy."

Chris"Sick pleasure these people are."

Lily"Some much people are here. These people you know are sexual predators, rapist, sickos. But we call them Dark Grindcorders. The disease effect the violent one's that doesn't know a thing of pleasure, just pain. Making themselves more needs to [word censored] just to let off some steam."

Andrea"Sick fucks."

Lily"The only rare one's of these types is Corstinders. The most evil of all [word censored], they don't care for the infant or the elders, they usually form a group, hunt the innocent, gang [word censored], and cut the body parts just so they can [word censored] more blood and organs that are consider to be toys."

Chris"These fucks will pay, all of them!!!!"

Lily"Don't bother killing all of them. Just find a way down and into the next level. Be careful, some are waiting to [word censored]. They hide in shadows. Good luck."

She left in light. Now, into the dark. Luckly, there is a path, leading into some buildings that looks like old rocks. But then, we hear a lot of screaming noises, pain, and little of yes.

Chris"Both? Sick."

On the path, suddenly, something just pop up from the shadow. Running to me with craves in his mouth, but I use my sword and stab his chest. He pours his looking watering crap out of his mouth to the floor like he is want to [word censored] me.

Grindcorders"I want to [word censored] you. Can I?"

Chris"Go [word censored] yourself you crazy fuck."

I twist it, than bleeds to death.

Chris"This sword is really smooth to kill. I like it."

Andrea"Let's keep moving babe. I hate being here."

We walk, more sounds of [word censored]. Then we found ourself in the bridge, a old stone bridge. I look down and see lava's. I like it, the power of fire. Then, out of nowhere, we were surrounded by more grindcorders. Front and back, been in this problem before.

Chris"Stay close to me!!"

They rush, and I strike one them, no support beems, some fell to melt. They scream for [word censored], fucking, and killing. More launch at me, but I quickly slash there neck and squirt blood.

Andrea"This bridge might collapse!!"

Chris"Climb on me!!"

She did, and I fly up to the air, and threw a fireball at the bridge, and it tumbles down to the lava with the rest of the grindcorders.

Chris"Rot and burn shits!!"

Then we fly to the light, at the center of this place, or this level. A huge circle of the floor. We land, and look around the place. Then came a white tiger, so much might in his eye's. But suddenly, that is familiar.


His name is Piraun.


All in shock.

Piraun"Your here."

Andrea"Please, don't do this!!"

Piraun"I...I...I have to. This is my purpose. I'm god of [word censored]. And I believe, I'm the master of pain, torture, and holy pleasure."

Chris"Andrea, he is not your father. He's a pyscho."

Piraun"How dare you insult me!!! I bring the dark fantasy around me for the people who needs to have pleasure now!! You insult my work!! You should be [word censored], so hard, I will rip you apart until what's left of you is bunch of your piece's cover in my cums!!"


She is shock to her his dad. Now she is so mad, I would not let her touch my cock in that mood.

Andrea".......your not my father anymore. I hate you whoever you are!!"

Piraun"You male dragon!!!! This is all your fault!!!! You hurt my famaily!!!"

Then I hear a voice, even Andrea hear it too.

Lily"He's a Corstinders. Chris, you must kill him."

Andrea sobs much more.

Andrea" it."

I was ready, then he launch attack me. I was tackle, but I roll back up and he again rush attack me. But I then cut his arm. He starts to bleed more. I found a weak point. He jumps and fall attack me, but I move out and cut both of his legs. He then is slow. So I launch attack him quick and I stab his neck. Everything stops. He looks at me with his final anger.

Piraun"You, [word censored] her for me!"

Chris"mmmmmmmm, nope. I'll make love with her you sorry ass bastard."

I smile at him, then I pull the sword out and beheaded him. The grindcorders all screams as the god of [word censored] falls under me.


I then see her taken away by them. I qucikly fly and cut there arms off quickly and grab her arms and finally fly up to hope.

Andrea"Thanks Chris!!"

Chris"No one fucks with you."

Then Lily pointed us the direction to the next level. Another cave ahead. I pull her up into my arms and she moves to my back. Then, she kiss my neck. I felt that as a reward. Then he head to the other cave and move on from this shiting level. Her dad is dead, so hard to lose a father that she doesn't deserve that treatment. But, I have to carry her past and destroy it into a brand new Andrea. She is my lover. Nothing will hurt her, I'm a guardian for her.

Andrea"I feel more funny."

That doesn't sound good.

To be continue……….Memory Complete.

Lucia"My god."

Chris"I can't really understand this type of modern knowledge. It's something you don't have time to know how but could you finish it."

Lucia"Probably. You have to get back to your mission Chris."


Back with Viola, Chris then talk to her about Jack and told her what he said about her.

Viola"Oh Jack. When we get back, I will comfort him. And probably I will have the chance to love me back."

Chris"That's good."

Viola"Well, back to the mission."

Chris went back to the club for more objective.

Fillan"My friend, we have more things to take care off."

Chris"Whats the problem."

Fillan"You freed our guys, now we need is guns and lots of them."

Chris"Where could we get some?"

Fillan"A special type of trucks are still around in the city. I want you to find 3 trucks, stop them and signal our guys with these flares."

Chris"Consider it done."

Left the club and Chris was flying around finding those trucks. Viola was running through rooftops, following Chris. He found the first truck. He stop it and shot the driver down. Chris open it and saw bunch of military weapons. He signal a flare and gangs came by to pick it up. That was a bit easy. Chris then continue to go the next one. Found the truck, killed the drivers, but suddenly was caught by the police. They were shooting at him, but can't even get a shot. Signal the flare, the gangs start shooting back at the cops. Viola was taking shots to whoever was having much advantage. The gangs then took it over and he went to the last one. But the last one was protected by the police. Chris fireball the cop cars and kill the truck driver. Signal the flares and shooting was heavy, Chris even bother to pick out a new type of weapon for him. He pick up the new Quake Q9192 SMG. Start shooting at the cops, Viola was killing the gangs more. Gangs took it over later and he head back to the club. How this could turn into something worse than a terrorist taking over the city.

Chris"Its done."

Fillan"Excellent! Tonight, we celebrate for tomorrow! A new revolution will dawn! I want you to be there tonight at the Stars and Banger Club."

Chris"I'll be there."

Where Viola is, a new location, it somewhere in the abandon school. A year of no visit. Viola was hiding, curl up into a ball.

Chris"This place is dead."

Viola"I know."

Chris"I bet so many kids wants to learn."

Viola"I wish kids doesn't have to learn about this."

Chris"Yeah. You ok?"

Viola"Yeah, just a bit wondering at this view."

Chris"Well, what you see?"

Viola"A dead city, where they just came out of a hole and try to help themselves."

Chris"I see an invisible hope to this city by a small team that could actually do something about this place."

Viola"Your kind. Just that it's hard for everyone to see that."

Chris"We're not alone in this mission.

Viola"Yeah. Let's go to this party."

They went to the club and saw bunch of horny dudes with guns. People were watching live stripping and masturbation, throwing money to those girls.

Viola"I'll be in the shadow."


Fillan"Chris, you made it. This here is Randall, he will be in charge of the 1st gangs."

Randall"Nice to meet you. You fit well for my team. I heard about you, helping our guys escape free. Your a freedom fighter."


Fillan"Have fun my boy!"

Viola"Chris, my god, thats him! My ex!"

Chris"Randall? What odd timing."

Viola"That son of a bitch will pay. We have to kill him now before he escapes again."

Chris"I have a plan. Call the police here and they would raid this place. And then we'll follow Randall and kill him out of sight for your vengeance."

Viola"Good plan. I'll call now."

Viola calls the cops. Later on, they raid this place and starts killing every gangs here. Chris follows Randall, he is escaping.

Chris"Have him on sight."

Viola"Don't lose him!"

Running to the alley, they were both blocked by cops. Randall and his friends were shooting back. Viola snipe them down.

Chris"Randall, this way!"

He follow Chris and both ran to a good hiding spot. But the cops were shooting at them. Chris and Randall were shooting back. But Chris finish them all himself.

Randall"You save my life. Let's get out of here."


Chris took him down and unarmed him.

Chris"Just want to talk."

Randall"What the fuck?!"

Viola"You bitch."

Randall"Viola? Viola! Oh shit."

Viola"What! Not me? You don't think your walking out of here that easy?"

Randall"I made a mistake! I'm sorry. I should have treat you nicely! I'm sorry!"

Viola"You ruin my life! You fuck! You destroy my life!"

Randall"I'm sorry!! I'm sorry!"

Viola"You abuse, you [word censored] me, you used me as your slut. I fucking hate you!!"

Chris check Randall's memory, it's full of disgust memory that he still seduce more women than before.

Chris"Your choice Viola."

She killed him in the head. Randall is dead and she has her vengeance.

Viola"What was on his mind?"

Chris"Worse than you told me."

Viola"Good thing I kill this fuck."

Chris"Let's get out here."

They left and walk around the streets. Until the bus came, they on it and watch the cops rushing in the roads. Pretty much like a busy city with music of crime.

Chris"Your ok?"

Viola"Yeah. I'm sure. Just need water. And, thank you Chris."

Chris"Your welcome."

It was then cold for the night, and they both headed to another abandon building. This one was an abandon office building. It was cold, so Chris gave her some warm stuff for the night. She then fell asleep. Chris watch the city, there was lights that still have the energy to do something. Chris then fell asleep without anything and thinks about her lovers. Think about me, my god. I love him to touch my body. I surrender to him.

Sakura"How are they doing?"

Lucia"They are doing fine. Planning on a revolution tomorrow."

Sakura"Ok. Will this leads to Doris?

Lucia"Yes ma'am."

Sakura"Well good. So, your ok?"

Lucia"Yeah. I'm fine."

Sakura"So, can we talk about us?"


Sakura"Well, do you think he doesn't mind us together?"

Lucia"But thats cheating I will never do that to him."

Sakura"But, what about us?"

Lucia"We are fine together. But, Chris. Let me talk to him about us."

Sakura"Are you mad?"

Lucia"Trust me. He even talk to his spirit sister and ask if it's ok with his spirit wife and he accept them to be together. I'll ask him and I'm sure he will say yes."

Sakura"I don't know."

Lucia"I know you don't like guys, but try for me."



There was us before. She doesn't like guys for she had a bad time with them. So, she is a lesbian. She loves me and I love her. We had sex, was the best time in my life. Until Chris came along, I love him too. I want Sakura to feel love from a guy and not to be worry about. Next day, it's time. Chris went to the club. There they ask him to be in charge of the 1st gangs. The mission is to capture the State Police HQ. The other part of the gangs were already attacking the HQ. The 1st gangs were going to slip in the HQ from the sewer. The war above shows how life can change when the power will always lose to the weak and suffer more from themselves. They finally got in and start shooting at the cops.

Doris"All personal, we are under attack. Code Black, Code Black."

Sadly his gangs were all killed and Chris just kills them all way better.

Viola"I'm inside Chris."

Chris"Alright, let's find Doris."

Up to level 2, the cops were focusing outside. But Chris ambush them and the gangs are in.

Chris"We can't let both of them win."

Viola"I'll block them off with traps."

Chris"Do it."

Viola set up mines and traps. Chris push forward. More cops were attacking, making it look easy for Chris. He just destroys them and headshot them to their skull. Making more creative kills, Viola was making the gangs scared to come forward, cops didn't quite get it. Next level, and he saw just about more cops, Chris kills more, until he just flamethrower at them and burn.

Sakura"Doris is spotted."


Sakura"At the helipad! Quickly!"

He jump out the window and fly to the helipad. The helicopter was three, but Chris fireball it and destroy it. Cops were shooting heavy rounds, even to shoot them all and Doris was scared from him. Nowhere to go, Viola block her off.

Doris"You have no idea what your dealing with!!"

Chris"You bitch, I don't care who I'm dealing with."

Doris"You will pay! My friends will come after you!"

Chris"Go ahead. I don't care. You sell slavers? Why?"

Doris"It's the next big currency! Why waste money when you have the people to share them. Money doesn't solve things, only the people can solve it."

Chris"Bitch! You stupid long horn bitch! It doesn't solve the fucking problem!"

Doris"Yes it does!!"

Chris"For your own pleasure! Just for your pleasure! You are getting sick by the minute, and you kidnap a lot of people. You are not an animal! Your a fucking monster!"

Doris"Fuck you! Kill me already then!"

Chris took a shot and killed her. She dies bleeding with a hole in the head.

Chris"Sakura, it's done."

Sakura"Already sending the army. Good work. Find something and let's go home. Wake is almost there."


Chris then look around at her office. Checking computer, then found Ouidasue's family. It was behind him, a secret door. Chris found the switch, open it and found them. The horrific sight was something Chris can always see it when the world can't stand the sight of it. The wife was cut open dead with smells of piss. The two kids were sadly killed by cyanide. Chris, wish he does it better.

Chris"God, may them find rest in their new home. I beg you."

He left and look for more. The secret data he saw was a prototype. A blueprint of a self-trigger grenade.

Chris"Raynard, I'm sending you this prototype data."

Raynard"Whoa! This is awesome. This is a great score for us."

Chris"Glad to help."

Wake pick her up and Chris teleport back to base. From this war, it could be a long and hard time of home. How much we have the chance to be back home when our brothers and sisters are out there defending their country without a chance to go home like us. It's not fair, but I try to think for myself that they are going to be ok. Chris is here and I hope it's a yes.

Lucia"Chris, could we talk?"


Lucia"Well, before you came here, Sakura and I were, more than close."

Chris"You love her."

Lucia"Yeah, then you came along and I love you too."

Chris"You have to pick between the two of us. I understand."

Lucia"No, it's not like that. I decide, well, I love the both of you. What if you love her too?"


Lucia"Yes. Look, she doesn't like guys because of her past. So, would you do it for me?"

Chris"Ok. I will."

Lucia"I love you."

Chris"I love you too."

He kiss me, and we both went to talk to Sakura.


Chris"I know whats going on. Well, I say yes."


Chris"Yes. I'll be nice to you. I know you don't like guys."

Sakura"I know. Just, let's take it slowly."


Lucia"Want me to kiss you?"


I went up to her and I kiss her. Then I kiss him.

Lucia"You should kiss him Sakura. Try. Be gentle with her Chris."



He went up to her, he hold her hands. He is relax and she was nervous. He lean forward, and finally she kiss and they both kiss.

Lucia"You like it?"

Sakura"It was nice like you. Thank you."

Chris"Your welcome."

We left. Viola was talking to Jack. I'll have to find out tomorrow. Another day in this world.


Next day, Viola told me that she had another greatest sex. Things are now going to be much better today. Chris went to Sakura for another mission.

Sakura"One more and Anteanus will be ours."

Chris"Who is the last one?"

Sakura"R-661. He is a Rat and probably not his real name. And we can't find his real name."

Chris"Doesn't matter. He is going to die anyway."

Sakura"Agree. Blithe is your next location. Your going in with Lucia."

Chris"Ok. The mission will be done."

Sakura"Good. Chris, take care of her."

Chris"I will. I promise."

Before we go, he decide to check his memory. I feel we are almost down with his first memory. Like the end of suffer comes to an end, no more pain and death. At the machine was ready to start it up.

Andrea"Does pain really gives pleasure. I don't understand our body."

Memory 1 - Chapter 17 Fetish

Behind us is the last time we hear a evil scream of pain. I just wish I didn't have to deal with it later on. But, onto the next level. We went into the cave, fly inside, and out of the cave and another big place. Instead of dark red from level 1, this level is dark purple. The pleasure is around us, but the most part I hear is screaming orders, and whippings. Including sexual scream, and the moanings. We land in the safe zone and here is our next level.

Lily"Fetish, where this is much less pain than death itself. People with these sexual pleasure are wanting to have more control to it's partner. Or so you think they are. They want no love but to make them suffer under their needs.

Chris"People with no faith ends up as new victims huh."

Lily"Exactly, they tend to have 'big package' but never get anywhere in the real relationship. But it doesn't matter what size you have. As long they force you to please them, you done your job by giving them sexual pain. Just like when it's funny to see someone hurt. It adapts to that same method."

Andrea"Oh god. I don't like it here."

Lily"You have Chris, he is your soul mate. He always protect you from the wrong things."

Chris"Yup. What she said. I'll always will love you and protect you no matter what babe."

Andrea"Thanks Chris."

Lily"(And one sexy kid.) Now, be aware of these slavers. They find you, they don't attack you there. Refuse, and they will attack you. Watch out for booby traps, some are cage in, handcuffs, or even electric wires placement."

Chris"What the hell. Really?"

Lily"No lie's. And do be really careful with fepaintisher. They will attack you, torture you, insult you, and have this mind control of total temptation. Whatever they do, they will by force for pleasure."

She left, now we walk into the path of getting the fuck out of here. By the look of the up view, I can't fly that much, electrical wires on top of me. Guess we better keep moving by foot.

Chris"Not much dark stuff here, so much for pain."

Andrea"How can they even think of pain?"

Chris"Don't wanna know."

By going on, I see caged rooms, there is the machine that is fucking the innocents. Mostly, all girls are in control. Guy's are just victims, them in there latex suits. The inside torture is the feeling of domination. You lose, and you get the price of this hell. Now, as we walk quickly out of this looking pleasure cave rooms, one the slavers ask us.

Slaver"You cunt! I want you now! Please me now or I will break your dick off now!!"

Slavers were looking at me, but I know how to piss them off. I just stick my middle finger.

Chris"Try me bitches!!"

Hehe, they got piss off. Then they were chasing us. Because I can't hit girls. Or can I? Nope, I rather not do it. Yet we ran away from them as fast as we could.

Slavers"Cowards!! You are pussies!!"

Chris"Quit whining freaks!!"

Andrea"Stop pissing them off Chris!"

Chris"But I like pissing them off! They can't catch us!"

The electrics sparks as if they were the spotlights. The roar of sparks grew more strong and the power keeps getting more louder. I don't care about it. We keep running, the fire sticks still help us, and Andrea is getting more tired.

Andrea"Chris, help me!

Chris"Climb on my back!"

She did, and I just keep running from them. Jumping from big rocks, breaking into different cages and out back, this is one chase. I even threw fire sticks at them, some were in flames, but most is unhurt. Now I found a ladder, screw climbing. I then fly high and stay close to the ladder. If I even move away from the ladder, the electrical wires could hit me. After the fly, we now land in this big room of torture devices. I wonder, is this a fepaintisher room? There is a white tiger over there.


Her name is Natava.

Natava"You, my daughter, is so nice to see you! Are you here to be my greatest slave?"

Andrea"What, no!! What are you doing!?"

Natava"You!! You came here just to waste my time!!? I should really punish you!! Get over here now!!!"


Lily"Chris, she is being mind control!! Save her!"

Chris"Aw fuck. It's for her own good."

I just went up to Natava and slap her face. Fuck my life, but better than nothing.

Natava"RRRAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! How dare you!!!!! Come here you prick!!!"

Chris"Make me you sorry ass bitch!!"

She then put her both hands on her fourhead and does that mind control thing.............I feel nothing. I just pick my nose because I hate stuffy nose. Good thing I burn the boogers. I don't want to leave it in the floor, that's mess up. Hehe.

Natava"How!!??! This is impossible!!!"

Chris"I get that all the time, I think. Your done?"

Natava"Fuck you, let's do this the hard way!!"

Chris"Woo hoo."

She launch at me. I dodge it. She then use her whip and whips me. I already told you I'm used to this whip. Even in the face.

Natava"Bow down to me!!!"


Natava"You children are annoying as shit!!! Don't make me spank your sorry ass!!!"

Chris"Ooohhhhh I'm scare, please. Your boring."


It's funny on how she twiches her eye brow.

Natava"Stop this now!!!!"

She once again launch at me, but this time, she grab my sword. What the fuck!

Natava"You, you, fuck you all to hell!!!!!"

Out of no where, she kill herself.

Chris"You idiot!!! You just killed the fun!!"

Natava"I love this pleasure!! *coughing blood* Ohhhhhh yessssss!!!"

She then twist the sword and there she fell dead. I just remove the sword from her and I just clean up the blood.

Chris"Tisk tisk tisk, you poor bitch."


She then cries.

Andrea"Ohhh god!!!! Why did you kill her!!?"

Chris"No I didn't. She kill herself. Not my fault."


Chris"I think she got piss off too much. She said we are annoying as shit."

Andrea".....fine....It's done. Let's get out of here."

She climb on my back and we fly to another cave next to this place. I fly there and it's getting a bit strange. Andrea is still feeling more funny. I better get this over with. Who knows what that funny thing is going to turn.

To be continue…………..Memory Complete.

Lucia"Self problem. Pain hurts, why do they love it?"

Chris"It's the brain the is twisted with a bad nerves. Probably a bad young time. I won't know still."

Lucia"It's horrible."

Andrea"Does it matter if they don't like the gender of the other. Why the hate?"

Memory 1 - Chapter 18 Homoerotic

Aw crap, I'm feeling a little bit tired. I never felt that since the last training exam where my team were desperate to get out of this jungle because the brain function needs food. I was not complaining about it, and I'm not going to complain about it now. Were in the next level. The huge cave is getting a bit raining. In the safe zone, I open my mouth and have some water, even she did the same. I was glad, strange, but glad. Yet it's dark with green view.

Lily"This is now level three, Homoerotic. Where people here have a uncommon sex. Same gender sex. I always thought this was ok, but according to our creation law, it's a bad thing. Because of this, there is no natural birth."

Chris"How so?"

Lily"Imagine a world where there is sex, but who will remember them if they didn't gave birth. This is a disease that is messing up there mind only to sex, then it rots there mind to an idea of changing their genders. This is unnatural and we are going to enforce our law."

Chris"And we are here to clean up this mess right?"

Lily"Right, be careful from there appearance, don't kill a girl, it must be a boy. Andrea can kill the girls, if she can."

Andrea"I'm not soft."

She grab my sword and did some fighting stands. It looks like she can fight. I'll let her have the sword, but I have to keep an eye on her, she is not much of experiences person as I am. But both on pure love and sex.

Lily"Ok, then go headed."

She left, I hope Andrea is ready. We walk into the path and there is flames around the caves, visiblity is clear. And now we see people having sex, I did have some trouble avoiding gay sex. But then, some of them ask us for a gay sex. Great, I have to see the cocks in order to tell if they are mens.

Chris"Why don't you fuck yourselfs!!"

Insult insult insult, I like it. But they attack us, and I break there legs and arms. Andrea was slashing them down.

Chris"Impressive move baby."

Andrea"I learn these moves since your away."

Chris"Well play. Keep moving."

We keep going, find more sex manics and keep killing them. One of them tries to put his cock on me, but I hate when I grab it's cock, rip it, and shove it to his throat and knife hand strike his neck.

Chris"What a cunt."

Jumping over big rocks, climbing on the rocks, and the rain slip them down as they have no grip. Hehe, no grip. But any way, more came, and we're next to the huge flames.


Chris"Your excited."

Andrea"Are you?"

Chris"The hell would I know."

I always said that at some point. They charge at us and we kick them to the flames and burn while they scream for mercy, sorry, we don't provide that service. Then she cut someone's balls out and beheaded him.

Chris"No nuts? What a pussy."

Then we keep going as fast as we can and then came fireballs shooting from the flames. We dodge that, and survive more attacks. Later, we found another circle floor and there is a big bed. Guys and girls came out of the bed and they have cocks, pussies, and tits at the same time. Very strange as hell. They didn't attack, and came out of the sheets is a blue female dragon. I knew for once in the lifetime, that's my mom, Okihagal.

Okihagal"Son!! Your here!!"

Chris"Yes mom, I'm here, now what the fuck are you doing here?"

Okihagal"I'm your mother!! Respect me!!!"

Chris"Right, whats with that cock?"

Okihagal"I want to be dominate! I want to give and take pleasures so that I'm am all of the above. I want all power of pleasure as male and female."

Chris"Big deal, you look more like a fucking fag, mitch."

Okihagal"Fuck you!! Now get over here and suck my cock!!!"

Chris"That's it, that's the best you can do? Wow, mom, you sound more of a fucking pussy right now. Come and get me and see what happens."

Okihagal"I like this game. Get them!!!"

I took out the guys, snaping there necks, punching them hard, and kicking their ass while Andrea was cutting them open and made sure she kills them down hard and dirty.

Andrea"Too easy."

Okihagal"Understand this. What your just doing is throwing away the greatest thing you will ever have. Imagine, having all the pleasure parts will make you soo wanting more of it. Why can't you understand that!?"

Chris"Because I'm not you. I'm your son, of a bitch."

Okihagal"You leave me no choice."

She then comes up to me and dances along as she is teasing me while touching my cock and kissing my neck. I feel, much more hated, but I can't kill my mom, she is what she is. And now she is on me, but then, Andrea just cut here tail and stab her in the head. I can't imagine this moment. I'm
seeing a end to my mother. She is now gone, lying down beside me. Bleeding out the horrible disease from her head and going out as if they are now lost and hopeless to find a new victim.

Andrea"Your ok?"

Chris"Yeah. Let's go."

Andrea"Oh god, rrrrr, this funny thing, is making me sooo horny! We have to go now!"

Oh no, it's this forbidden place that is causing this problem to her. She climb on my back and I quickly fly to the next level. I have to hurry now, who knows, I don't wanna know right now. I have to end this NOW!!!!!

To be continue………….Memory Complete.

Lucia"So, you think?"

Chris"I don't care anymore. Love is love, I think for myself now."

Lucia"Oh. I'm sorry."

Chris"Its ok."

End P4
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