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The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 3 Re-War-D Part 8

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:03 am    Post subject: The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 3 Re-War-D Part 8 Reply with quote

I fell down, looking back up. My wings won't save me because I don't allow it to save me. The dance floor is too busy party than life. But I realize this, sex is important to these people like a drug. Pleasure is the only thing that makes the world out of stress. But does pleasure has a limit to us being or pleasure has no limit and we are getting to break that limit. Do I want to go there, no. Because it requires pains and suffering with experiments to lifeless. Is that love? Me and Andrea are lovers and my wife. Isn't that love or just ante? Pleasure now I see is going to break the limit, no matter how the others react to. Fantasy is a dream of pleasure, our goal to get there. Its a blind path to get there without stopping you. Its you, not me. I'm different, special. I'm meant to kill, and is that pleasurable? Do I love to kill? Do I love that? I hate killing, but I have to, to live. Like I breathe and I don't find it pleasurable. Same thing to killing, but with the reaction to stay alive. Revenge is pleasure? Maybe, but justice is short with not getting to the gap by breaking the walls and getting to the target for justice. Is serving justice pleasurable? I don't know. Being evil is pleasurable? To the point of being bored and wish to find ways of new. The new of shining is must be at grasp. So this I figure, pleasure is a limit we see but we must get to the unlimited part of pleasure. No matter how, I don't think love and pleasure is the same to me. Love to me is caring, she cares about me and I care about her. I accept her, she accept me. And we are together as one, love. Pleasure to me is the power of desire to the body, where they must use their body to feel the ultimate pleasure by any means necessary. Where is the love in that? How many people tries to get there? How many tries to get more people to be accepted in their society as I know. Pleasure, love. I think I can have my pleasure with my love involved. Thats my lovers.

To be continues…………………………Memory Complete.

Lucia"Chris, your a philosopher!!!"

Chris"Lucia, I know what I experience in my life. And what I seen, this world is nothing but pleasure in the end. Pride and power struck me down because I denied to become one of them, an example to the world. But I show them they are wrong, rebellion."

Lucia"A war that represent like you."

Chris"More likely yeah."

Andrea"Now the end of the challenge comes to the end for the survivor goes to rest by their decision."

Memory 2 - Chapter 30 ..........Results

My fall makes me go back home and light of heaven gave me that gift.

Lily"How you feel?"

Chris"I'm fine."

Lily"Your test results are in."


Lily"The point of this test is call distraction. How truthful you are to your wife depends here. You have sex no sex with anyone. You were fighting the distraction with your thoughts."

Chris"So, that means?"

Lily"You are very truthful to your wife, you never forget her and always think about her."

Chris"Of course, she is my true soul mate. I saved her, and I sore to protect her from anything, she even said so. I won't abandon her for something stupid. I love her."

Lily"That was the test. And you pass. This whole thing is done. An Excon soldier with love in you boy. This whole thing, this is rare of you. Showing much power in you and your decision. You can now leave."


I went back to the house, this beautiful day shows that I'm so strong to anything. Inside the house, Andrea was about to be awake, I was next to the bed.


Chris"I'm back."

I crawl up to her and strip all my clothes. She is very beautiful, even when the day shines on her.

Andrea"Chris, you pass?"

Chris"Yeah. I'm really faithful to you babe."

Andrea"Oh Chris, let's do something new today."

Chris"Like what?"

Andrea"Maybe, making love out there with nature."

Chris"Mmm, not a bad idea love. What about the kids?"

Andrea"Our motion scanner will tell if they are awake. They just ate bananas, and they fell asleep."

Chris"Alright, let's go."

No clothes, we flew to the beach, where the sun is starting to set. She was lying down on the sand, showing me her beautiful body.

Andrea"Get yourself wet silly."


I went in the water, took a dive, and walk back to the beach like I just pop out from the magic sea. I was then on top of her, dripping salt water on her.

Andrea"My hero."

Chris"My love."

French kiss there. So tender to have her with me as one.

Andrea"Let's try to have sex everywhere."

Chris"Sounds like a lot of fun there."

Then we fuck, missionary in the beach.

Andrea"Oh yeah!!!"

In the jungle, where the vines are turn into those sleeping nets with two trees, we were feet's high from the ground, and she was on top of me.

Andrea"Ahhh!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!"

Inside the cave where the waterfall was falling inside the cave like a ring, we were in the middle, in spoon position.

Andrea"Oohhhh!!!! Yeah!!!!"

Under the sea, where we hold our kiss and the coral reef is like a city.


At the sky, I was upside down and guild down slowly and she was on me in 69 position.

Andrea"Right there baby!!!!!"

Inside the ice cave, where I use my wings to cover her from the cold while is giving me a nice blowjob.

Chris"Oh god, your so warm!"

Last one, next to the lava, inside the volcano, the heat was strong, but in doggy style, pleasure and love is stronger.

Chris"I'm cumming!!!"

Andrea"Me too!!!"

The lava exploded same time when I pull it out and blast my cum on her back. The intense of these environments is very creative to our pleasure. We then went home, was tired. It was almost night time, the kids were awake. We gave them some food, and play around with them. They were happy, have jiggles and curious. This is my family, I love them. I think, with me, I can do anything.


Desire has no limit, it can be twisted

Memory 2 complete.

Lucia"So thats it, its over. You are what you are."

Chris"I know, its just that people are so demanding to the new and awe."

Lucia"Yeah. Let's go to sleep."


Next day is the final day in this war. The team enter the comm room.

Sakura"Listen up here, and pay attention. All Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind Forces is surrounding the capital of Dominari, Pouair. We all are ready, we defeat many odds in battle. We still carry our main cause, we still carry our pride, and still carry our freedom. This is the last strike before Imonarpire Dynasty is destroyed, defeat, finish, extinct. Our objective is to enter the city without any support. We're the only one who can get in stealthy and swift. I warn you, if one of us is caught, we're all dead. This is the day, get your gears ready and be sure to have your last moment with us family. Some of us won't come back, but that doesn't mean we will forget you. Dismiss."

Everyone went to their room. Getting ready for our final battle, Wake has his new Sexa-Optic vision, every vision with also a new Battlefield Tactical Vision (BTV), to oversee any battles in his visions, giving a proper bombing strike in blind eye. Fumi has a new Respawn Auto-Injector RAI, injured soldier gets injected to get a full health and strength back on their feet to get back in the battle. Jack has a new Motion Recon Sight (MRS), to see and hear enemies through far distances, even behind walls. Viola has a new Radio HUD Counter Friend and Foe Dummy (RHCFFD), which makes enemies radar finds their friends into enemies to their view, making them confuse on their real targets. Hella has a new X-Crossbow, a single shot crossbow that carries 10 rounds and a new arrow called Nuke Arrow, when in impact they explode a mini human size nuke bomb, and spreads radiation for a short time until they are depleted. Raynard has a new Electronic Overload Control (EOC), a device to override any electronic devices, like enemy sentries, robots, turrets, guided rockets, tanks, even fighters unto his control. I have a new Hologram Target Pointer (HTP), holograming me from a distance to give enemies a terrible confusing. Sakura has a new Droid Attack Recon Killer (DARK), her own flying droid that flies around on her control or on its own, also to call ariel strike or attack with its machine gun with great mobility. Chris has a new upgrade call Shock Charge Hands (SCH), he can now shoot electrical balls flying at the enemy with intense EMP discharge. His son and daughter will also be joining us. Both with cutting edge weapons and experience to fight. We are ready, thanks to Chris's equipments scavenger finds. I look at Chris while he was ready, and I hold him.

Lucia"Chris, your everything to me. I don't want you, us family, to ever lose you."

Chris"Babe, I have a lot of confident that we will survive. No way we will lose. Not only you, the team is my family to protect."

Sakura came in and was ready.

Sakura"Lucia, Chris. This is it."

She hold my hand, and kiss me. Then Chris kiss me, and to Sakura. We three kiss our tongues together.

Chris"Lets finish this."

Us team are together in the center room.



Chris"They're here!!! Take cover!!!"

Windows bashing in and tries to strike us. Its the Loyal Insidious assassins. We all fought them off, even cutting their parts for breaking in.

Chris"Son of a bitch!!"

He puts his blades in their hearts, skulls, lungs, and private parts. Helping others out, kicking ass, and making them all leave our home. Bloods stain our house, the war can always hit home. But suddenly, Sakura has been held hostage.



Gun pointed at him, but no good shot. Sakura then move a jerk pull, and his impossible shot save her life with a headshot.


Sakura"Thats it!! We have to leave now!"

We all left quickly and went to Pouair. The flight was quick, and were all enrage with anger. Yet we have self-control. Our mission depends on our people who need us, who support us, the people that support the cause.

Sakura"You save my life."

Chris"Your welcome. Just curious why your coming along with us?"

Sakura"Its time I stop being lazy and start doing some shit before this is over."


Tennyson"Dad, I can't believe I'm going to fight along side with you."

Chris"Guys, this isn't no cake walk. Just follow our leads and you'll be fine."

Gianna"Fuck, I'm nervous."

Chris"Don't be. Because your going to get the whole summary of what war is."

Sakura"Right, so me, Chris, and Lucia are going to be with me. While Jack and Viola gets Tennyson and Gianna, you'll be on the North side of the city, giving us the oversee you'll be Team B. Wake, Fumi, Hella, and Raynard will be with going underground sewer to get inside and plant mines in various targets, you'll be Team C. My team, Team A, will be going inside the Ministry of Future Public Broadcasting station. Once we enter, our target is the Network that is controlling the whole city at its hand. From there, Caligari will not escape. He will be there, and we have to kill him. Thus, the end of this 12 years of war. The Freedom War. We're jumping in two minutes."

Flying over the last place I would ever want to be at. But we all jump, Chum-Bot was controlling the jetcopter to give us a look out. We land inside the building with ease, each of us in different locations. Our team is good, and we move out. We're in the apartment, moving silently. Chris's x-ray shows that people inside are all watching Tv.

Tv"Todays news, we are advancing our troops to victory! We dominated the Remotus Anteanus, and we half way destroying the Seva resistances! Our world will obey our master, Caligari!! All hail our fearless ruler of this new world! We all our the Imonars!! But we need more productions from you, citizens, you must work to help us thrive this war!"


Going down the stairs and into the abandon building. Lots of wires with damage computers from the old days. It's rusty, and dead machines.

Sakura"This used to be a server room, before the war. Now everyone is require to have a specific Tv, specific plasma computers, and specific Pbooks. The same shit."

Crossing the road is hard, it was under surveillance in each roads and streets. So we went by on subways, blending in with the crowd. Watching the crowds having no soul, no future, just machines. The trains have advertisements Tv, and the Mpapers.

Chris"Its grey, the ad's colors don't help at all. Not even their clothes stands out their characters."

Sakura"Its a shame of a mediocre."

Lucia"Death is their heaven."

A terrible way to live like this. Chris knows without a purpose, his life is like the rest of the others. Team B is in position, while Team C is putting in bombs underground from the roads. They are half way done. Us then left the subway and still blend in the crowds. The broadcast station is right in front of us. Guards are at the door, and no one is allow to go in. But we have the right tools to get in nice and smooth.

Wake"Team C in position."

Jack"Team B in position."

Chris"Team A in position."

Sakura"Alright guys, lets do this. Raynard, hack the power box."

He did and the power box that powers the broadcast station is in our control.

Sakura"Viola, distract the Overseer."

Viola"First Operator Overseer!!!"

FOO"Yes ma'am!!"

Viola"I'm in need of your service. Its lonely up here, and I need some company."

FOO"Right away!"

Jack"Idiot. He's heading up to the Overseer MInistry Office."

Once he was inside and close the door, Jack took a shot. The bullet went through the Minister of Overseer and the FOO with one shot silence.

Jack"Double kill confirm."

Viola"No one to watch us."

Chris"Let's go."

Two guards push back inside from the door and fell with blood pouring from their heart, Chris didn't have to do it, me and Sakura learn from the best. No one is inside the front hall. And we are entering through the elevator. But the elevator is going slow, for security reason.

Chris"We need to go faster."

Sakura"No, leave it."


Sakura"The reason why I come alone is because I was once Caligari's slave. I was capture from an orphanage school. My parents were always fighting a lot. They end up killing themselves, so I end up in the orphanage school. When I was 18, the school was raided by the Imonarpire. They took me to Caligari with my friends along. He was eager to use me as his slave. So he pick me and three of my friends. Then the rest of the girls have to fight to the death. I was force to watch one by one, friends killing friends to survive. It was brutal, and hard. Then the winner was to be in an orgy with a lot of guys for their pleasures. She lost her virginity very harsh and cruel. After that, she was order to kill herself. She obey every command and committed suicide. I was about to kill him, but there is no way I can avoid being killed at the same time. Then months go by, with us living the life as royalty, it was fun, but I mostly train myself to become stronger. In the month of Guidance, we were order to kill each other for one winner to be his elite maid. We all fought off and I have to kill all of my friends, I cry at every minute in battle. Of course I was the winner, but then more came and I kill more of my friends. In the end, the hostages that they kidnap, I kill them all without a choice. I was cover in blood, and my orgy reward was in favor, but I kill all of the guys. Caligari was impress of my actions, calls me the bloodiest girl who ever walk on this planet. On the last day of the month, I was order as a secret agent to attack the Seva resistances. I was ready, and then on the flight, I kill everyone on the plane and fly alone. Crashing the plane into the sea where I swam more than miles to the coast of Ataraxis. I reach there and was free from his slavery. Then I began working as a soldier, earning my way to the top of the ranks. I was alone in that whole period of time, waiting to kill Caligari for what he has done to me. I then was in charge of this Elite Commando Unit Special Force. I then hire us team members and this got us this far. And I'm waiting to kill him."

Chris"And we will kill him."

Now at the top level, the Network system is right there, and there are a lot of people working. But each has there own personal weapon. Chris then fireball with SCH at the network data machine and destroys it. Knocking everyone down, he then send an EMP blast near the network.

Sakura"The network is down! All armed personal, take over the city! No civilian injures!!"

Our brothers and sisters is attacking the city, the enemies are unexpected to see us mowing them down. Now we have to get Caligari in his office. In the elevator, the machine is going faster. And reach his office in a few seconds. Guards are there, but are too slow to get a kill. The door is the office, and no way he could escape, his escape route are blocked. This is it.

Chris"Fucking shit is in there. Get ready."

He kicks the door down, but suddenly, no one?

Sakura"What the fuck? Where is he!!!??!"

We look around and search his stuff. Hacking in computers, and saw his schedules.

Chris"The asshole is in his palace."

Sakura"We got to move now!!!"

We all regroup, on top of the roof, and leave quickly by our jetcopter. The bombs Team C placed in, they exploded every encounter enemies from friend and foe system.

Sakura"Good thing I didn't use the Element Special Forces. We really need them if we found Caligari."

Chris then was thinking about those ESF.

Chris"Sakura, send the ESF to the palace. It's his last haven instead of being somewhere else at this time. Its more comfy to him than any other places."

Sakura"What if your wrong?"

Chris"If we don't, either way we just capture his prize possession. I doubt he would ever leave it in our hands."

Sakura"If your right."

Chris"We all make mistakes. But that doesn't mean we should stop now, we continue to what we have left."

Sakura"Your right. All ESF personal, proceed to attack the palace. Eliminate all enemies."

Wake"And there they go."

Fighters are flying right beside us, and launch missiles to the grounds. The battle is on, and we're not going to miss this one. Outside, the battle was quickly turning hell. Explosions were around by air, water, and ground. We were fire, and burning everything towards the palace. Yet the palace is defending with everything they got. They send most drone fighters, machines, and more. Soldiers are all fighting with non-stop powers they have. But we have our greatest edge, thanks to Chris's scavenger findings. Our friends are not scared and they are fearless.

Sakura"Let's go!!!!"

We all jump out and Chris grab a missile and aim right back down to them. We start fighting them, and its more than bullets flying towards us. Bombs and mines were around.

Chris"Take cover!!"

Jack"I got them!"

Jack found snipers, and his new equipment out best those snipers. He can hear them panicking for more support, they couldn't even finish a sentence.

Sakura"Incoming drone squads!!!"

Raynard"Right on time."

His equipment gun just point at them and control the whole squad and made them into our kamikaze. He drove them down into groups of enemies. Tennyson and Gianna are close to Chris, not going alone without him, watching their father stands heroic at their eyes.

Chris"Stay close to me guys!"

His aiming with great speed and didn't flinch from oncoming bullets. Firing down to their bodies, bloods are the means of death and he delivers. We all move closer to the palace. Robots were in the way, Sakura gave a mark on them, and Wake just drop the bombs on them. The electrical shock wave damages and exploded their parts. Suddenly, the assassins were now in the battlefields. And they were all aiming at Hella.

Raynard"Hella!! The assassins are coming after you!!!"


The Insidious goes after her. She aimed, and pulls the trigger. Her arrows grinds apart of their organs and exploded their bodies apart. She kill all of them. The soldiers behind her were in a shocking moment.

Hella"And that is how you fight!! Move!!!!"

Raynard"Oh man, she killed them all like a boss."

Chris"Thats fucking epic."

The palace is in our reach, just a few yards. Walls are torn from the battle, and stands as the guilty is being torn apart to show its true character. A huge door is in our way, and we know who to do this job.

Chum-Bot"Incoming sucker for duty!!"

He tackle it so hard, the impacted enemies tumble down while they are getting rip apart from Chum-Bot's bullets. The robots then fly after him.

Chum-Bot"You pest are annoying me!"

His arms strikes the robots down and use himself as bait for us to continue on.

Chris"We're inside the palace!"

Sakura"Let me do this!"

Her drone flies around the courtyard, sending bullets and guided missiles to dozens of them. We all move up, the gardens were on fire and losing its peace in mind.

Sakura"Fuck you Imonars!!!"

Every enemy gets shot down badly and ruthless. Inside the palace, golds, lots of golden stuff. Its a new modern interior style with lust and greed colors as painting and neons. Mythology of all cultures are in, with the style of epic.

Chris"This house, how much it is worth?"

Lucia"A lot to billions."

Chris"Holy shit, he has taste I can give him that."

It is nice, but tainted. We still fight, section by section, enemy by enemy. Not long before we found a lot of rooms. Sakura is beginning to have flashbacks.

Sakura"Die you fucking cunts!!!!"

Chris"Sakura!! Snap out of it!!!"

Sakura"Caligari!!! I'm fucking coming!!!"

She just rushes on, killing anyone in her way. We all catch up to her, her rage in her eyes shows vengeances since birth.

Chris"Sakura!!! Calm down!!!"

Sakura" I can't!!! I must kill him!!!"

Chris"Don't lose focus!! We're almost there!! Hang in there!"

She then calms down and gets her grip. Robots then were turned against the enemies. It feels like we are not much doing the effort at this time.

Chris"There, the master tower is right where he is."

Sakura"Finally, after years of planning this assault, he will die!"

Chris"There better be no more tricks, I'm done with this shit."

Lucia"Lets go then."

We run to the tower, and climb up. Enemies still don't quit and they all try to stop us, yet we never quit as well. I use my hologram and really got them scared of me that they shoot through me and they kill their comrades. Up the stairs more, and two heavy robots were in our way. Chris did his job, his blades stab and dead. They fall, and we are still standing.

Chris"No fucking way he is going to leave this time."

He bash the door down and not there. What the fuck we all thought. Nothing in his room, but something he is now interest. He grab a Quantum 5-F77 sniper.

Chris"Look at this, .60 caliber sniper rifle. I'm keeping this."

Sakura"Fuck!! Fuck!!! Nothing here!!!"

He x-ray the room for anything. And luck he found.

Chris"Under the carpet!"

He reveal some type of platform.

Chris"A teleport platform."

Sakura"Lets go."

We all step in it and was teleported to somewhere a place of dark room. The lights turn on and were in some underground facility.

Sakura"So, this is his little playhouse?"

Chris"No, its full of massive energies. I can sense a full awe power, even nuclear fusion and plasma kinetic power. Its powerful than I expect, much powerful. I don't like it."

Lucia"Let's get something from here and get out of here."

A wind just blew on Chris's face.


Kelly"Chris, get them out of here. They won't survive on whats to come."

The whisper in his ear.


Kelly"Its between you and him only. They won't survive, trust me."

Chris"Damn it Kelly."

Kelly"Just do it."

He knows its Kelly, but should he believe what she said? His mind is rushing to trust, it's something he has a hard time with. But the will of his choice, he decide. He grab both of us and put us in the platform. A shocking problem that hits me.

Sakura"What the fuck!!!"

Chris"Goodbye Creator. We'll meet again."


We then were teleported back to Caligari's office.

Sakura"Damn it no!!! Go back!!"

But it's too late, he damage the platform on his end. No way to get to him now, but a dot of his location.

Chris"Happy now Kelly?"



Caligari"Because I'm here!!!!"

He turns around, and in the central of this whole, he appears.


Caligari"Let's introduce our little guess here tonight. Right here on your left, Kelly!!!"


Caligari"And my favorite, Andrea!!!!"


Inside a force field ball, they are held captives. His anger is having to increase every minute.

Caligari"How, you say, did I caught them. Easy, I have god's power. I discover the formula's to become a living immortal. My greatest pleasure."

Chris"You fuck."

Caligari"Oh come on!!! You can do better than that, show me your toughness."

His blades draws out.

Caligari"Just blades, you think we're fighting in the dark ages again?"

Chris"We're in your little dark haven, your a dark figure, death is to come, and we are just dick headed men without our moral ethics, so yeah, we are back to the dark ages. Me and your ability still even, back to square one."

Caligari"Last one standing is a god, and I'm already am one."

Chris"Do it then, because you'll be a lonely little whore."

He strikes with electric plasma and was dodge, he EMP quickly. Some system shuts down.


Caligari fires sentry guns, dodging by his ability, countering with guns.

Caligari"Stop getting soft on me you stupid fuck!!"

Chris"Whats the matter, getting bored as fuck?"

Lightning bolts strikes hard, his flames fires at him. Blowing the fuse in him so much, its not doing anything.

Caligari"Fire? Thats nothing!"


Looking around for anything, still being avoided by bullets. Then he found a rare element inside the energy machine. He quickly goes there, and cuts it open, destroying computers and wires. Claws out the rare element rock, and smashes it down. I still don't know what the hell that is. But Caligari fell from his power and into a man on his own.

Caligari"Oh bravo. You took me down from grace."


Caligari"And, this is warm up. Time to get real serious. You are one annoying piece of shit!!! And I enjoy that."

Chris"Well, enjoy it. Because your going to need it."

Caligari"Hehe, I knew you'll catch my drift."

Caligari shows his ability. He is also a machine.

Caligari"Surprise? Your right, we are even match."


Blades clash and shows the might they have. Same dodges, same ability, same fire. Then Chris use his guns, firing at him, and misses.

Chris"Fuck fuck fuck."

Caligari"I was watching you this whole time."

Caligari fires back with his chain gun. Firing hundreds of rounds, missing him by centimeters. Chris fires back, not good enough.

Caligari"Quit fighting, your just making it worst!"

Chris"No shit."

Then he flies around and dash right at him to attack him with his blades. His reactions is well match, and they strike and block quickly and in fast motion. Then suddenly, Chris quickly strike at his chest, but didn't bleed him out.

Caligari"I told you, I'm immortal!!!"

Chris fireball at him, and still survive at ease.


He is having a lot of problems, not knowing his weakness is a lose game. The place is nothing but destroyed machines and computers. Energies leaks, plasmas gone, nothing but fire. Chris teleported behind him and strikes him down. But still survives. Chris strikes at him left and right, but nothing to get him dead.

Caligari"Damn, I'm getting much impatient!!! You leave me no choice."

Then he lift his hand and with his power, he thunders the whole room and shock Kelly, Andrea, and Chris.


Caligari has now control Chris's ability. I was broken to see him being capture. He can't escape. He only can think, and how scary can I ever imagine.

Chris"Let me go!!!!!!!"

Caligari"No, you ruin my accomplishment, you ruin…."

Chrs"I ruin your shit, I ruin your life, blah blah fuck your bitching. Shit, even powerful assholes complains like a sore losers."

Caligari"I, really, hate, you."

Chris"Too fucking bad, what your going to do? Suck your cock?"


Chris"Do it, I promise you its going to be better for me."

Caligari"Fuck you!!! My son would have put you in his dungeon, and torture your soul."

Chris"Too bad he has a bullet in his maggot head. And she already did me a favor."

Caligari"You extinct little fuck."

He then drops acid on him, burning his skins.


Caligari"You better beg for mercy."

Caligari stabs his parts, actually hurting him, and destroying his energy.

Chris"Ahhhh!!!! Grrrrr!!!!!"

Caligari"Yesss, I love this, your helpless."

Chris"Fuck you!!!"

Caligari then stabs him through the heart.

Chris"Rrraaaa!!!!! Fuck!!!!!"

Caligari"Give up, submit to me. I may spare your worthless life. I'll make you, my slave."

Running in his mind, everyone that depends on him. He feels like he is falling, letting them down.

Caligari"I know everything about you!! Your skills, your ability, your likes, dislikes, everything. No point to fight your new master."

Then his mind is set like hell struck his soul. He signal us with encrypted codes. I understand the codes.

Lucia"Sakura, he send me a signal."

Sakura"Whats it say?"

Lucia"Leave this area, now. Code Golden Black."

Sakura"Oh shit, oh shit!!"

Lucia"Damn it Chris!!!!"

Sakura"All units, evacuate the area now!!! I repeat, evacuate now!!! Code Golden Black!!!!!! Code Golden Black!!!!!!!!!!!"

Everyone pulls back and leave quickly.

Caligari"Whats this, your calling for help? Oh no, the hero needs help!! You know your going to lose."

Chris"We all are."

His rage and power fuels inside so quickly.

Caligari"I detect something inside you….. what, what is this?"

Chris"Something you forgot."

And then.


When the team look back, the greatest flash I ever seen. A gigaton thermonuclear bomb. My heart was torn apart, and we all felt that way. His sacrifice to end the war, will not be forgotten.

Lucia"Chris, chris."

Everyone of my team hugs me, and they all pity for me. I want to die right now just to be with him, but everyone of the team is here and they all look out for each other. Days later, the war is over, the team is getting ready for the Seva Treaty. Making sure that the Imonarpire Dynasty will be disband, and will be control by a new political party. In the treaty, here present is President Heraclius, Secretary of Defense Zeno, and Seva Resistances Leader Sakura. It was a long process. And I wasn't pretty much paying attention much of the details. All I was thinking was Chris. The createst time with him, and everyone in the team likes him. I love him, and so does Sakura. I know deep down, she really miss him so much as I do. It was then over, and a victory speech was next. Our people are gathering for a celebration. Our brothers and sisters were reunited with family and friends.

Heraclius"People of Jaunty, from this day, we have won the war!!!"


Heraclius"It was the men and women in arms that protect us in these difficult times. They have the honor, pride, and strength that makes us the stronger in this conflict. Their sacrifice will not be forgotten, and their lives will continue on through our history. We will now rise in a new era of our country, a new dawn is rising for peace to come!! Because of you, we did it!!!"


Heraclius"Now, our new friends from Wiltheis needs our support from the scars and bruise they endure long enough. We together will make this world a peaceful place! Now lets celebrate!!!!!!!!!"

People"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Woooooooooo!!!!!!!!!"

Everyone was partying and all were having joys till tomorrow. But for us team, we were all retire and happen to feel like we loss our true purpose. But we got over it and look into our new future. We all decide to relax together and away from the public life, because President Heclius knows if we were known responsible people who damage a lot in the war and the enemies must not find out about us. Our retreat is the Grand Vista Mansion. Where the hills is beautiful, and looking down at the city of Muramatsu. But here, a statue of Chris, The Blue Dragon. President Heraclius present it to the team in memorial.

Heraclius"I've seen him in combat and reports. He is an unique warrior, soldier, friend. I promise you guys, he will never be forgotten in the military history."

Lucia"He was more than a friend."

Sakura"Much more sir."

Heraclius"I understand."

A week later, Site Death was investigated by Radio Team. They dig up holes and scan the area. The final message I receive from Radio Team is 'found nothing of the remains.' Chris is with his wife and sister again. Could he come down to me one more time to let me be in peace with him. I really miss him so much, I can't bear of reality anymore. The past is my new future.

End of Act 3.

The Mechanical Dragon.

My first tear since I left home. What a story. I'm inspire on how he shines the world with heroic gods work. I will never find a true hero close to my generations to prove it. And now everyone knows of the hero of Chris, The Mechanical Dragon.

Maid"I'm sorry. I'll explain now sir. I used your shower because, I like you. And it's a shame of me. I never know who you are, and I just used your shower. I ruin your privacy. I'll be discharge and fired for my action."

I stand up and get close to her. I kiss her. She was surprise.

Maid"What? I don't understand."

I kept kissing her and strip her uniform.

Maid"Oh my."

Her body is perfect, and unique. Her furs are soft and smooth. I strip myself and show her my figure. I point her to bed and I play with your pussy. Wet and sensitive.

Maid"Oh yes!!!! Ohhhh!!"

Then I fuck her, and I pop her virginity.

Maid"Ahhhhh!!!!!! Right there!!!!!"

Her body is in tense, and can't control of her orgasms. It feels great when it washes my cock good for more grinding and faster.

Maid"Fuck yeah!!!!!! Ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!!!

We change position every time she exploded that makes my cock feels too good. Yet she is so tight every trust I did.

Maid"Can't take it anymore!!!! So out of energy!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!"

Minutes go by and I'm about to feel tired. But its coming, and I can't hold on to it. Makes my teeth grind harder and push myself more to get there.

Maid"This is so much!!!!!!"

I let her go, her body is in full tired. I jerk my cock and let it go. I loss my virginity and it was so great. Her body is covered, and I feel much tired. I fell asleep right there.

Next day, I woke up. Still naked in bed without her. Then the door was open and she came.

Maid"Breakfast is ready!"

And we ate together. We told much about each other. Surprise to know that we have a lot of common things together. Days later, the conflict with People's Talon World Coalition is over. Not a major war, but just a minor one that the ideology comes to play in chess world. I was going home, to be with my family and friends. Even I have my personal maid around. She was accepted into my family. And we both bound together. Yet I was General of the Earth Force, the youngest ever to be General in military history, I was 21 years old. I met other generals from the Wind, Water, and Fire Force. And my life now is my Kanta dating around the world. It's an inspiring time and moment for me, but to everyone else, it's much better than I could have think of it.

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