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The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 3 Re-War-D Part 7

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:01 am    Post subject: The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 3 Re-War-D Part 7 Reply with quote

Chantrea"The light brights a new worthy mortal. Ah, but you are no mortal nor immortal! I have been watching you."

Chris"You know me?"

Chantrea"I am Chantrea. This is my home, the moon. And my power has awaken and finds you worthy to have my power. This is the Stone of the Mona Cura. It heals anything you touch, even the dead and the skeleton incomplete."

Chris"But does it makes them zombie?"

Chantrea"Of course it does makes them a zombie, no more. For my power, the tales that I stole in my mission days from Nuela, I converted its purpose from dark to light. It was once a death stone, but know it goes the other way around. Now you have my power, use it wisely, Bicen-Mortal."

Chris"A what?"

Chantrea"My brothers and sisters knows you, watches you, and we can't name you just mortal. Its a name we all agree to call you now until we find a better one. Temporary."

Chris"Thank you, Chantrea."

Chantrea"Now go, and save your friends freedom. Do the right thing, and be glad with my power. Let it guide your path much clearer. We'll meet again."

Is my eyes playing tricks on me? A god! It is rare to talk to one. He feels the new power, and knows how to use it. He jumps out the window and flies back down to the ground. The intense gravity pulls him back harder and faster. Flying down in flames, and made himself as a fireball. Near to our landing zone, I saw him coming down. And there he land perfectly with no damage to our pads.


Lucia"Hows space?"

Chris"Pretty fun. I like space."

Sakura"So, what did you find?"

After the whole story.


Lucia"You've seen a lot of things."

Chris"All the time. I have to take a shower, I smell like space."

A joke that there isn't no smell in space. But the one thing he didn't mention was the unknown alien he discover. That he was racing through his mind, it was bothering him though. After the shower, his body was so perfect, he decide to go through the memory.

Andrea"When we see something that society is not ready, they ran off into the unknown peace to continue their dark desire."

Memory 2 - Chapter 25 Our Eye, Our Spotlight

Chris"Hey! What's going on! Tell me!"

Voice"What should you know? Focus on your mission!"

Chris"Not good enough you bastard! Tell me!"

Voice"Hahahahahaha!! You'll die if you don't focus the mission you idiot!"

Chris"Fuck you, now tell me!"



No answer, meaning I fall down to the world of hell. But, I'm in a hallway, I quickly find a door in this hotel, because of these structure they are. There's a open door, I went in and close the door. Inside, it looks like a bit of a mess. I look in the bedroom, inside the closet, and there are clothes. But none of them are boys stuff. These are girl stuff. Great, wrong room. But then I saw a flyer in the garbage. It's said come join us at the summer cruise with Rhett. Year is 2007 A.D. in London, England. Target is Rhett, a Pika. Oh wow, now I know where he is that fast. But....

Chris"I was 7 years old in this time. Which means London will be next for an invasion. By next year, this whole country will be under totalitarianism. Even to the whole country."

It's the satellite that the Oceania that controls China and Japan area. British people are not knowing this event because of phone disconnection to the other world. This is call the Silent Exodus Plan. Oceania is yet behind the barbarian terrorist attack that is destroying south of Europe. It's no wonder I saw Bon Bon in ruins. America is fighting back, but nuclear missile is a huge threat. They already use them against Russia and took over. South America also is under attack. Africa is somewhat safe. But Asia is spreading their idea of autocracy stuff. Still, all country right now is in the form of communist. Every country has a small group. Yet the history is still confusing. Who's country is telling us the truth. Hell, but in the minds. Even that space program was at large for Oceania. Earth will no longer be Earth, it will be called Lexuing. Why that name, don't fucking know. Then someone is coming, and two girls saw me. It was no surprise.

Diamond"What are you doing here?"

Puzzle"We're being rob!"

Chris"If I was robbing, why am I naked and not carrying things."

Puzzle"I don't know. Diamond, he's strange."

This is odd.

Diamond"Why are you here anyway?"

Chris"I'm looking for someone, but that's not your business. I need clothes and I will be leaving now."

Puzzle"I think we are going to call the cops now."

But then the Zebra with purple stripes whisper to the giraffe's ears. I could hear them, but I was lazy for some reason. Then they look at me, with the eye's of lust.

Diamond"You need to leave now? Why don't you stay here with us and have some fun."

Because of my abs and my shown cock, I think they really want it now. Should I have fun with them or quickly go now…………Had to go now.

Chris"Really, I have to go. I have other important stuff to do."

Diamond"Your no fun."

Puzzle"Yeah, no fun."

Chris"I'm sorry, I'll make it up with you two. But I have to go now, please."

Diamond"Why should we help you?"

Chris"Because I'm needed somewhere now. And they are counting on me, if I don't deliver something to them, everyone is fuck! Besides, I wouldn't rob stuff here just to do something more important than robbing stuff here."

Puzzle"He's' kinda right."

Diamond"Fine, we'll help you."

It was dark outside, they took me to their car and drove out. Minutes later, they took me to this club call The Elephant's Trunk. In the back, I was then drop off.


Diamond"Don't worry, you'll find something there. Here's the address to The Safari. We'll be there."


What help. I went inside, hiding in the dark. Following different hallways, there are guys ready to strip, oh god, this is a male stripper club. Crap. Up and inside the vents, I follow the noise, then I can see where these guys are dancing. I have to wait, from these type of clothes, I better find the right one. Nope, nope, nope, nope, .....nope. Hey that's a good one. A biker clothes. I just have to get out of here. Crawling, and then I out into the bathroom. There are a lot of women's here. I better act normal and take this clothes on stage. I then walk to the stage and these chicks are screaming. I walk up and he is dancing.

Chris"I need your clothes now."

Stripper"Hey man, wait for your turn!"

Chris"No time, now!"

Stripper"Talk to the hand!"

I grab his hand and he is begging for mercy, and I talk to his hand.


He took off his clothes and I wore them on. Then I walk outside of the front and I'm looking for a vehicle. There is a girl on her motorcycle, I'll try to take it.

Chris"I need your motorcycle please."


I check my pockets for something. I got money, I gave it to her.

Driver"100 euros, really?"

Chris"Why not."

She got off and I took it. But then the driver's boyfriend got mad and took out his shotgun and threat me, SPAS-12.

Driver's BF"You better get off my wheels."

I got out and walk towards him.

Driver's BF"You think your tough?"

I quickly stole his shotgun from a grab. Now he is shitting his pants. I took his sun glasses and wore it. Got back on and drive out of here. Bad to the bone. Following the direction, I finally made it to the The Safari club. I went in and took a seat at the bar stool. Then they announce Diamond will be now on the stage. Lights were flashing as she is stripping on the pole and doing some jaw dropping beauty. Flashes goes on, but the Diamond turns into me, where my hands and tied up and I'm naked. No, flashback then comes back. Here in this place?

Mina"So, your Chris right?"

Chris"Fuck you!"

Then I got taser from these wires that were in my head.

Mina"I know you, and I'm very disappointed."

Chris"I know what you want me to do! That ain't gonna happen!!"

Mina"I understand, your weak!"

Chris"Screw you bitch, I'm not going to kill billions of kids!!"

Mina"Boy, listen, this world doesn't care if you kill every kids in the world, it's just another ad to the world to live in fear. We make fear, I expect you to do it."

Chris"Never you whore!"

Mina"Then you leave me no choice. I will erase your existent, leave you to rot with the rest of the world. But first, Neo! Brexio!"

They came in naked, and so does she, stripping in front of me.

Mina"Jerk off while I give him pleasure."

They start jerking off in front of me, they got close. Then Mina grab her strap-on and, no. She didn't.

Chris"AHHHH!!!!!! Rrrrrraaaaaa!!!!!!"

Mina"This one is a hard on! He's making me so horny!!"

She fucks my ass. I was shock and piss off to what I see. I was [word censored] and was in pain of this crap.

Mina"I know you like this!"

Chris"Rrrrrr!!!! Fuck you!!!!"

My face shows how much pain and somehow the pleasure I resisting it. My cock is strong, how is this possible, why am I liking it?

Mina"Give him a blowjob!"

No!!! Not that!! But they were gay enough to not listen of my trouble. They were sucking and licking it.

Chris"Fuck!!! Fuck!!!! ARGHHHHH!!!!"

Mina"I think he is cumming!!!!"

It can't be true!! I don't remember this crap!! But then I cum a lot. She cum inside my ass, and they also cum all over my body. How disgust I was, I wish to kill them all now.

Mina"I love it. Now, you will never remember any of this ever again."

Sudden of all, my brain was taser and was in pain. So that's how I can't remember! They erase my memory. But now I know. Their all going to die. Mina, Neo, Brexio, all must die! Then flashback over. Diamond was then done. I went to the back stage and found her.

Diamond"Was I that good?"

Chris"Yes, yes you are. I was kinda jealous that I'm a guy."

Diamond"Yeah. So, now what are you going to do that now you have clothes on?"

Chris"I need to go to Airstrip One, can you take me there?"

Diamond"Sure, I know that place. I'll pick you up at the front."

I was at the front, and then they came. I went in with my shotgun....................15 minutes later, I arrive.

Chris"Thanks for giving me a lift."

Puzzle"See us soon please, I really want to have fun again."

Diamond"Me too, see you later."

I got out and they left, I know how that feels, you return home and I was going somewhere else cool. I jump over the fence and run to the military hanger. Airstrip One, I know places. Then there is a BO 105 PAH-1 light attack heli. I took it and fly out of here as the alarm didn't went off for another 1 minute. I was flying up high, and into the North Sea............................Less than a hour later, there is the cruise. Suddenly, it start shooting at me. I fire back, machine guns and rockets.

Chris"Fuck yeah!! Whoa!!!"

Exploding people and things up, this is really fun.


Then a RPG hit me, fun over.

Chris"Taking a dive now."

I move toward and directly in front of it, and I jump out and the heli smash right into it and explosion happen.

Chris"Nice entrance."

I use my shotgun and run down the deck. The ship is sinking, I have a time limit. Running down and there are people in shock. I put them down, and it shot dragon-breath rounds.


Doing inside the ship, guards fire, but the flames fire them down. I love this ammo. Water is rushing in. I went down more. Until I found him in his room. What odd.


Rhett"You fucking idiot!! You ruin my career!! I was saving these people from communist!!"

Chris"By how?"

Rhett"By introducing pleasure and fun! They worship me as I spread the word from God. I tell them it's ok to have sex! We can have sex and pleasure with anyone. BF and GF, husband and wives? No! That's the sign of order! Order is communist, we won't have to deal with them anymore."

Chris"Marriage is not communist! That's from God you stupid prick!"

I then blow his head off on fire. I then got out of this place, swimming out, and I was under water. Going through halls and cracks, I then was free and swim back up to the surface. I was now free, swimming on the surface. I took off my clothes and I feel the nature of the sea. I felt good, and I love it. I hear helicopters coming in. I hit the button and light took me away. We were all watch, I knew it. But nobody cares.

Voice"Mina, Neo, Brexio."

To be continue………………………..Memory Complete.

Lucia"Communist, really?"

Chris"Crazy, I know."

Lucia"We should wed soon."

Chris"Soon, very soon."

Andrea"Revenge, everyone wants revenge. We all think like its our own justice. Its our view of doing the right thing."

Memory 2 - Chapter 26 Back To The Red World

Voice"Something is wrong."

Chris"What, tell me! Who are you!"

Voice"Your mission is having mayor problems."

Chris"What you mean?!"

Voice"Your current mission is changing. It's not program to do this!"

Chris"What program?!?"

Voice"Oh god, Chris.........Chris................CHRIS!!!!"


Voice fades away. And I fell down in this dirt. Naked, and feeling like I already been here. I look around, it's not true. I'm back at my home planet in the right time. Year is 2016 A.D. error map info.

Chris"Oh god. Not here again! What did I did wrong!?"

I check the watch again, error targets.............targets data found. My new targets is Mina, Brexio, and Neo. Lophostrix, Velociraptor, and Japanese Giant Hornet. I can't believe they are my targets. But I don't complain there, I was dying to kill them all. Suddenly, I notice I was in the industrial ruins. I remember here that a lot of poor people came here and start killing the riches. I better get out of here. But then someone wave at me to get over there. I ran to where he is at, 3rd floor of these ruins.

Hazel"What are you doing out there all by yourself!?"

Chris"I don't remember."

Hazel"We have clothes for you in the back where Francis is."

I went to the back as told and got some clothes. Wore out military uniform and jeans. Happy to have jeans. I went back to the group and they were 3 of them.

Francis"So, I'm Francis."

Hazel"I'm Hazel."

Snitter"And I'm Snitter."

A Tomcat, a Brown Rabbit, and a Smooth Fox Terrier. Ok.

Chris"What are you guys doing here?"

Snitter"We're are giving up our lives just to kill Mina and her 2 personal guys."

Chris"I remember her. She's a bitch right?"

Francis"You got that right boy."

Hazel"She's going to burn in hell."

Chris"Maybe I can help you guys."

Francis"You? You sure your up for it?"

Chris"Does it matter if I was naked outside, I can fight."

Hazel"Alright. You can help us. Any plans?"

Chris"The Nos Fort, we can use the sewer passage and fight our way to the top. We need silent weapons."

Snitter"Got that taken care of."

Chris"Alright, let's go then."

Hazel"Wait till the afternoon. Then we will go."

3 hours later, we're in the sewer passage, leading us to the Fort. I miss having the Navakot. Even in silencer, we then found the right path and got out of the sewer. Good, we are inside the Fort.

Snitter"Now what?"

Francis"We should climb the ladders. That will take us to the top."

Hazel"Alright guys, let's go. Double time."

Climbing the ladder and hoping we don't get spotted. I was the first, then I heard guards at the top of this first ladder. He saw me, I grab his gun and throw him down, a long fall.

Hazel"Well done boy."

This area is secure. Moving to the next ladder. Short one, we climb fast and there are 4 guards. Good thing there are boxes for cover.

Chris"Pick your target guys."

They pick their targets.

Snitter"On my mark."

He shot first and we follow along. We all got headshots.


But then the radio of the guards call out their names for report.

Chris"Fuck, we are going to have problems."

Hazel"We better hurry, now!"

Climbing the long ladder, and we were in a hurry. We saw the view of the scorched Earth, or the scorched Lexuing. It's beauty is forgotten and destroyed. I can't believe after the whole time I was killing the lustful people, this still comes. Then we are in the main objective floor. But then a attack chopper came out of nowhere.


It shot 1 rocket, and we duck for cover. It exploded the wall and it start shooting bullets at us. Then we took the chance to get inside before it fires again.

Brexio"You will not escape here alive!"

Alarm goes out. Guards are going to get us. We open fire and got some kills. Headshots and dismember were around. Guards with gas mask, and we punch a hole i those tubes. Going upstairs and run faster. But then the helicopter return and start shooting at us.

Francis"We need more firepower!"

Chris"I'm on it!"

I found a VN-78, guided missile. I aim for it, and took the shot. It was a direct hit and fell towards me.

Chris"Oh great."

I jump out of the way and he crash. On fire, he got out and was really hurt.

Brexio"Fuck, fuck."

Chris"You miss me?"


Chris"Yes, me."

I blow off his head. 1 down, 2 to go. We kept going up for this is a skyscraper. There is the elevator that is going to close. I run as fast as I can. I jump and it close. Leaving Hazel, Snitter, and Francis behind.

Hazel"Go finish the mission!"

Snitter"We'll give you time!"

Francis"And put that bitch out of her misery!"

Chris"I will. Over and out."

It's time to face her. But, where's Neo? The elevator stop and open the door. Suddenly, Neo jumps at me and we fight inside the elevator. I punch his chest and hips. I block his moves, and counter back. Then I kick his head and smash his face to the window.

Chris"Hello you fuck."

Neo"You! Impossible!"

Chris"Nothing is impossible you horn shit."

I smash his face to the window again and it breaks and his head was smash from the metal bars. He's dead and finally. 1 more to go. Then the elevator stop. Top floor, and there she is. Waiting for me in her office chair where she can see the world. But she was shock to see me.

Mina"What the!?"


Mina"No, we erase your memory! How!?"

I then went up to her face.

Chris"It's call faith bitch!"

I punch her head.

Chris"Talk! Why you want me to kill all those kids!!?"

Mina"..........I hate this world. Men tries to ruin us, use us, and we don't deserve no respect to the world! I want to get rid of those people and make a new world where women dominates the whole world! I'm sick of seeing us women's being mistreated and kills us! I hate that! That's why I want you to do it! But NOooooo!! You just have to be short sighted! You can't even think the bigger picture, can you!?"

Chris"I don't give a fuck about your reason! You try to use me, that is not going to happen!"

Mina"So what now!? Your going to kill me!!?"


Despite my anger, my revenge, all the things I know, I did nothing.

Chris"Your a bitch."

Mina"I get that a lot."


Mina"Kill me!"

Chris"No, you started this. You must finish your doing. No backing out this one."

Mina"Fuck you!! Fuck you!!! I'm done! I made a mistake!! Let me go!!"

Chris"Go where?"


Chris"Space? And then what?"

Mina"I…I don't know."

Chris"You want to die?"

Mina"Yes!! Let me die!!"

Chris"Ok, you'll die."

Mina"Ok, shoot me!"

Chris"No, you will."


Chris"Watch and face your fate."

Standing next to the window, doing nothing. Then the timer set off and the missiles just launch, those that will destroy this world.

Mina"I'm soooo sorry!"

Chris"It's ok. We all make mistake."

Merciful to her, I didn't kill her. I hit the watch and left this place as I now know the whole truth. I bet it's time to go home now.

To be continue……………………………..Memory Complete.

Lucia"You spare her life!"

Chris"But she didn't live though."

Lucia"I see, your smart."

Chris"You too."

Andrea"I predict in the future, we are no longer animals when it comes to sex, just machines. Going beyond the limit that means nothing at the end, it dies long ago."

Memory 2 - Chapter 27 Machine Pleasure

Voice"Chris has his vengeance, what now? Why is it not working?"

Chris"Hey!! Who are you!!!!!"

Voice"No!! Impossible!!............."


But the light was now shocking me and the pain is breaking up the timeline. It seems like I did something that I should have never done before, but I don't know what it is.

Chris"Get me out of here!!!!"

But then I fell, it's dark. This soft sand, I remember it. I'm back home. But, it's full of gray clouds.

Chris"What the fuck just happen?"

I check the watch, 2035 A.D. in Planet Cove. I'm really back, but the year, is too far. I better check the house, I ran and the waterfall has no water. I check the house, it's destroy.

Chris"No. Andrea!!! Andrea!!!"

No answer. I look around, and there is nothing, the 2nd floor is standing, I check everywhere, my baby twins and Andrea is not here.


I quickly check the HQ, flying there and I saw it also destroyed.

Chris"Lily!! Kelly!!! Valeria!!!! Jake!!!!"

No one, the lad and the time machine is destroyed. Everything is gone.

Chris"Guess I fuck up everything."

I was now alone, and stay here in this HQ, looking for something to eat or something clothes. Luckily, there is a storage and my old clothes are still here. Guess this comfort me a little. But then suddenly, someone is coming. I hid and then a dragon girl came. Looks like me, wonder why. I then sneak up on her behind and put her in the neck snap.

Chris"10 seconds to tell me why your here!"

Gianna"I'm you!"


Gianna"I mean relative!"

Chris"How relative?"

Gianna"I'm your daughter!"

No, she survive! That's, great.

Chris"Oh god, Gianna?"

Gianna"That's me dad! Where were you!?"

Chris"I was time traveling, but what happen here?"

Gianna"That cyborg machine just came to this planet, that was 10 years ago. Everyone was taken away but me. I was scared. Oh mom!"

Chris"Hey, hey, hey, don't worry, we'll get them back."


Chris"The old Hub."

We took the Hub and left this planet as fast as we can if we still have time. Out here in space, Gianna gave me the direction to this place, from the files she was looking on back at the HQ. I will take us only a day to get there. Then, back at the old bed, I was, never stop thinking about this whole problem that just happen, I can't believe this happen. Why did this happen, what did I do wrong?



Gianna"Before we don't come back and see each other again, I want to do this with you."

She strip her clothes, wait, she wants me to make love with her?

Chris"You wanna make love?"

Gianna"Please, I really want this. I planned it all out. Maybe, we could survive this whole thing and raise a new family."

Chris"You expect our family dead right now?"

Gianna"No, that's not I mean. Oh god, I'm sorry!"

She cries and from my experience, she can't think straight. Guess I have to do something now. I went up to her, and comfort her.


Chris"I'm sorry. This is wrong."

Gianna"But, what if you don't come back?"

Chris"Gianna, I will be back. This is something I do, going through hell and back. I know what I have to do, and I'll be back. I promise.

Gianna"Ok, promise."

Holding her like any father would do and sleep………….Next day, we are here. The planet I. There is the station down there and is having massive heat signs. We then are in the sky.

Chris"Stay here and wait up in space until I'm done here."

Gianna"I want to come with if you!"

Chris"I'm not going to lose you! Stay here!"

She then did. I jump off and fly down to this station. It was massive at my view. Thousands miles of this place. The main station is in the center, I fly down and went through the window and I made an entrance. Then I saw this big machine, the screams of millions of people are in pain and the brink of mercy. But then the big machine talks to me.

I"I know who you are! Andrea's wife!"

Chris"Give her and my son back!!"

I"Pity, for it is too late for that. I was experimenting them, they then die!"

Chris"You motherfucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm will kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I"I find that impossible!"

Chris"Why did you kill them all!!!!!!!!"

I"My purpose is to find the peak of pain and torture as my meter of pleasure increase the search for the perfect one! All of my subjects die, due to lack of pain resisted!"

Chris"Fuck you!! Fuck you!!!!!!!!!"

The pain and torture is enough. I then open my mouth and made a white light, it burns me so much, I just wish this itch is gone right now. Then, for minutes, the bright light is gone, seeing the rest of the world as the crater. I never done that explosion, nuke bomb, that felt so good, kaboom.

Chris"Never old."

Then, it's true then, Andrea and my son is gone. Andrea, why you deserve this, I'm sorry.


I drop the watch and destroy it with my bear hands. I can't take it anymore. Then suddenly, electricity hurts my head.

Voice"He destroy the watch! He's loose!!"

I then saw light pointing at me. I try to break free from these restrains, but my muscle brake things and I rip out this wires that was on my head. Why am I here? I try to leave this place and it's also a dark room.


She punch me and things are falling apart.

Mina"The pain is difficult, isn't it."

To be continue…………………Memory Complete.


Chris"I'm tired, lets go to sleep."

Lucia"Thank god."

What I saw, I never would expect. He makes fire, he kills people, he burns them, he destroys people, but him making a nuke by himself? A true dragon he really is. With that power, no way anyone can survive a fight with him, even the world can't beat him. Chris, your a god, thats all I can say.

DLC - Case Closed


Next day, we receive news that our brothers and sisters is already inside the country of Dominari. They block all roads out of the borders, and they push on forward. Now they are awaiting for orders to attack the capital. But Sakura is not done with our business. There is one more and Caligari is right in our sight. Chris was getting up and drink his usual. Now he was getting ready for his next mission, while not fully awake.

Sakura"Chris, your up early."

Chris"I predict that you have the next mission ready."

Sakura"I think your not on focus yet."

Chris"Trust me, I'm having a boring moment. I'll be fine. Just want my moment to go smooth and relax. And ready to kill more."

Sakura"Ok, well, your next target is Isabeth, a white and blue bunny. Last known location was in Hemlock Prison, a Supermax prison of the old age. Been around since 1000s of years, and its never have a record of prison escapes. She was last transmitted there since 3 months ago."

Chris"Why would her father put her daughter there for? Disloyalty?"

Sakura"One to figure it out is to get there and kill her. It is a supermax prison, and they will kill on sight. And kill the rest of the inmates if the alarm goes on."

Chris"One tough cookie."

Getting ready for the mission, son and daughter were getting good training experience. Chris allows them to do some tactical training of sabotage and stealth. Viola was in charge, having her scope ready and aiming at them with rubber bullets from a far distances. So then he went on to the mission, flying and diving into the blizzard. The prison is like a old castle and a fort type, but there are a lot of guards around with thermal visions and heat seeker. Plus with anti-cloak alarms, its really hard to do stuff like that. But I think he is ready for that type of stuff. Climbing on the walls of old, he reach the window and check inside, nothing inside but its the chairman of this prison. His luck is turning up. He open, goes inside, and looks around. The board of chairmans office looks more like a fetish pleasure room. Despite his collections of paintings, he looks into the computer. Checking anything interesting, and found messages from Caligari.

Caligari"I expect you to take good care of my daughter, she must learn discipline by any means necessary. Your free to do whatever it 'please' you and her for the sake of our future. If she misbelieve, show her the errors of her way."

Chris"Selling out your daughter, you fuck."

Suddenly, someone comes in, and he hides. Two person, and one of them is the chairman. Chris decides to be his righthand man. Once the chairman turns away to change his clothes, he kills the righthand man and change his form. Hiding the body in the bathroom.

Shu"Well now, I, Shu, am now going to please my favorite, bitch."

Chris"As you wish master."

Shu"Master? Finally, your getting much the idea here."

Chris"Yes Master."

Shu"Ok ok. Let's go shall we."

A plan he is now waiting in a tour. There are three levels, the Serve, the Pit, and the Scar. Here in the Serve, prisoners work and were beaten everyday. Sometimes they have to be experiment with prototype gases. And in every month, a lucky prisoner gets an early death. Depends on the crime, each prisoners gets its own unique death. Chris watch the prisoners work hard and were sweating blood.

Shu"Look at those softy, I wish they can just die already and been eaten already."

Eaten? The elevator he went on took them to the next level, the Pit. These cells have no peace among all connecting. You can hear them cursing and shouting for rage and power showing. No one gets sentence to death, because this is death sentence. You survive to die natural or die early. There in the bottom section, the Pit, where all prisoners goes in and tries to survive. Then one starts to fight others and it became bloody. Like a gladiator free for all. Once one is defeated, he was sent into the blood pit. Under the cages of all the food chains, the defeated faces cannibals. They were very quick and they just bite off his body apart. Those cannibals were there without food since their first day in hell. Their chance of meal is if the unlucky is defeated.

Shu"Poor boy, I never would suspect he would lose his reign as a rookie."

Another elevator, and down to the Scar. Here prisoners are all lock up and were tortured everyday. Those 'volunteer' enters as people who wishes to do community services as the torturer. They torture their prisoners, and he can hear all of them screaming. Bloods were pouring, whipping, electrocuted, [word censored], were being dominated. Sometimes they were kill for fun, or they were dismember and bled to death.

Shu"Here, take this knife, and this head."

Chris"What should I do?"

Shu"Give the man his brother's head to him, then kill him however you please."

Door was open, he show the head and gave it to him. The prisoner was furious, and getting angry. But Chris checks his crime in his mind, he was a repo man. Enjoys killing others for business, even his parent's organs were donated. He was sick, he ended his misery with a knife to the head and turns while stuck in the brains.The blood gushes out on the beheaded brother.

Shu"Oh yeah, that, was sexy!!"

Chris"As you wish."

Shu"Now onto the show! My favorite bitch is waiting for me!"

Last other elevator and goes way down into the level that doesn't exist to the public, even the employees even doesn't know.

Shu"Can't wait to spill blood."

Chris"Can I join in the fun master?"

Shu"You fool, of course you can. This bitch is ours and we can make her into someone else if we want to!!"

When it stops, the path shows one way, into the vault. And inside, Isabeth, all tied up. She can't barely move, and can't touch the floor. The bunny is helpless for both predator.

Shu"Hello my sweet, are you well enough for more action?"

Isabeth"Fuck you!!!"

Shu"Now now, no back talk. You know what happens when you back talk?"

He show her the needle, caressing on her already damage left eye.

Shu"Your mine now."

Chris"She's' mine!!!"

He turns back to himself and use his blades to slice up to his cock and tear him in half. The blood gushes away to the shocked one.

Isabeth"What the fuck?"

Chris"I'm setting you free."


Chris"Because your father is the real threat."

Isabeth"Your right. I thank you."

He untie her and she was free.

Isabeth"I know a place out. There is a hidden door behind this wall. I'll go get my stuff from the private office.

He checks and found a hidden door. He opens it and it leads to an underground system leaving out into the mountains.

Chris"Got it open."

Isabeth"Thank you. I set off the alarm in one minute, and after that, it will be infected by a virus and will blow up this place for good."

Chris"Nice thinking. Lets go."

Running away from the bondage, it was a long run and cold. Once they saw the light of freedom, the prison alarm went on and exploded the whole place. Avalanche occurs, and it covers the prison and takes it down with it. Then her rescue came, helicopter.

Isabeth"I thank you for the rescue. I promise my father to show him the error of his ways and my revenge."

Chris"Glad I can help."

Both left and Sakura is not happy.

Sakura"You let her go?!"

Chris"She was tortured, and she hated her father."

Sakura"And where did she left off?"

Chris"I don't know. But I bet she is going to stop her father. She is in our side."

Sakura"You better hope sparing her life is the right choice."

But then, a terrible news.

Viola"Sakura!! Imonarpire is invading Port Verona."


Viola"They just came on radar now!"

Sakura"Fuck! Everyone, let's go!!!!"

Port Verona is under fire, and the snow is left to show hope. Our brothers and sisters are the first responders in this situation. Chum-Bot was already ahead of us, clearing the way for us to defend our home. Us team are flying over the battle ground. And the open shows our backyard close from death.

Lucia"Those bastards made a mistake!"

Hella"A very fuckin mistake!"

Jack"I'm going to snipe those bitches heads open!"

Wake"I'm going to drop a lot of bombs and put bullets on their worthless bodies!"

Fumi"I need a machine fucking gun!"

Sakura"Shit, fucking shit!"

Raynard"Go kill those fuckers!"

Chris"Enough!!! You see those bastards, they must die! All of them! Quit complaining and give them bullets. Fuck all of them!!"


I watch Chris going out first.

Lucia"Chris, it wasn't your fault."

Chris"I know. But fault or not, don't worry. We always kick ass and destroy for the victory."

He fall backwards and we all follow. Diving down the cold winter while striking down some fighters he can. Making the flying cowards fall down to the real fight, if they can survive his bullets first. Then we all land into our position.

Hella"Defend our home!!!!!! Show those bastards no fucking mercy!!!!!!!"

Chum-Bot"Artillery strikes are in-bound."

Fumi"Take cover!!!"

Lucia"Chris, take out those robots!!!!"

Chris"Target con-fucking-firm. Everyone, use your shock bullets on those robots!!"

Our guys were having our cutting edge weapons, and they are helping out a lot. Enemies are in flames quick, robots were dying quick in shock, and our plasmas were killing more rapid enemies than none effectives.

Viola"Chris!!! Take out those tanks!!!"

Chris"I'm going!"

He rush into the trouble, and strikes those tanks. Every fireball counts and never miss. More robots coming in, and more enemies never stop coming in. But then on the ground, he found a new GR2099-Titan LMG and a TL012L-Comet Rocket Launcher.

Chris"Hehe, talk about one man army motherfucker."

Chris destroys more machines and pushes them back. More tanks destroyed, a lot of lives saved.

Fumi"Chris!!! I need your help!!"

Teleport to her.

Chris"What you need?"

FumI"Our friends are dying. Help them get back to their feet."

Chris"On it."

Inside the sick bay, ten soldiers are injured. But he cheats this one for good. He saves all of their lives. And they all went out to fight back. Fumi was surprise how quick it was.

Fumi"Thanks Chris!!!"

Wake"Chris!! I need help!! My flares is jammed!!"

Chris"Hang on!"

Teleport right behind the jetcopter.

Chris"Move now!!!"

Fighters were targeting at them, Chris kills them one by one. And he tries to fix the jamming part, he notice bullets and scraps was the problem. With the impossible that it makes, his left hand and his face is focusing on the damage part and fixes it while his right hand and not looking at the enemy fighters, he shots them all down with one shot and never miss.

Chris"Your flares is fix!!"

Wake"I have it on my system! Thanks man!!"

Sakura"The enemies are weakening!! Push them all back now!!"

Everyone wasted their rounds on the enemies and moves up faster. Our fighters took out the battleships and aircraft carriers, and that is the end of this battle, no where to turn back or escape. But suddenly, while I was reloading my weapon, someone behind me grab me and I scream for help.



I was then being teleported somewhere into a jail cell. I was capture, and I was defeated. Chris then receives a message.

Commander"If you ever follow us, or be a hero, your friend here will die!"

Chris"Fuck you motherfucker! You'll get a blade in your heart."

Commander"Come and try and see who will gets a blade first. Hehe."

Chris"Fuck you."

Then he saw the stealth gunship flying away and the message was from that plane. Then he looks for a solution to save me, and saw the elite enemies teleporting back to their destination, the plane. A light bulb was exploded. He grab the elite enemy, snap his neck and transform into him. He teleports to the gunship and work his way in. Acting all good and passing by, he x ray his way to look for me. A lot of enemy soldiers and were all elite type of private army. Who is controlling them he thought, but it matters his blades on the responsible. Inside this storage room, a new RB-148S Factor SMG. Took it and its all his.

Chris"Finders keepers losers fuck off."

Searching around and being undercover, he finally then found me!

Chris"Lucia, your ok!?"

Lucia"I'm fine. Thanks for saving me!"

Chris"Follow me."

Seeing him again, makes me feel much safer. I love him with all my heart and more. My hero. Sneaking around and stealth kill anyone who is near to us.

Lucia"We have to get out of this ship now."

Chris"No, the commander must have some answers who order this attack."

Up to the command deck, he listen the commanders chatting with someone. He x ray the room and saw the truth.

Commander"We have capture their friends. We are sure to find out those bastards hiding spot."

Isabeth"And the battle?"

Commander"Is a loss. Our main ships and frontal units are destroyed. They were strong."

Isabeth"No matter, return to base. I have something else for you to do."

Commander"As your wish my lady."

Chris"That bitch."

He opens the door and snap through his both lungs.

Chris"Today is your lucky day, you got this fucking blade first!"

And blood loses a lot, killing him instant.

Chris"Isabeth is responsible for this attack. And I just let her out."

Lucia"Chris, its not your fault, you could have known."

Chris"But I have the power to know her. Why didn't I use it?!"

Lucia"I don't know, but we have company!"

He looks back, pulls his gun and fires at their faces. Then he programs a virus in the plane, exploded both engines and the cockpit. He breaks the window and fly us out of here where the wind makes me feel so much like death is coming in a rush. But he holds me, protecting me, and makes sure I'm ok. The plane falls, and we fall as well as love falls us down to us together. The battle was won, and we all return to base. Sakura is very upset more.

Sakura"You should've have kill her, we wouldn't have to deal with this petty invasion!"

Chris"I made a mistake. But I will find her and will kill her."

Sakura"You better make sure she doesn't do much damage now. Lucky for you, she is in a city of Lenimarx. People there are finally defending their town. A little revolution, Imonarpire are the enemies to them. Find her and kill her."

Chris"I will now."

Flying to the city, and diving down to the city of revolt. The city is beautiful by the tundra and many of popular cultures. This city has many names, Lenimarx is the latest one, but we all remember the original name of the city, Fauna. 12 names were recorded, and they were not worth mention. The city now is under fire by revolution and rebellions. This battle is something the people needs help. Chris hides from the people and enemies. But he kills enemies silent and unknowing where is came from. His silenced favorite pistol does the job, from across the streets. The radio broadcast speakers are yelling about the current situations.

Speaker"Attention rebels, the Imonarpire Dynasty is heading to Southeast of Woodwork Street! They need reinforcement now!!"

Chris"Loudmouth. Better find someone in charge of this rebel."

Some group of rebels were right in the gas station, and a perfect plan to become one of them in disguise. He went inside and quick head shots of 8 guys. One was hiding cowardly, the bathroom was his last resort. He enter and took his life away into his. Chris is now a rebel with a cause.

Chris"Rebel is my last name, or I don't fucking care much really."

Following the signals, he must find top ranks one by one to reach the leaders quick. A radio he received comes from the top.

Rick"Hey!! 39th Red Group! You there!!!"

Chris"Yeah! Fuck!! We were ambush, and I'm the only one left!"

Rick"Motherfucker! Hurry up and get here already! We need you,"

Chris"Roger that!"

Lucia"Thats transmitted 500 meters away."

Chris"On it."

Grabbing a vehicle and driving into heavy smokes from fires, destroyed helicopters and tanks, damage buildings, and burning dead. Rebels were pushing up and watching them fight with injured parts. He finally reach the place, surround my rebels and tanks. He enter and went to Rick, a Spaniel dog.

Rick"Damn it Cole, I'm sorry."

Chris"Fuck my life anyway, what now?"

Rick"Lutobor wants to speak with you."


Rick"I don't fucking know. This much losses were dealing and your asking me shit? Just get out already, I have enough of shit to deal with."

Following the path inside, men and women were helping out the injured, and armed themselves. A lot of ammo boxes and first aids. they were well prepare. Didn't expect a Corner Finance Stadium would be their base of command. In the top box area, Lutobor is there. He is the leader of this rebellion.

Lutobor"No! Go to the factory and scout the area for tanks. And if not, set a base there!"


Lutobor"Ah yes, Cole. My kind of guy. Well, so far we are pushing them back hard and out of our city limits. This is our town."

Chris"Great news sir."

Lutobor"I call you here because I need you to help me. I found out where Commander Sesto is."


Lutobor"Yeah, and we are going to catch that fucker. He is holding up in his commander center in Kelwin Building. Its a tight place from the soldiers, but he is not leaving. We have to get there first. Follow me."

Going in the field, his custom tank is ready to deploy.

Lutobor"Cole! Your driving."

Chris"Yes sir!"

He then drives a tank, leading a whole army of rebels following the tank as the spear.

Lutobor"Onwards rebels!!! Show those fucking scums who we are!!!"

Chris attack other tanks and helicopters. Ramming the gates and enemies were blown apart more and bullets shredding them down to bits. Then he ram inside the building.

Lutobor"Fucking shit! Your a monster! We have to get to him now!"

He was firing back with the smoke dust covering, blood mist shows instant death. Chris make waves to the elevator. Lutobor rushes in and dodging hell's bullets. And up they go, going to find him.

Lutobor"Wasn't going to make it here, but fuck it we did."

Chris"Yes sir."

Lutobor"Cole, you grew much stronger, I like that. Let me catch my breath."

Sakura"Commando Sesto is Caligari's trusted man, a ruthless bastard who in his record wins a lot of battles and none loses. And impressive military career, but other secret videos shows his tyranny in the military life, drugs, bribes, war crimes, sexual slavery, and involved with syndicate organization. He is known secretly as Gerontophobia, fear of old. A lot of saying he is more than 1,000 years old."

Chris"…….I think this world is crazy."

Lutobor"Were also there, can you feel it, its revenge."

Chris"I know revenge for a long time."

After getting up to the top floor, violence erupt badly. Bullets breaks windows, papers, boxes, and fleshes. Flashes and bangs scares much of the enemies, but Chris took their fear and use them for death. Its now a well placed communication room. Equipments were all destroyed and servers are down.


Chris"Hold on sir!"

Rushing through and cutting his way, he found him about to leave on the helicopter. Right there the confrontation is open and he points directly at Sesto.

Lutobor"Cole, disable the chopper!"

He did and destroy the rotor, no where to escape but joining the dead. Sesto was drawn with his weapon as well. Standoff, but two against one is not fair.

Lutobor"You fucking bastard, I got you right where I want you. I've hunted you down for years you slippery shit."

Sesto"And yes, you are correct. Doesn't mean I have die without a fight. You're just a man, leading an army without a purpose. You trick them all with your lies! This, Cole here, is a perfect example of being your mindless sheep. Cole, why do you fight for him?"

Chris"To be free from you!"

Sesto"Wrong! You fight for him for his gain! Your a nobody to him but a puppet slave, a fucking slave!! And you are doom to this day that you have no soul in this world anymore. He cheats his way into political power, but failed. So now he rebels with his fucking followers and justify his failure by committing wrongful crimes and horrible acts of terrorist!!"

Lutobor"Cole, this guy talk too much shit! You cunt, we don't need your bulshit and your fucking government! I can lead this city into a new nation, making this city a capital of a new nation that bans sexual demons out of this world. Pleasure is what makes this world terrible, no justice from that!! You know that!!"

Sesto"Your a fucking idiot!!!"


Chris took the shot. Sesto dies with an open skull.

Sesto"To this day, we can now build this new nation. Anti-Plesirism will rise!! This is a new era Cole."

Chris"Yeah, not into it."

He kills him with blades strike at his dreams. His mind saw everything, videos of Lutobor's doings in his life. He kills people in sexual acts, protesting that pleasure is a mean of destruction, and lie about his life to become a hero, but as a puppet to a pirate totalitarian group call Black Sigma. History goes back with them as a pirate who raids mostly on capitals, and seize power over the land with total abuse and propagandas. They took control 29 countries capital in history and the states and countries falls to extinction. But that was in 1400 A.D. They were myths till then, and now they return. Chris checks the helicopter, suddenly a figure came out.


Isabeth"Chris, you took down two rivals. A hero, and a pirate. But they were ruthless and evil."

Chris"And so are you!"

Isabeth"Chris, I call that invasion to only get your friend as a sacrifice to show that we also hate pleasure, the same idea."

Chris"Same idea?"

Isabeth"But the plan is ruin. For months I plan this out, to make my father proud at what I can do in this family legacy. Unlike my brother who is a free loader and lazy, I cause a different history and the power to dominate anything. But you ruin that, all of that. You wouldn't let me show my father and make him proud of me. You monster. You have no soul, no mercy, no love. Try to understand this."

She committed suicide by a bullet to the head. She is confirm dead.

Chris"Mission is done."

Sakura"Return to base, our ground troops will clear out the rebels."


Leaving a broken city and into home. Having to be struck with traitors and conspiracy, he finally relax and drank soda. I came in and try to comfort him.

Lucia"Chris, your ok?"

Chris"I don't know."


I then relax in bed and watch him wonder around the room.

Lucia"What are you thinking about?"

Chris"This world, I need to know this world's history."

Lucia"You have a codex inside you. You can try it."

Chris"Wow, I'm brain fuck now. I can read history while doing hellish battles, what more can I do."

Lucia"Make ice."

Chris"Ice? I'll try to figure that out."

He then lay down in bed reading histories while I was holding him. I rest on top of him, making me feel better. His muscle is strong and hardly shows weak signs.

Lucia"….come and find me. Where I show you, how we all got together….."

Singing an old words my mom used to sing to me. I miss her.

Chris"I now know The Dark Ages, wow!"

Lucia"Dark Ages was hard to understand. You understand it so fast."

Chris"I'm a quick learner. Now lets finish the memory."

Lucia"All right."

Andrea"Countless of errors from your truth troubles the world around you, a mistake."

Memory 2 - Chapter 28 Revelation

Joan"Very hard to remember."

Kelly"Like it never happen."

Chris"Where am I?"

Odin"Like you care."

Herod"Only revenge."


Bugs"Don't be stupid."

Anubis"We always know your plan."

Ngai"We always kill it first."

Chris"Who are you?"

Skylar"Snap out of it."

Guachimines"Your making it worst."

Helen"You always made things worst."


Diamond"You think your a saint?"

Alma"You don't know our true pain."

Mary"Like you think you know us."


Takara"Shame, very shame."

Tammaro"You should have died."

Niiqquulamuusu"And we were better off."

Galo"You always have to ruin everything."


Kouta"No excuse."

Corbin"But we have excuse."

Catherine"That pleases us all."

Akio"But you, your sicker than we thought."

Chris"That's not, true."

Jing"Then why did you did this to us?"

Mina"You think you a Excon soldier, it doesn't mean you have power."

Hazel"No one can have power."

Chris"......leave me alone!"

All"Now who is the weak one now."


Chris"What the hell?"

Lily"Chris!! Snap out of it! Your having a trauma mental breakdown!! Chris!!!!"

Chris"...........where's Andrea?"

Andrea"I'm right here."

Chris"Thank god. Where am I?"

Lily"I'll explain that to you later. Just hold on."


It's dark, for what reason I have to be here? Then I saw light, the relieve is what I really need. Lily, oh Lily, did she save me?

Chris"Where am I?"

Lily"You in the hospital, like the view?"

Chris"The beach, I'm home. What happen?"

Lily"We test you this whole time. You have a program call the Excon. Having the Excon soldier ability means the result of lost mind to order, like a sleeper agent. We have to make sure you were not that lost of mind."

Chris"I was an Excon soldier?"
Lily"You were, but not 100% pure. You will have to obey a strict law that you are told to do. But then we saw your flashback, you were program to obey their law but it failed because you refuse to obey the order to kill millions of kids. The point of this time travel thing is to make sure you made the right choices you make, and how you response back."

Chris"So, that was just the test?"

Lily"I didn't mean to hurt you. But we need that information that your are good or bad, to put it that way. But then your memory was intense on revenge, you change the program by creating your ending. It was unbelievable to what we saw. Your action is really rare to any case in this part of the universe."

Chris"Wow, so, the test is done?"

Lily"Almost, your 90% done. But, you want me to tell you your result?"

Chris"Why not."

Lily"You were very passion to every women expect your targets. You get the job done by any means necessary. Yet you have some trouble thoughts that you couldn't remember. Overall, you killed the targets with a reason, and you make hard choices."

Chris"That's me."

Lily"Yeah, so, take a rest. Andrea is here."

She left, and the view is nice. I haven't seen this beautiful for those long days of darkness. Then, my beloved came.

Andrea"Hey. Your alright?"

Chris"I don't know, what you think?"

Andrea"I think your fine. So, tell me, and be truthful, who did you have sex with?"

Chris"Oh wow. Alright, I did with Kebechet, Jing, almost did it with Helen, Diana, my great ancestor Takara, Joan of Arc, Alma, Chiyoko, Catherine, Skylar, Viviana, this slave girl by force, Lola Bunny, Diamond and Puzzle, Mina, and my daughter Gianna.


Chris"Yeah, I can't help it, but she wants to. She is like you."

Andrea"Oh wow, so a lot of women huh. You like them?"

Chris"Not as much as you my love."

Andrea"Oh thank you. I think you need a reward."

She went on top of me, strips and so did I. She then gave me a blowjob. I love her blowjob, she is really amazing than all of them.

Chris"Yeah, I miss that babe."

Deep throat and licking it everywhere. I really like it. Then I fuck her in spoon position.

Andrea"I really miss this!!!"

Chris"Hell yeah baby!"

Driving both of us wild, we can't stop this pleasure. Then to the doggy style, fucker her hard, fast and deep.

Andrea"Ahhhhh!!!!! Ughhhhhh!!!! Yeah!!!!! Don't stop!!!!"

So fast, I can't hold it.

Chris"I'm gonna cum!!"

Andrea"Me too baby!!"

We cum together, and shot loads to her back. And she really made a big mess.

Chris"Oh the joy. I love you."

Andrea"Me too hubby."

We make out and fell asleep. I'm home, really home, but it's not yet done, 90%, we'll fix it.

To be continue……………………………Memory Complete.

Lucia"So now we now why your a powerful soldier."

Chris"But still, I can imagine why me?"

Lucia"Your special, and every special persons has abilities within or it comes to you."


Lucia"Next one."

Andrea"A test where us girls worried the most, to feel left out while the partner is gone out. Can the partner feel the same connection?"

Memory 2 - Chapter 29 The Last Test........

Back at the HQ, the final test. I was lying down and have wires pasted on me for reading of course. I now will pass this test with whatever it can throw.

Lily"This test will have no target, like a free roam type, just a limit of numbers according to your watch. None of the people you will meet are harm or anything bad."

Chris"Fine, I'll do it."

Lily"Good luck."

The lights were dark, then the time stream returns again and I will have to be very relax as this is no more shit but something of peace. I don't know whats going to happen. Then I fell, with clothes.

Chris"Hmm, smells like tropical."

Its a island, called Heofon. I look back, its a resort. And the girls were already there naked with bikinis.

Girls"Hey sexy, want to play with us?"

Chris"Its ok. I want to walk around."

Walking into the island, it looks so much better to realize I'm in heaven. But I figure this is a test, no sex with having anyone is the test. But I don't know when it will be over. There are a lot of people here, young people. Watching them play around and showing hints of sexual pleasure, they were mostly thinking with dicks I hope. The island feels amazing, the wind, hot, water, the breeze it gives me like its dancing along with us.

Boys"Hey you, wanna do some football?"

Chris"I'm good."

All the guys are playing naked. I could imagine back in the old days, the people play sports naked in ancient times. People here seems to have a good time. Even couples here are enjoying themselves. The jungle and forest combine shows the colors when the natural light shines through the leafs and plants. A rainbow shines the path to the resort. I feel like heaven is on this world. I saw the gays and lesbians having a good kissing time. Love is stronger than I could imagine elsewhere. The night is also coming, walking into the lake, some guys are girls are all alone. And I can hear something that yet I'm used to hear. They moan with their fingers and hands, getting to the peak where they can't stand of themselves. I wish to have a perfect life with Andrea, and my kids to have fun with. Then I reach in the resort. Front desk, and I see a nice lady.

Lady"Can I help you?"

Chris"I need a room."

Lady"Your name?"


Lady"……Oh yes, you have a presidential suite reserve. Please, follow me."

The elevator takes me and her to the top floor. She watches my 'gun' and feels like she needs it now. Walking down the hall way, and enter my room. Its a wonderful home. I felt like its a new home, waiting for Andrea to come here. But next to me is a horny little lady.

Lady"Your room sir, anything else?"

Chris"No, I'm good. I need my rest."

Lady"Oh, ok sir."

She lost her chance, but I look outside. The night rises and the only light that shines for party is the tower plaza. I take a shower, and watch myself, think a lot. Most of my mission was about sex temptation and history of sexual tense. The violent action I chose was either my way of showing my strength, or I coward out pleasure? I think about it more. Yet they were looking at me, the shower has an eye for those horny people. I get ready my style and walk to the tower plaza. People were having a blast, dancing in the dance floor. Well, the plaza is the dance floor. All of the young people dance crazy with this music of dub-step. I move across the dance floor and I feel the energy so great around me. They all were having their eyes on the prize. I watch their hands, and dodge from the point to join in. I then went safety to the bar. I grab a water and saw some group of friends walk up to me.

Group"Hey, wanna join us? We need one more person for an awesome orgy."

Chris"I'll past."

Group"C'mon man!"

I left them be. But I drank my water and head upstair. Following by, couples kissing by the stairs. They look at me, and the lust on their eyes wants me to join them. I refuse once more. When I reach to the top, the world I see is pleasure in colors. Then a young girl came up to me.

Girl"I feel lonely up here. I feel like I want someone to give me some company."


Girl"Yeah, all of them are taken. And my friends are having fun done there. And I want some fun too."

I stand on the rail and look down.

Girl"What the hell are you doing?!!"

Chris"Going back home."

End P7
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