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The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 3 Re-War-D Part 6

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:58 am    Post subject: The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 3 Re-War-D Part 6 Reply with quote

I use my flames and burst out the hated. They all were burning, screaming for mercy, no Nazi deserves mercy. This zombie is still alive, I put bullets to the head, and now it's head is gone, the blood gores it all out. The alarm goes out. Everyone is force to get out of this place now. I left, and start killing everyone, these people don't deserve to live. All in panic, some tries to kill me, yet they took a lot of bullets. I finally found a MG-42.

Chris"Let's make art with the color of blood you fucks!"

Shooting a lot of bullets, you can't resist this fun, but I was not happy still, I really want to know the answer to this flashback, are they real? THinking and killing, I can multi task. Everyone is soon gone, and this place is last time, horror existed in this type of time. A huge explosion got my attention as to the accomplishment I did.

Chris"What sick fuck. I bet I did everyone a favor so far."

I hope I did. Because pleasure is all in everyone's head. Nazi all ran as fast as they can. No one back there is alive, even the documents of this experiment was in the flames, no one should have that shit works. Into the forest, the alarm is all I hear, strip naked as another free man, then gone into the light.

To be continue………………………….Memory Complete.

Lucia"To tell you the truth, I didn't really know about you at first, but I built you and, use you as my personal fuck mate."

Chris"Well, don't you think I could have kill you now."


Chris"Wrong, I can't kill my creator. Beside, after all, you care about me. And so do I."


Andrea"To understand the stress of war, is to also understand how they get their minds off of it."

Memory 2 - Chapter 21 .....And It's Uses

Voice"You saw something big right?"

Chris"What the hell? Is this is fucking joke?"

Voice"No sir, that was real. Probably you didn't remember it?"

Chris"I can't remember that. Why, I should, but why!?"

Voice"If I were you, you better figure it all out. This looks entertaining to me. Hahahaha!!!!"

Again, time laughs at me forever it seems. Into a new world, it looks like the place.

Chris"Smells the same, tree's no different."

1945 A.D. in Hunan, China. Target is Kouta, a Raccoon Dog.

Chris"Just a year ahead? What are the odds?"

Walking around in this forest, I saw some trucks coming by. I hid for cover, they were carring womens in the trucks. Better follow them, escort the women means shit is near. I follow the roads, hiding in the forest naked and it feels like I'm going the wrong way to freedom. I finally found the place, it looks like a station. These soldiers, I figure it out that they are not chinese soldiers, their japanese soldiers. Their empire did expand, but this far, they are strong, for now. For the fat man does it's job. I better find clothes. Over the wall, and fly high to this 4 floor roof. A guard is watching the area below. I went up behind him and snap his neck. Got him out of sight, took his clothe's, and then throw the body over the wall and out of sight. It fits new and a free Type 100.

Kouta"Young man!"


Kouta"We're doing a bet. We need you for this bet."

Chris"Alright I'm going."

I could already want to put put a lot of bullets in his head, but I need to see his reason to die. He took me downstair to floor 3. Inside was a lot of rooms and the moan of sex is all I hear. These soldiers are raping them alright. But this is common, what is his real reason. Entering the room and saw this poor Yellow-Throated Marten being tied down naked in this doggy style position. I can't do it, she is innocent, I could kill them all now and be done with this or use her as a distraction from them.......I think they should all DIE!!

Chris"Fuck you!!!"

Grabbing my sub machine, I blast his head off and shot down Kouta.

Chris"You son of a bitch!! Just die already!!"

Soldier's then sound the alarm as I open fire. I went up to the roof and saw a whole guards of them coming in fast. I open fire at them, never miss a shot. Their arms and body were goring out a lot when leads make explosion. The guards were dead, there should be more of them. Then I hear a lot of people coming down to this building, but they weren't soldiers, they were something different.

Chris"Wait, these people, oh no, flashback."

For these people starts my flashback. I was next to myself, I was also looking down at those crowds. I look 14 at that time. But I can't remember what I did there. We were all in the roof where I was now.

Dejan"You stupid fucking kid!! Kill them all!!"

I only had my pistol, I shot at the crowds, they keep coming. I was low on ammo. These looking fresh soldiers were behind me in a group as if they were just here to get out now.

Dejan"The chopper is coming, we're all going to die because you didn't kill all of them you piece of shit!! Kill them!!"

Chris"I have no ammo!!"

Dejan"You disappoint me soldier!! I knew you were a nobody!!!"

He punch me in the face, again, and again. Until he then gave me a hard one. I look at myself and saw that young look. I saw the snap, I really was piss off. What did I do next? I saw him grab Dejan and the dead eye I was, was something I still can't remember.

Chris"Fuck you!! Maybe your the disappointment one since you didn't fire your own weapon you stupid fucking shit!!!"

I drop his M240, and throw him off the building. Giving him the middle finger.

Chris"Now you do something you lazy bitch."

The chopper came and we all went in, the pilot ask where is Dejan. I told them he's dead. We then left this place. Flashback over, I was that damn good before, but I need more information than that.

Soldier"Kill him!!"

I went for cover, then quickly took some shots and their guts fall off. Going down stairs, and they are shooting randomly. Then I start shooting them off as their heads were expose and out of the cover they pop bloods.

Chris"Fucking die!!"

Running and quick shots, I got out of the building in time. More were outside, and I throw a grenade. The explosion were fun, seeing their body parts fly away. I even gave them my fire and they were crying for mercy.


They came up to me quick, I took them all down by painting their legs red.


Then officers came at the last minute, they aim so slow. I took the chance and shot them at their jaws and necks. All were dead, and these people are free. I quickly ran over the wall, into the forest, finally strip free and saw the light again as it somehow gave me the strength to be strong and confuse again.

To be continue………………………..Memory Complete.

Lucia"Man, it was that moment you were now full of rage and hate."

Chris"I hate him very much, and still more."

Lucia"You save your squad and help them out. Thats what we should all do in this war."


In the noon, he was thinking continually about how could his future be now? Or wasn't that the one he could have leave the place. But still of all, he's here safe. And I'm going to get his minds off of it.


Chris, is like he knows everything about sex in and out, even in blindfold. What a man, but a hero still. After that moment with, Sakura has another mission.

Sakura"Chris, your next one is Icarus, he's a Falcon, and a step-son of Caligari."

Chris"This shall be good."

Sakura"Yeah, he shall be easy to find. And your going in with Hella and Raynard. And he wants to see you now."

Chris"Yes ma'am."

Going to Raynard's room, Hella was teaching his kids melee attacks and other fighting ability.

Hella"You have to feel the next move, know their flow, and counter it."


Raynard"Hey Chris, thanks to those bullets, our troops have all of those at their disposal. It makes a better chance to win a battle much more."


Raynard"And the harpoon, I upgrade it and turn it into a heat seeking harpoon. You can access your back launcher, find the targets through walls, and shoot down those targets dead eye."


He upgrade him and have his new ability.

Chris"Raynard, Hella, lets go."

Gharmah, the east side of Wiltheis. And inside, the city of Jung. An old city, where the samurais protect the city and rage war against the enemies. Now a tradition city with high buildings and much young people here in the city. While the team walks around the bay area, they start to plan.

Raynard"One day Hella, we'll rest together in the beach."

Hella"Me too. So, whats the plan?"

Raynard"Ok, Icarus is a student at the University of Jung. He is famous kid, full of AP classes and majoring Engineering. He has a girlfriend, he's of course rich, and well known as a mafia leader of Sliver Family."

Chris"Hmm, I think I know what to do. We thrash his school, kill his mafia crews, ruin his girlfriend, and damage his rich life."

Hella"That sounds like the greatest plan."

Raynard"Let's do it then."

Chris"Party killers."

Inside the city, the heart and foundation University of Jung. The team look around for any friends of Icarus. They then found students who they were beating up someone.

Raynard"Should we help?"

Chris"Hey! Leave him alone!"

Bully"Or what?"

Chris"Get them."

The team pick one and fight them. Chris grab two of their arms and grab their heads and knock each others head. Raynard got his skill very high and jump kick their face and then double kick him to face while down on the ground. And Hella break both guy's arm and hand chop their neck, damage their blood organs. All down and the innocent kid left with a thanks.

Bully"Icarus will kill you guys! I swear!"

Chris"The idiot rich kid. Ok, whatever, just tell him to meet me at Milton Street. We're going to race."



Then other students here came and saw their beaten students. They ask to get out or else.


The students then fights the team, they didn't even stand the military power house. But the innocent kid return with his friends that oppose the others.

Chris"Sweet, we have friends."

A huge brawl, everyone for their own reason. The enemies said Icarus is the king of this school, he has the right to make laws like his dad. Others said they don't like being tell what to do. A perfect reason to fight tyranny. Then the police arrives, smoke gas.

Chris"Let's go."

They all left and watch the students realize, they escape and close the school. Now the team needs a car for a race.

Raynard"Chris, his best car would be a Boullete Vortex."

Chris"Looks like a nice car. But, I think we can use our money to get a faster car then that."

Hella"What shall it be?"

Chris"Let's see, here we go. Spedan Lightspeed."

Raynard"Good choice. 5 of them were made. 2,000 hp."

Hella"2,000 of me."

Chris"Hehe, good joke. Now let's get it."

It was Sakura who just teleport the car in a near by empty cargo. It was at the port, and they open the cargo. The shiny exotic car, and it's dark blue with white invisible vinyl from different view.

Chris"Fuck yeah."

Hella"But there is two seats."

Instead, Chris was at the driver seat, and Raynard had her on his lap.

Chris"Test drive."

Putting it top speed and ram the security gates. And they fly faster, passing traffics and taking tight corners. The city is dazzle with colorful mix from the speed motion, and it gets much more fun.


Hella and Raynard were enjoying as well. But they went to the place where he ask Icarus to be. At the place, in the plaza of the city. And it looks like everyone is in the plaza with their sick rides. Everyone of them colorful, and the means to get much nosier. They all welcome Chris and they were checking out his ride.

Chris"Raynard, Hella, scout the area. We may have something here."

Hella"I'll be at the high point."

Raynard"And I'll check everyone's social sensors."


Chris was looking around, and there he saw someone interesting. A group of business men were dress and it stands out the crowds.

Chris"Who are you guys?"

Enzo"Oh, forgive me, I'm Enzo. This is Ferruccio and this Horacio."

Ferruccio"It's nice to see you and your car."

Horacio"How did you afford one?"

Chris"Uh, by stealing?"

They all laugh.

Ferruccio"My goodness, that's funny."

Chris"Why you guys here?"

Enzo"We're enjoying watching these young kids playing with their new toys. And to see if our cars can do be better."

Horacio"Yeah, like we gave them our cars, and we watch them race."

Ferruccio"And bet on which one of our cars is the fastest."


Enzo"And here comes Icarus."

He just roll in with his ride, making everyone praise him like a god he ain't. Icarus, with his girlfriend, made them look like celebrity.

Raynard"We have Icarus and Talulla."

Hella"I see her, what a slut."


Icarus"So we meet, I hear you want to challenge me?"

Chris"Yeah. Pink slip."

Icarus"You better have a good skill at sucking, cause I'm taking your ride to my home and you will be working your ass in the streets."

Chris"Shut the fuck up and let's race pussy."

They got in the starting line, a circuit race. Around town, for one lap. The engines roars like machine beasts. Then Talulla started the race. As they went on, the they fly faster than anything I ever seen. Racing as fast as light. Chris was in the lead, and not letting him past.

Raynard"Watch out Chris!"

Icarus's mafias crew came along.

Chris"What a fucking loser."

He open the window and shoot the drivers head. And more came, just to ram him. But they miss, and instead, they got their heads blown off.

Chris"Oh mafia, when would they just give up."

More and more of them came, trying to stop him, but he view is on the road, the beautiful lights, and his aim. Still shooting at them with his favorite pistol, at the heads of pointless thugs.

Chris"Seriously, how many wasted guys are coming just after me!?"

Jumping through ramps and close calls, Chris is still in the lead.

Chris"The adrenaline is pretty much relaxing to me. Don't get me wrong."

At the finish line, Icarus use his nitro, but still lost to Chris, 0.0001 of a second behind. It was just a brutal heart beat moment. I would have guess he lost. But everyone saw the reply, and was surprise to see the winner.

Icarus"Fuck you! You cheated!"

Chris"Cheated, the only thing you cheated is sending your crappy mafia after me, but they never got a scratch of my ride. Pretty sad you wasted your time."

Icarus"Whoever you are, this isn't over yet."

Chris"I know."

After he left with his girlfriend, the team regroup.

Hella"I think her girlfriend is the next target."

Chris"Raynard, anything you hear from her?"

Raynard"Her birthday party is tomorrow at midnight. It's at her boyfriends penthouse."

Hella"Any idea?"

Chris"I do, we'll go to the party."

They went back to the hotel room and plan out for the birthday party.

Chris"Raynard and I are going to the party while Hella is going to drop us off and pick us up in time."

Hella"Sounds easy enough."

Raynard"You sure Chris?"

Chris"There a problem?"

Raynard"Its just, being around with women, I feel like I'm cheating her."

Hella"Oh Raynard, I understand."

She gave him a hug, understanding his difficulty.

Hella"But you have to do this, for us. Chris will help you."

Chris"Don't worry man, I promise you nothing will happen to you."

Raynard"Oh, ok buddy. You promise?"

Chris"I promise like your my brother."

So happy to hear his sincere. Later in midnight, the time has come. They approach the penthouse in a helicopter.

Chris"You ready buddy?"

Raynard"Yeah. I'm ready."

Chris"Lets do it."

They both jump and land at the pool. Underwater, they strip their tops off and come out as sexy men. The girls are crazy and wild by looking at them.

Chris"Follow my lead."


Chris"So? I hear someone's birthday is having a nice time."

They all pointed at her, Tallula.

Chris"So, your the birthday girl? You look so young to be legal."

Tallula"Not anymore! Whoo!!"



They went in the party and saw dozens of stripper males and twice the girls. They were all having fun.

Tallula"Ok boys! Come on down here and show us your body!"

Girls scream so loud. All the male strippers strip naked, trying to impress the birthday girl. Raynard did it good, and I was impress. But then Chris did his stuff and, oh my god, he makes me super horny. He does it like a legend! The girls were having an organism from watching him strip so nice. He was then the winner.

Tallula"Your so awesome! And sexy than my man!"

Chris"Lets get you some drink."

Raynard follow them, and watch Tallula having too much to drink.

Chris"Raynard, don't you ever drink."

Raynard"Why are you drinking?"

Chris"I'm not."

Later on, she is very drunk.

Chris"Hey, since I won, wanna get things very interesting in your bed?"

Tallula"Hell yeah! But, I want the world to watch me! On camera!"

Chris"You got it! Lets go!"

Raynard follow them to her room. The girls follow us, and they saw us going to the room.

Chris"Raynard, I'll give you the signal to relapse the video."

Raynard"You got it."

They close the door and the two are alone.

Tallula"Come here you big boy."

Chris"Oh yeah."

He just pull down her pants.He was then licking that wet pussy.

Tallula"Oh my god it feels so good!!"

Licking it deep and fast. The people here are getting turn on very fast, even in drunk. Later, Raynard was recording it, hack the system, and change the monitor into a play loop video.

Raynard"Ok, your good!"


People watch the action, but really Chris just made his mov and made her cum.

Tallula"Ahhh!!!! That was so good!"

Chris"Better sex is when your drunk."

She really knock herself out. And Chris cover her with sheets. Then he looks around. Searching for something that can be useful. One of the drawer has a gun, he unload it and carry more mags.

Chris"Just in case."

He looks into the boyfriends office. Found a data of stolen security footage of him stealing informations. He uploaded to his memory. Then found on his desk, this invitation. To the FSP, Future Space Program.

Chris"Hmm, might be worth to check it out later."

Checking more information, he learns about his compound with the mafias. NightFall Motel. Chris then uploaded a lethal chemical virus to the hardware.

Chris"Raynard, I uploaded the virus. Get ready to get out of here in style."


Once Chris just got out of the room, they went to the center of the party and show all of them a feature presentation.

Chris"Ladies and gentleman, I wish you all are having a good time. Its now time for the real party!"

The explosion knocks them all down and the penthouse is really on fire.

Chris"Hottest party?"


The guys then fight back with guns. They respond with bigger bullets to their skull. Raynard use grenades, and Chris use fire. They brought the whole party down.

Chris"Hella, we need evac."

Hella"On my way!"

Chris"Buddy! This is your favorite type of party?"


They kill more guys than girls who fights back. But Chris was not much having fun when killing his unintentional targets. Later, the party is dead and Tallula came out with her gun.

Tallula"You ruin my party you fuckers!"


Tallula"Just die!!"

She pointed at Raynard, but a click.


Chris"You better run now!"

She coward away and Hella was there to pick them up.

Hella"How was the party?"

Chris"Pretty boring."

Chris gave Raynard a button. He press it and the penthouse was a firework.

Chris"Now it was pretty fun."

Raynard"Yeah it was."

At the hotel, Hella was glad to be with Raynard, and the fact that he is ok and not harmed from this event. They were having a nice shower together while Chris was sleeping. The next day, they were watching TV, arguing about the movie that pretty much sucks. Late afternoon, the night once again kicks in, and its time to take him down. Chris is the frontal assault while the couple sneak in the back. Chris came up in a van, and open the door. He fireball at the front door. The guards were on full alert. The guards are attacking Chris, but he kill them all quick and bloody.

Chris"This hotel needs some fucking cleaning."

He enter the hotel and blaze bullets at covers and into their bones. Chris went to the stairs and up to the elevator.

Chris"That was easy, I think. Guys, where are you?"

Hella"We're in the vents, and we are climbing up."


The view outside, the city is having their fireworks. The amazing joy of the sight of art. At the maximum level, he then founds prepared mafias. They open fire, but he is invisible. So he kills them at random views, confusing them to kill each other, funny. Clearing the lounge room, he finds more of them heading in his way. He throws a grenade and kills them while making a block way. He moves into the upper floors of the dining room.


Raynard"We're in the security room."

Chris"Anything useful?"

Raynard"Sentry turrets?"

Chris"Hack it!"

Raynard"Got it."
He finds cover and mafias led into a trap. The sentries open fire at them, ripping their lungs and arms off. Then the path was clear.


Moving up, seeing the bloods are dead mafias. Then Chris enters the dancing hall. The foods were ready, but no one to share with. He took some piece of cake and ate it.

Chris"Chocolate ice cream with lemon whip cream, super sweet."

It does, let me tell you about it. But then mafias came in from back and forward. So Chris wait, and then goes invisible when they both open fire. They kill each other and why don't they think really. He went on and regroup with his teammates.

Chris"Find him?"


Chris"He must be heading to the top!"

They quickly went up the stairs, the art decor was all pleasure and at bit colorful. They went finally to the roof. And found him running to the helicopter.


Icarus"Get me out of here!"

It was too late, Chris just run faster and jump onto the helicopter. He was getting inside and Chris grab his kick. He shot the driver and push Icarus down.

Icarus"You fuck!"

Chris"Too bad!"

Icarus"Your fucking crazy! We all going to die!"


Falling down to the ground, like falling off from your achievements you stole.

Icarus"Your a fucking bastard!"

Chris"Yes I am!"

Chris fly off and watch the falling helicopter crash down in a huge fire explosion. Icarus somehow escape from the crash and walks about in pain. Chris was then next to him, looking at his bloody body.

Icarus"My father is going to kill you. Your friends, your family, and all the people you met!"

Chris"I have a small amount of friends. I have no family, and I all the people I met is your friends. And I fuck your girlfriend."

The bullet went straight to his head. The fire follows the blood and burn his corpse.

Chris"Lets go home."

They went home from an terrible fight. And the state is ours again. The step son is dead, and we all hope for the worse to come yet. Tired from this shit, Hella and Raynard went straight to bed fast as a bullet.

Lucia"Your ok Chris?"

Chris"I'm fine babe. Just, fine."


I kiss him, and hold him. He hold me, stroking his cheek on my cheek. Warm and caring.


Lucia"I love you."

Chris"Love you too."

Lucia"What now?"

Chris"We finish my memory."

Andrea"Our kids are the angels that are been gifted to us."

Memory 2 - Chapter 22 The Angels In Angeles

Voice"You broke that mental though in you, it explain how resisted you are."

Chirs"Was I like I care about that treatment. I can't remember that punishment."

Voice"Interesting, this is getting much more hard truth."

Chris"I better remember one of those past, until then, fuck off."

Voice"What harsh are you, learn manners. Hahahaha!!!"

From the distance I can't know how much I travel, I fell into another world, this better be more better than last one. I stand up, and I was suddenly on a constructed roof. I look over the stands, and I'm in the city. Year is 1947 A.D. in Los Angeles. Target is Branson, a Troodon.

Chris"Los Angeles, no way."

Naked in the roof, day time. I look below, I'm way high up.

Chris"Great, how am I going to get down from here?"

Looking around, no clothe stores on sight. Then, there is a truck, it said movie production truck. I better have a lot of luck to find clothes in those studios. I jump down from those platforms, and fly down to the truck, under it's sheets and waited. I hope no one saw me. Then minute's later, the truck move, and it's going somewhere. For 45 long minutes, I was about to go to sleep. But then it stops for a park. Driver got out and head somewhere. I look outside in a peek, this is a movie studio, and there is a water tower, it said Warner Bros Studio. Oh wow, what luckly to be here. I got out, open the back door, and this is the dresser room, good. I look around quick, and finally found a good suit, it looks like a Broderick suit. Fit nice, again not a fan. I got out of the room, looking around and saw doors with names. But a star sign said Bug Bunny, no way! I enter his room and there he is, eating carrots and reading his script. He look at me.

Bugs"Eh, what's up, doc?"

Chris"Bugs Bunny. Man, it's good to see you in person."

Bugs"That's what they all say. Look kid, I have to go and do some of my busniess, make it quick, why your really here?"

Chris"Oh, I'm looking for someone here in this city."

Bugs"And that person is?"


Bugs" friend. We both do."

Chris"You know him?"

Bugs"I know him, he's a sicko. I'm trying to take him down with hard evidence. And it's almost there."

Chris"Wow, what he did?"

Bugs"Come, we can't talk about it here."

We went outside and took his car, a Tucker Torpedo. He drives.

Bugs"Branson may be rich, but he's not a nice guy. He seduce young kids below 17, making him the sickes man I ever seen."

Chris"You know where is he?"

Bugs"He's everywhere. I don't have his current location. But Lola is getting some answer from Branson's lawyer's house."

Chris"Is she fine?"

Bugs"She's fine, she can take care herself."

It's now the bright afternoon, waiting outside of the lawyer's house. We saw the view of downtown, we were in the hill. The radio is old, but this music, is like a classic.

Bugs"I like this music. Juice Head Baby by Cootie Williams."

It's sound is like a band of group as elite, and one small time sound joining them. That's classic story in music. I felt like this is heaven, warm sun.

Bugs"There she is."

When I look at her walking down to us, the song said 'she's just the natural whiskey head!' The damn perfect time, she is hot as all time movie star. I have to take the backseat.

Lola"Hey Bugs. Who's the new guy?"

Bugs"This is new guy is going to help us to stop Branson."

Lola"You look cute."


Bugs"Anything from the lawyer?"

Lola"His house is up on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood."

Bugs"Let's go."

Driving fast and into his area. His house is a mansion. Can't believe something does exist it's size. Our car is well hidden.

Bugs"Wait here guys, I'll take a look around."

He left, and was gone in the shadows.

Lola"Hey cutie."


Lola"Are you a passion type of guy?"

Chris"Yeah, I think so."

Lola"You won't mind to suck you dry huh?"

Chris"I do mind. I'm not in the mood for it now."

Lola"Come on. Don't be a square."

Henri"You better give us some answer you pricks!!"

I didn't say a word to what I heard. The flashback return and I saw me and this Black Dog, standing in front of them were four guys. I look like 15 age old.

Henri"What's about this Excon soldier your planning?"

They didn't say a word.

Henri"Pick one boy."

I took one's life with a headshot. Three left.

Henri"You better start telling me now!!!"

They were scared, but no answer. The signal, and took another shot. Two more. For what reason, I then took a uncall for shot and there is one more left. This guy finally gave in the answer.

Neil"It's a project in Oceania area, South America! They are making a super type soldier called the Excon soldier, it's an advancement type with micro cells technology that gives more ability than a strong military man times 2. That's all I know!!!"

Henri"Interesting, micro cells technology."

Last signal, I took him out. And that's the end, but this joy I feel is going to explode from a normal feeling to the peak of pleasure ina second, I never felt that powerful from a flashback.

then Bugs return.

Bugs"It's time."

In the trunk, he gave me a BAR, gave Lola a M1 Grand, and he got the M4 Thompson. We charge in with no warning. Private guards were on alert, then we shot them all. Headshots and cheat blows, the blood pops shows that I have a confirm kill. This is the front yard, we then enter inside the house, we dodge shotguns and pistols. Taking them out and bloods spill the ground. Up stair, and his bedroom, there he is.


Branson"What you want from me!!?"

Bugs"Answers! You'll give that up!"

Lola put him to the ground. Bugs check his safe, it was already open. He found target letters, they were all kids.

Bugs"What's wrong with you! Why the kids!?"

Branson"Love has no limit, I want to have love."

Bugs"That's not love you sicko!"

Chris"Let's kill him here now!"

Bugs"Last question, what are these list of kids for?"

Branson"Sons and daughters of the high political powers. They think they own everything? Can do everything? Look what happen to these kids I took, those bastards never cared about them, like some lose change."

Bugs"Right or wrong, not like this."

I blow his head off and he has no head but his broken neck bone. We all left before the cops come in. We were riding fast and I was in mystery land. They then drop me off of this Jazz Club.

Bugs"Thanks again for your help. See you soon."


Fast and gone. I went inside, into the bathroom, and light was like a portal.

To be continue............................

Lucia"That is so sick."

Chris"I know. Let us continue."

Andrea"At last, the child has meaning to their life, but they couldn't understand what they are doing anyway."

Memory 2 - Chapter 23 Private

Voice"Still hard to remember?"

Chris"Your not even helping at all."

Voice"Hehehe. I bet I am."

Chris"Why can't I fucking remember!!?"


Chris"Nothing to say huh. Finally, some peace."


Chris"What you said!?"

But too late, I fell down into a mud. I was all muddy and dirty, but I don't care about it, the job is messy.

Chris"Mud, just like camo."

Year is 1968 A.D. in Cerro Marahuaca, Venezuela. The target is Galo, a Cougar. In the forest, mist is everywhere. I fly high and look around, but nothing. Then by hope, there is a house from the distance. I fly low from the trees, and by stealth, the rain gave me a new camo. On top of the tree, this house looks like a hideout. Guards are around, military ones. My eye's see through the windows. And there are naked kids inside. Sitting down, and waiting. Moving around, I saw more kids, taking a shower while being on camera.

Chris"Sick fucking bastard."

Onto the other part of the building, there are kids serving to the adults. Making them their master, and the guards.

Chris"Your not here Galo? Shame."

Next window, there are more kids, touching each other, making them while at gun point. I can't stand them. Probably the last window, there he is, Galo is getting a blowjob from a boy and a girl.

Chris"Found you. Why the kids you stupid fuck. Why the kids."

One guard is taking a piss, I jump down on him and snap him neck. Took his clothes, and wore it. Viva my ass, I could take down the whole military as a training course. Yet I wonder, why did I have this much power, was I really a Excon soldier? Then I grab a free AK-47 with extended mag. Walking to the back door, I open and went in normal. Kids were all around the main living room. Some of them are moaning, the look on them means they are turn into sex active person. Sick piece of shit. Going upstair and guards are next to the door. I better think how to fight without getting the kids killed in the crossfire. So hard to think, and I got it. They better have a radio station. Looking from room to room, upstair in the attic, the radio station is there, more guards though.

Radio person"Hey you, cover for me, I gotta take a smoke."


What luck. I sit down and listening to the radio, looking on the codes. There are dozens of them, but I need to get a signal to get a fake warning. I switch over the radio transmitter. All beep noise, these machines are really going to brain fuck you if your addicted to these codes. There is a screen for the numbers currently on, or other stuff that it didn't matter to me.

Henri"Nice work Chris."

Him again, suddenly the screen turns to a camera recorded video. Looks like a loot dead scientist bodies. I still don't remember that place. Pretty sure that I kill them all.

Chris"Now what?"

Henri"There it is, the mirco cells technology. Isn't she beautiful."

Chris"Yes sir."

It's a blue canister, he took it out from the energy machine that was scanning the data of it.

Henri"Ready to become a Excon Soldier?"

Chris"I was born to be ready."

Herni"Good to hear. Better get out of here, or they find."

Then it's over. Back to the black screen with green message. I got back focus, it was a pain to get back on track from an answer. Then I got a decoy signal, easy to do it.

Chris"Hey, we have a problem."

They listen to the message, it was a bad news.

Guards"Get every kids down stairs to the basement! We are full alert!!"

The alarm goes on, and they got the kids down stair to the basement. Then I went to the room where Galo is.

Galo"Damn Americans! Why don't they leave us alone! We were trying to have the neccessary needs of pleasure and freedom."

Chris"By fucking the kids?"

Galo"Yes!! Womens these days are ugly! Telling us what to do!! I perfer to have a sex life with these kids and my problem is solved. And beside, I can make a profit with these kids. I can sell them, tradr them, and buy more of them and make a lot of money!"

Chris"Well make this!"

Blast his whole body apart. Wasting the whole ammo clip.

Chris"Stupid fuck."

Then the guards came too late. I began to shoot them all. Their green clothes, turns to red blood.

Chris"Too easy shit."

Firing close quarter and through walls. Their legs were squirting blood, even their arms. Some crawl for their life, but I destroy their back. They use AK's, Uzi's, FAL's, and RPK's.

Chris"You know you don't wanna do this shit!"

But they threat me and tries to kill me. Moving fast, and throwing knife's, I bet I could kill them all in blindfolded. Shooting them and they exploded their body from the bullets that shredded them apart. Face's were just a bowl of blood. Finally, their all dead.

Chris"Alright, your all dead, your all fuck."

Back to the radio station, I radio a messege to the real military people. They got it, and they are on their way. I took off my borrowed work clothe's and light took me away.

To be continue……………………Memory Complete.

Lucia"They just won't stop growing more sicker."

Chris"It can be suppress, but can't be stop."

Andrea"They must cure for sure, but they just makes the cure worse for them to even think about it."

Memory 2 - Chapter 24 Body Of Pure Drug

Voice"Seems you saw a lot of shit right."

Chris"Whatever. Just take me to the next one."

Voice"Fine, your boring now."

Chris"So what bitch. And what do you mean by time on the last stop?"

Voice"This is time, that's your answer."

Chris"Your hiding something."

Voice" hiding."

Then light was not very truthful. I fell down where dark somehow gives me answers to my unknown question. Here in this room, it's black. TV's are in that corner. But suddenly.....

Tony"Hey! What the hell are you!?!"

Oh fuck! I think he saw my time travel! I look around quick. On the desk, grab a pen, and throw it to his face. He was in pain, I quickly went up to him and forcefully broke his head off.

Chris"That was close. Better find clothes."

No where to find one. Then I took this person's clothes. Black suit, and was a bit bigger. This black room looks rich enough. Yet the year is 1984 A.D. in Miami. The target is Maximiliano, a Northern River Otter. Out of the blue, I hear gun shots. These TVs are cameras. Looking at it, some cartel people are breaking in. I look around on the desk, there are some files........found it. Maximiliano, is his durg parther. He's not here in Miami, but in the island of Cay Sal. Then there is a harsh knocking. They ask for Tony. Oh crap, I killed Tony. Great, I better kill them all. Looking around, there is a cloest type drawer, open it and there is a free M16 with grenade laucher.

Chris"Merry Christmas to me."

More harsh at the door. I ready the laucher.

Chris"Alright, you want it? Say hello to my little fucking friend!!!"

Shot and exploded the door. The wind kick me a little.

Chris"Hehe, I love that part."

Outside and duck for cover, I notice I was upstair and they were downstair. They were shooting a lot. I got out, feeling a bit rage power in me and start shooting them. Their kidney, guts, heads, legs, and arms, were popping blood. Even fuck up their jaws and beaks. Then a twitch came, someone is behind me. I reload my grenade, turn around and shot it at him. It hit his heart and he exploded to pieces.

Chris"Fuck, you got blood all over my shirt."

Then the front door was block by collapse parts. I went downstair and keep going to the living room. More guys, then blow up their brains.

Chris"Die motherfucker! Shit."

Little hallway, went there and a open bookcase that leads to a hidden path way. Running down there, utility stuff was fine. Bloods were found, even dead guys. I pay no attention, keep running. Outside is the pool, this place is rich, and if Tony is a drug dealer, he must have a water plane. Going to the back of the mansion, more cartel people were in my way. This gun ready dismember them all. Blood was exploding every targets like fireworks. Then police sirens are on the way. Into the garden, I see the plane on the dock. Running as fast as I could, enemies shots almost hit me. I went quickly to the plane. Got in, turn on the engine, and fly away as I was really in danger. I flew up high and down south of the world..................................Yesturday was night, today is bright morning. I was now in the island of Cay Sal. I land there and there are some people here. Weird to have a suit on, lucky there are some clothes in the back of the plane. I wore a tropical clothes, green/blue and finally, jeans. There is a bar where people are there. I look around, nice place. People here are friendly, enjoying their time. Then trucks came by and guys with guns came and took some girls. The boyfriends try to help them, but were shot down. People ran as fast as they can. They return to the truck, and left fast. Looking around, there is a dune buggy parked. I got on and follow them from a distance. This leads me into the forest, and deep inside the forest. Then there is a compound, cartels are there. The trucks stop there and start dragging the womens inside. I open the compartment and what are the odd's of a briefcase full of money. I went in like a business man. I walk with the briefcase and guards stop me.

Maximiliano"Hey, hey. Be easy with a client. I'm Maximiliano, for what business your doing here?"

Chris"I want to be part of your organization. I hear you got the stuff nice and ready."

Maximiliano"That's us. Let me show you around."

Inside were womens doing the drugs, cutting them, making them, and preparing them. Then womens upstair were having sex with the cartels. And there is the red room. The cartels were cutting this poor women guts off and she saw screaming. They put drugs inside of her.

Chris"What are they doing?"

Maximiliano"We're doing a experiment of her sexual organs. We're creating restless women who will have sex nonstop. That so I believe, yet we are having some terrible lost. But we will continue to do so."

Sicker to hear, drugs inside of their body thinking they could be sexual active forever. That really doesn't work.

Guard"Maximiliano! Sanitago's men are here!"

He then got a head shot from the enemy's. I pick up his Uzi.

Chris"Let's get out of here!"

Everyone is shooting at themselves. An RPG suddenly blow up one part of the building. Things are falling apart. I shot them and red mist were around.

Maximiliano"This way!"

Out back, we took the truck and left in the hurry. Climbing up the hills and he stop as he saw his empire fall.

Maximiliano"Fuck! My empire!"

Chris"Too bad bitch."

I spray his head off, and fell down from the cliff. A helicopter landed by the compound. There is a Dragunov in the back of the car. I took it and aim for the person who was responsible for this attack. A guy came out of the helicopter, and that guy was Henri? Oh crap, flashback. Inside the scope, I saw myself with a bag cover my head. Then Henri was dealing with someone else. It's Brexio and Neo.

Neo"You have what I want?"

Henri"Right here."

Brexio"Good, this will bring the future of Oceania."

Henri"And this boy is your test subject."

Neo"Selling your best men ever? I see, he will be a very value to us."

Then Neo took me, and shot Henri down. I can't believe I was sold to them and they turn their back on him. What the hell? Why do they want me for? This Excon business is really confusing me. I was then taken away. Flashback over. There is a guy with no gun looks like a boss. I think he must be Sanitago. My ears can here them far away.

Sanitago"Grab the rest of them and kill them fast."

Sanitago's men"Yes Sanitago."

It's him alright. I aim for his head, took the shot and his head exploded. They know where I was, I quickly open the briefcase, burn the money.

Chris"Money don't buy happiness."

I took off my clothes and left again. When can this stop? I'm already sick of this Excon shit.

To be continue……………………….Memory Complete.

Chris"Don't ask. It just happen and I always stop them."

Lucia"Wonder how they even made those drugs."

Chris"You didn't even think it can be made in this time?"

Lucia"Seem likely we could. But its like building a tower without the knowledge of how but the supplies are there."


We rest for the afternoon, watching the news and seeing our two views on winning the war. Their view and our view. The war is almost over, I can feel it. So much to be done and thinking about me and Chris all together after this. But he was drink his favorite soda.

Lucia"Chris, I'm going to rest now babe."

Chris"Me too."

We slept together, and it was still beautiful. I love my babe, holding me and never ever letting me go. It was now night and the new battle awaits us again.

Sakura"So far we are mastering every thing the enemies has to offer. But there is one enemy that refuse to fall to us. The Phantom. Its an enemy ship that is also a fort. Carrying almost more than a platoon size special forces. It even goes underwater, undetected. Its over in the Cayman coast area, so we better catch it before its gone for good. On you go friends."

Flying over there and waiting to kill more sick enemies, Chris was looking outside at the back. The team was a bit worry about his doing. I was worry too. But Chris shows that he just check his weapon and ready the gun without mercy.

Lucia"Your ok?"

Chris"I'm bored."

Lucia"Really? In the time like this?"

Chris"Yes. Killing is all I ever done."

Lucia"But dying still?"

Chris"Heroes don't die. They never do, even in this position I'm in now."


He gave me a kiss, and Wake told us its almost time to go.

Chris"Go in the front of the ship. I'll be in the back, making a huge distraction while you sneak in doing your things."

They all agree on the plan. The green is go, a kiss he give, and he fall for me. There the battle starts. He was getting all the attention. Everyone was looking at him, but his fire gave them all a wake up call. We then drop in from the front. The ship is on full alert, we enter the ship without detection.

Lucia"We're in."

Chris"Good, I'll hold them off."

Chris was attacking them, murdering them all and put dozens of bullets into their empty mind. The fighters were about to be launch into the sky, but Chris warns them not to by blowing up their aircrafts as well as sentry guns. Far into the front, we stealth kill and open lock doors. We found more information about their objectives. They were the main ace card for the Imonarpire. Chris was making them worthless, garbage, shit, a loser, but really, something ashamed to your own presence in war and representation. We then enter the armory room, and grab all of their explosives. Chris then pick up and new weapon, the MMAR3093 Assault rifle. The bullets were meant for the LMG weapons, but this one can handle it too.

Chris"Oh yeah."

With it, he was making his bullets look like shotguns guns and rip their bodies apart. The runway was on fire, and there is no way to leave. But it can go underwater, we have to plant the bombs quick.

Lucia"Were almost to the engine room, once we destroy this, we have to leave now!"


We plant the bombs, and ran as fast as we could out of there. The explosion tear a huge hole, making this shit sinking fast.

Lucia"Pick us up!"

Wake"I'm going!"

Chris"I'll hold them off!!"

Chris was shooting off those missiles and making them on fire much more heated than I ever feel in my life. We escape the ship as the ship is sinking faster. Chris fly high and catch our evac. We all escape and down goes the ship. The mighty is no more and will never, ever, see it again.

Lucia"Good job Chris."

Chris"It was you who put a hole in that stupid ship. Your the one who deserves a good job."

Lucia"Thank you Chris."

We all watch the last sight of the ship. And we all finish our mission. We all went home, looking for an early rest than we normally did. Sakura was very impress of this fast ever time record. Even I was ok with it, the surprise was Chris getting a nice anal sex with Sakura.

Sakura"Oh Chris, I think I can try this with you, if you don't mind."

Chris"Its ok Sakura. We'll try it, together."


She gets down, and strip his pants. His cock was hanging, and she was licking it to get it harder.



She then licks the whole feature, even his balls were good for her. Chris was getting a good turn on. Then her finger was in his hole. His reaction was not a good one. He grab her hand and stop.

Sakura"What? Something wrong?"

Chris"Uh, its just, I kinda remember it. But I don't know why it was a unpleasant one."

Sakura"I'll be gentle."

Chris"What are you planning to do?"

Sakura"Lick it, and use my toy."

Chris"Just only lick it, nothing else. Please."

His guard is so down, like he was scared for the first time in his life. I'm surprise about that. Yet then, Sakura slowly lick his ass.


Sakura"Like it?"

Chris"Little bit."

She then licks it all over it, making him feel a bit good somehow. Then he starts to moan heavily. Feeling the weird fetish, he enjoys it and then stops her.

Sakura"Your ok?"

Chris"Let me lick yours."

Sakura"Please do babe. I can't stand it."

He strip her slowly, and goes right to her wet pussy. Fingering the magic spot, she hold his butt and his head.

Sakura"So good. Do it baby."

She bend down and he goes for it. Licking her ass, and licks it all around.

Sakura"Oh yeah."

She loves it every bit of it, his tongue just reach inside the deep he can go.

Sakura"Oh god! Please, fuck my ass!"

Chris"With pleasure."

His cock just ram her ass, and slowly made it much wider. Then fucks it deep.

Sakura"Oh my god!!! Your tearing me apart!!"

Ignoring her, he fucks it so hard. Grabbing her legs and making her feel it way deep in her.

Sakura"Oh yes!!!"

Chris"I'm cumming!!"

He blast it all off inside her ass. And the throbbing just vibrated her so good to finish it. It pours out a lot of his cum.

Sakura"Oh fuck, you made my day."

Chris"No problem."

Her cum later drops to the floor, mixing his and hers together. He carry her to her bed and let her rest. He later came to our bed and we sleep together much more. I was hugging him for the whole time, and never, ever, letting him go.

[Warning! DLC - Data Logic Control]
By the name Lucia, given permission to release classified information to the public. Contain top secrets and may harm the public view.
Last warning, check by Lucia.
Permission - Granted
Proceed with caution.


From a certain moment, I wonder, and always will, how does he seems to beat me in this video game. This is brand new,…..I bet he is using his system and cheats.

Lucia"Your cheating are you?"


Once I check, he is right. Like he knows the gameplay in and out. What the fuck? But still, I'm having so much fun. Then we get a call from Sakura. Into her office, and we talk.

Sakura"Chris, from your mission, we discover the source you found from this FSP card, this invitation. We check in and out and no information about this invitation, but this card is pure legit with data of reserve. I want you to find out what is going on and destroy anything that is consider harmful to the innocents."

Chris"I will."

He left into the mountains of Dover. Finding the base is hard, but his vision always find anything from anywhere. There he found a base, and it was the one. He sneak into the building, the vents, and he reach inside the lab. One of the scientists was there, and he just knock him out and change into his form. Walking into the hallways, there are full of guards. He is going like a scientist who knows germs are everyday easy puzzle. Looking into the security room and knockout the guards and change onto another form. Looking into the security cams, he finds the rocket ready to launch.

Chris"Right on time? Stupid catch phrases, how should I get there?"

Many ways he can get into the rocket, but then he choose one. Seeing the people entering the rocket, he thinks its more than a rocket launch. He then goes into different rooms in an long security check the are type of formation, not getting much attention from the same area. Entering the Robotic Testing Room, he saw the machines with huge arms and moving around like they know how to fix a circuit board in 2 minutes. He gets them out of their way and into the elevator. Seeing the floor's direction map, the invites are held in the meeting room, 8th floor. The building he observe is very impressive, the white polish walls and blue neon floors with future theme and scientific wonders that is still in need for talented scientists. At the floor, the invites are gone. They were going inside the rocket, but now its not a rocket, its a space shuttle. He then plans to hide in the cargo area where they already did their role call. He enters the cargo area and transform back to himself.


Sakura"Go ahead."

Chris"Its no rockets they are launching, its a space shuttle. And I'm going to space."

Sakura"Damn, we'll lose contact."

Chris"I'll be back. I have been to space before."

Sakura"Good luck Chris."

The launch blast off and he is flying to space. He can see outside, and our planet is very beautiful. Lucky man he is. On zero gravity, he feels like a child, playing around and playing fire.


Then the fun is over, he saw a space station.

Speaker"Greetings! Welcome to Phantasia!! We hope you enjoy your stay and have a pleasant time with us, your friends who makes your dreams come true."

Chris"Phantasia, what a name. So whats so interesting around this place?"

Docking into the space station, he goes invisible and enters the cargo holder. So much cargo, he checks it out and its food supply, and some Hybrid Jell.

Chris"Hybrid Jell? For what?"

He then enters the vents, and crawls very silently.

Chris"Vents vents vents, the fuck why?"

Finally, looking through the main hall. The invites were watching for their presentation. They all look rich by the way.

Speaker"Get ready for the moment you've been waiting for! You chose your type, you made it all happen, now experience your new play mates!"

The models are showing up, and they were created in his vision. More males than females, and they were pure but created. Just like Chris, without metals.

Chris"So thats whats all about? Not bad, but sick anyway. Guess I have to destroy their toys now."

Its always what he has been doing since he was born. The creator and the created were having fun playing with fantasies and kinky stuff. Chris, walking into a new room, the Lab Creator Room. A scientists couple are having sex and their what it seems to be a romantic moment. Chris wants to get their informations, but his moral is pushing him to don't fucking ruin their moment. But suddenly, he didn't ruin the moment as they accidentally push the button. The tubes that are connecting to those pods are mixing with those chemicals.

Chris"What are the odds of this bullshit. Fuck my life."

The pods are breaking from the inside as they are not the created, but a new monsters. Those created are mutated, and are more deadly with the eyes of bloodshot and intense hormones.

Chris"Your fucking joking
His vision tells that they are sex crazed monsters, and he is asking what the fuck is wrong with them and why the fuck now. Like really, out of all the shits he saw, this is happening now? The monsters then grab the girl and [word censored] there without mercy. But grabbing the male, and he was rip apart.

Chris"Holy fuck!"

By then they left, but the female was also rip apart. The blood and gore shows that they are not fucking around, or the other way around in the matter of fact. He moves on and finds the hallways are full of blood paths. The alarm went off and the station is on full alert. Guards were putting bullets on those monsters, but they can takes a lot of shots and can tear them apart. The created he saw early was then bitten and turn into monsters as well, they are smart and not fucking retards.

Chris"I'll give you that you fucks. Very smart with your plans."

The creators were being [word censored] and were being dismembered. Then he notice one of those behind him, and he was ready. They fight with hand to hand, but Chris's blades slash his face wide open and died with blood gushes to the roof.

Chris"Ooo, nasty."

Moving into the Stasis Lab, where the plants and trees are drawn into effect. But the monsters were spilling blood from those guards. Then there was a big gun. He grab it and it was a E-VOLT Launcher. He blast it at those monsters and the energy weapon just blast them open and blood was spreading into mists.

Chris"I, love, this, fucking, gun!"

It just exploded their bodies to tiny mists! Good thing it can recharge, bad thing is that it takes time to reload it completely. Then he continues into the oxygen room, the monsters were thinking about to destroy it. But Chris decides not to let that happen.

Chris"Hey, hey! You fuckers! Come get this beast here your horny shits!"

They rush at him, and he unleash his blades and cut their attacks and rip their guts off, losing lots of blood. Then he fire breathe at them and stab through their eyes and dismember their heads open. It was pure nasty, but fuck them. They just bleed out and die. The oxygen room is safe. Moving on into the Comfort Room, these hotels are all out of order. Those monsters went room by room and kill everyone and let blood and cum.

Chris"Thats all they ever do?"

Then one by one, he kills those monsters, and tearing their limbs apart. Each room is covered in blood, and not just the monsters. Gores and organs were all around in disgust, making it look like a horror scene. But today, everyone comes here and dies here, what happens here, stays here. Onto the Head Office Station. Inside, the monsters were trying to break open this huge vault. Those monsters saw him, and all of them were trying to get him. His guns and blades squirt blood and made more bone crack. Slice and kill, he never miss his strike. Eyes were destroyed, and brains were scattered around, his steps obliterate it like a tiny bomb. He then use his blades to make a huge hole. Kicks it and falls.

Chris"You must be that annoying speaker."

Adam"And you must be my one of my works?"


Adam"Your Chris. I created from the planet you know as Lexuing."


Adam"Yes me! My brother and I created you. For military purpose."

Chris"It seems something went wrong then? But how you know me?"

Adam"Your skills, I made them to you. And yes, things went wrong. When the planet was going to hell, my brother and I decide what to do with it. I refuse to let my planet be destroyed by you created monsters. But my brother decides to light speed us away and we went separate ways. Years later, I found myself stuck with the upcoming war. Caligari wants me to be on his side, but I did and betray him at the same time. I told him we need to build a Battle Space Station call Phantasia. We build it in time and made a lot of launches into space and construct this station. After the final launch, I burn my traces and destroy every files I have and communications, off the grid. I was here, and was free from tyranny. But I began to become lonely, so I decide to create my people and have my pleasure. But wasn't enough, I then launch a secret vacation cruise to space. They paid good money, order their desire, and I let them come into my world. Watching them feels very entertaining and I was happy. Until today."

Chris"I don't know how to explain."

Adam"You don't know what its like living in that hell! How I escape here and never go back! You ruin it! My hard work, my freedom! Gone! No matter, at least I know who side are you on. The tyranny is almost over, and I think its still not fair that I give you my gift to help you out on your war. Go to the moon, and there is an old abandon station call Mesa. There is a power gem that I discover, but I refuse to let anyone have it…..So I destroy everything, and I kill all my friends."

Suddenly, the monster right behind him and destroy him. He grab my cannon and blast it with the power that push him back from the explosions. The place was destroyed, and into junks. He was left into space, and yes he is not having air problem. Looking at our planet, it is beautiful than he could ever expected to be, so was I. He then fly to the moon, having fun being in space was quite fun and amazing. He then reach to the place, and it was a space ghost town. Walking inside the station and a lot of dead people here. Room by room, more dead of the lost skeletons. Its not worth to revisit here, but it mud be for something still. There is a room, with the sign that saids, 'Project Two KInd.' He enters it, and a pod in the center attention. It was no ordinary skeleton, but something he never saw it before. It was a different, alien. The skull, the legs, the hands, its different.

Chris"What the hell did you found?"

It was unknown to him, yet there is no information to get. He move on, and into the long hallway of the bridge. It connects to the last station, and the moon is very hard, with the ice that shows a good chance to expand life. Towards the hall, there is nothing stopping him. The last station he enters and found what he is looking for. The power gem that is standing there, flawless, and watching it, it was blue as sapphire.

Chris"My god."

Then it glows brighter. The light shines on it and it grew strong around his presences.

End P6
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