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The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 3 Re-War-D Part 4

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:51 am    Post subject: The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 3 Re-War-D Part 4 Reply with quote

In the night, the special time of the day, the team are in the base. It's a air base, gives them a war strategy advantage.

Sakura"Destroy the base by surprise. I suggest planting bombs in every Nitro Fighters, and the ammo depot."

Chris"Understood. We'll split up, I'll take the fighters, Viola will take the ammo depot, and Jack will recon the area and eliminate the odd's in the way."

Jack"Nice plan."

Viola"Sure as hell love to do my stealth moves."

Chris"And blowing things up. Never gets old. If we find him, signal us for confirm target. Ok, move out."

Invisible, a silent arrow, and a shadow. Chris ran in silent, jumping over the gates and enter the air field. There are a lot of enemy fighters on ground. He then put's every bomb in every fighter, sticking them to the missiles.And every guard he pass by, he just put a bullet to their head. But then he notice the type of missiles in those fighters. He was reading inside with his vision, and saw something dangerous.

Chris"These missiles, warheads, they contain Chemical Cyanide."

Sakura"Cowards, fucking cowards. Good thing we are one step ahead of their game."

Viola was entering the base, avoiding spotlights while Jack was sniping the enemies on the watch tower.

Jack"We need a challenge."

Chris"Ok, let's tell them where we are and see if one of us is still alive."

Jack"Uh, never mind."

Chris"Quite a challenge."

Viola"Guys, I see luxury cars coming in. Stand by for confirm id."

Chris"Stay alert."

Cars came in and drop off one people at a time.

Viola"Guests, and other veterans."

Chris"A meeting?"

Viola"Looks like, the way they are dress up."

Jack"Odd time."

Chris"Jack, move up to our position, we'll regroup soon."


Straight to the main building, they regroup near the site. More guards and enemies were fortifying the place with LMGs.

Viola"Must be a very important meeting or something."

Chris"And we're going to find out."

Jack"What's the plan?"

Chris"We take out the guards, get in and find what's going on."

Viola"Easy enough."

They took out the guards, having them to be drop quick before realizing an alarm. Then they went inside and search the area, following the noise that Chris can hear from a long distances.

Jack"Can you hear that sound?"

Chris"It's a bit far down. We should find something at least."

While guards are being taken care of, with massive blood loses, they were searching the rooms and offices. Nothing but flight schedules and mission data records. Chris always wonder if we're having a war, why people here in offices are not here? It doesn't make sense what so ever. But a question doesn't get him anyway, just keep looking and follow the sounds. Maps of aerial strikes, airbase, current war follow, things are not looking good for Imonarpire. Then they reach the underground level, and found robotic guards.

Chris"Well, I say they don't play around. Not that they have any fun with themselves."

In the crates area, checking their system quick before they notice of being checked, they can see any movement and invisible form. So Chris has to do this old school. Rolling around every cover and then strikes their head off, making sense that the head is always the brain. No question about or any time to explain why. Once cleared, they pass by the catwalk and saw dozens of offices below them. Across from them, the meeting is there. They saw a lot of people in there, drinking and talking.

Jack"This is a meeting?"

Too soon, a monitor went online and shows Ryu on screen.

Ryu"Greetings and welcome. Unfortunately, I can't make to the meeting, things to take care of. But enough, back to business."

Jack"Never mind."

Ryu"As you know, the Seva resistances are advancing and are not stopping them at our disposal. It's time to take actions, we have to surprise them by invading their capital. But not just invading, we have to leave a mark, a mark that defines who we are. My friends, we have to steal a Nuke. Sergru just used one of our Nuke's. That means there are two more remaining, and we can't make more since our factory is capture by the enemies. My friends, we have to destroy the enemies capital, that's the only thing we can win this war, striking at the heart of what they believe in their so called Pure Love bullshit. We have to win by any means necessary. For the Imonarpire Dynasty!"

Chris"Shows over!"

The team start firing everyone, putting them down. Like it seems they don't understand life or anything, just what they are being told, like machines. After the killings…

Chris"Let's see where that signal came from."

Hacking into the monitor, last contact, but the results are not a good one. They found satellites, but their all ghosts.

Viola"Which one is the real one?"

Chris"I don't know. I'm looking at it, but where is the host."

With the hacking experience that I never would have had, nor would anybody can compare to, he found the host. It's on a train.

Chris"On a train, let's go now."

They left with a huge explosion behind them, walking like badass. They were on their way, in a stolen Hellfire-071X Light Attack Helicopter, and fly to catch a train. The train is on sight, in the middle of the desert, where the two views have been in the famous poem, 'I ride in where the mountain is very clear and beautiful, and the city is bright as the sun, the Desert of the Phoenix is where I stand, watching both beauty with my wife, on our way home with both view.' The train is a passenger ride, probably a hostage takeover.

Chris"Prepare for the worse."

Viola"I'm coming down."

Jack"I'll hold on to this."

Jumping in the back of the train, with his free new SDG-4000 SMG, and enter the passenger car.

Chris"What the fuck?"

Civilians are just there, without any harm. Just, ordinary life.

Chris"What? Put your gun away."

Viola"Something is strange."

They walk forward, nothing so far. Until the monitor shows Ryu.

Ryu"Boo!! Hahaha!!"

Chris"You dick."

Ryu"Please, it's my pleasure. So, you finally realize that your in the wrong train. Too bad, I though my time has come."

Chris"It will be."

Ryu"Spare me with your tough act. You have bigger problems now. Citizens in this train, we have a problem. We have a fugitive in this train. He is right in front of you. Kill him."

The citizens as zombies as they are, they obey and try to attack them.

Chris"Don't kill them, let's get out of here!"

Running to the front, their are more people chasing them. He watch in their eye's, the same eye since the retake battle.

Chris"The same."

Viola"What is!?"

Chris"The eye!"

They kept running, pushing them aside to escape.

Chris"Lucia! I need information!"

Lucia"What is it!?"

Chris"The unusual body I gave you since the retook in Greenharp! What did you find out!?"

Lucia"I completely forgot about that! I still have it here! Ok, the source of this transformation is by a Sleeper Signal!"

Chris"What!? They are recruited agents?!"

Lucia"No, it's like a pulse that directs them for calm state of mind."

Chris"I don't get it! I'll get to you when I'm done here!"

Lucia"Be careful!"

Pushing on to the front, then the train exploded.

Jack"I didn't do it!"

There was a huge hole in the way, they have to jump on the heli.

Viola"I can't reach it!"

Chris"Hold on to me!"

He flew and land on the heli, and then left the scene.

Chris"You guys find a hiding place. I'll need to find out what's going on here."

Teleport back to base. I have to give him answers now.

Lucia"Look, the brain function is at normal and calm state of mind. By a pitch of noise, their brains reads like hidden message in those pitch, making into a full sentence to the people."

Chris"A pitch? Where did it come from?"

Lucia"I think I know where. By using your live video, I could hear Ryu's video and figure out this pitch. In the meantime, why not go ahead to your memory."


Andrea"Why people like to be dominated? Because to get rid of guilt?"

Memory 2 - Chapter 13 The Four Ships Of Pain Desire

Voice"I can see your future!"

Chris"Whoever you are, you are really annoying!!"

Voice"Hahahaha!!! This should be fun at the end of this trip!"


Then I fell and hit on the boat.

Chris"Ow. I'm on a boat. Ok."

I look around............

Chris".........I'm in the fucking middle of nowhere!!!!!!"

Just great, I could fly, but the info said it's the year 1520 A.D. in the Mediterranean Sea. The Target is Captain Xurxo, the Great White Shark.

Chris"It would be easy if I have my mobile UAV with me. Guess I have to find him the hard way. Lying down, doing nothing, but no hopeless.

Chris"Wonder what this boat is doing here in the sea all alone?"

With the surprise of my help twitch, a big ship is coming.


I wave over the ship, it did came towards me and I help getting up onto the ship. Weird, the front of the ship has a guy's large cock standing, very weird. Then this girl pointed her sword at me.

Alma"You have 10 seconds to give me a good reason why I should let you stay on my ship!"

Chris"I looking for Captain Xurxo. I have to see him fast."

Alma"What's your business with him!?"

Chris"That right there, is none of your business. If you would be kind to let me stay here and I can try to find him."

Alma"Then there is no way you will come to my ship!"

Chris"Oh come on! Please."

Alma"I rather not! Now leave!"


Alma"Then die!!"

She then strikes me, but I grab her sword, go behind her, and took it.

Chris"I don't want to fight you!"

Alma"Then get off of my ship!!"

Chris"At least leave me to where your next stop is!"



I gave her sword back.

Alma"And why your not wearing clothes?"

Chris"I forgot."

Alma"What kind of a dragon are you?"

Chris"Lethal kind, and dangerous."

Alma"You don't look very dangerous to me."

Chris"I could have kill you in your sleep."

Alma"Yeah right, I would kill you if I have seen you miles away."

Chris"Not really much so."

Next day, we arrive at a place call Watrydale.

Alma"I hope you the best on your search."

Chris"Thanks, where your going?"

Alma"That right there, is none of your business."

Joke, I left and into the town. Looking around, I found a lot of merchant people here. Then I found this looking dark bar. I went in and found pirates. I bet one of them knows where is Captain Xurxo. I then ask the bartender.

Chris"Hey, you know where is Captain Xurxo?"

Bartender"That name is classified. What's your business with him?"

Chris"Just to have a little chat with him."

Bartender"Tell you what, I'll tell you where he is, if you can beat up that tough mouse over there."


I went up to him and strike his head down cold.

Chris"Anyone of you wants this?"

His friends were surprise and back away.

Chris"Done, now tell me."

Bartender"He just left here not just hours ago. Heading north from this place."


Outside, I then fly quick up to the sky, and flew north from here......................Following a full cloudy day, I manage to find his ship. The pirate flags said so. There are four ships. I went to the top of the pack, dive down, and land on a surprise. The crews were shock to see me and were
full alert.

Chris"Where's Captain Xurxo!?"

Xurxo"I'm right here!"

Chris"Captain Xurxo."

Xurxo"How dare you enter my ship?"

Chris"Cut the crap."

I look around, there are pirates here, but this ship is expose of the looks. There are looking slaves here, both genders, and they look tied up, and were getting [word censored] by the look of it. I look on the other ships, second of them is making the slaves through discipline sex action. The third ship is the slaves are being whip in their sexual organs. The last ship is giving them pain by hurt them, laughing at them, or both while raping them. In correction of these ship, 4 of them equals BDSM in order. And there is the sex crime.

Chris"Why giving these slaves pain and torture!?"

Xurxo"I care less of these slaves!! I had a vision that I was god's punishment tool for all these people!! I will torture all the people in the world in my gods work!! You will be a fine collection to my plan of work, you look like tough on. I like that!!"

Chris"Catch me then, but you better run, and we'll see who get's caught first."

Xurxo"Get him!!!"

He jump off the ship to the next one. I fight them all. I grab one of the torturers sword and slice his fins off. And more stabbing them in eye's. They jump around and trying to strike me down, throwing nets, and using ropes. But that will never stop me. More came, but I cut off their joints off.

Chris"You can run, but you can't hide you great white bitch!!"

This ship is clear. Moving to the next one. As I was flying there, they start shooting cannons at me. At the ship, more assholes.

Xurxo"Get him!! Get him!!!"

Chris"What pussy."

One of them start shooting bullet's at me. I went up to that person, grab his gun, stab it to his head, and pull the trigger, blowing up his brains. Then back to dismembering them all. Funny on how I actually kill more by giving them a split face. They use whips, one of them hit me, no pain to that. I then throw swords around and always hitting the targets. Then this ship is clean. On to the next. More cannons fire.

Xurxo"Punish him!!!"


Then cutting their necks and they are spilling blood around. Stabbing them and their guts fall off. Screaming in pain, just like the old days. One of them tries to head butt me, but he got a sword in his head that break his back neck's bone. This ship is clear now. Last one, and he have nowhere to go. I fly and a lot of cannons fire at me.

Chris"Come fight like a men you sorry ass cunt!!"

Xurxo"Damn you, I will dominate you!!"


More start firing their pistols at me. But I grab it, and start shooting back. Easy targets, they hide for cover, but a sword and my strength, it all goes throught and blood spill on the other side. Even more heads are dropping down hard. All are dead now, it's him now.

Xurxo"Get ready to obey me!! Bow down to me!!!"


Xurxo"Then I'll rip you apart!!"

He start shooting at me, my twitch always saves me from his shots. Then I got good shots at him, but he won't go down that easy. Dodging his shots, I shot at him more. Then he fell and lost. I went up to him, for the last time.

Xurxo"Damn you, damn you!!"

Chris"How's this for torture."

I kick his balls so hard, it pop blood out.


Chris"Now die you son of a bitch!!"

I stab his face all the way to the handle touch his face. Target is down. I untie all the slaves and they are all free.

Slave"Thank you for saving us! We owe you big time!!"

Chris"My pleasure."

I flew high as they last saw me forever. In the clouds of the cold, I strip and felt free. Then the lights traps me to another target in time.

To be continue…………………Memory Complete.

Lucia"I'll be damn, you have a pitch in your memory?"

Chris"Not funny."

Lucia"Still, you save them and got rid of that ugly pirate."


Andrea"Time goes by and the world of sex just got a bit strange for secrets."

Memory 2 - Chapter 14 Cult Sacred Prostitution

Voice"I warn you to give up already. You haven't see the damage you did in your present."

Chris"Make me then! And who are you?!"

Voice"Just a voice, bad or good, if I please."


Voice"Don't mind me, I not responsible for you present. Doesn't look good now than before. Hahahahaha!"

Chris"Keep talking bitch, just keep talking and you'll see what will happen to you."

No answer, but the fall bumping. A lot of rocks here.

Chris"Ow, too much rocks here. Mountain?"

I guess it right, this is a mountains.

Chris"Yes! More cold!"

Good, I want more. But no time for joy. It's 1610 A.D in the Andes mountains. Next target is Guachimines, an Andean condor.

Chris"Alright, let's get to it."

Flying high to see the nearest city, and there is a town up north of these mountains. The cold gives me more speed, because of intense condition, you have to be ready for anything. Into the town, and for the first time in my life, I found a town with no name.

Chris"No name town huh. What are the odds of that."

There are people here, some are naked, some are warriors, but they look the same to me. So, I decide to enter the town in naked, but to be safe, I have to wear at least for my bottom clothes. These buildings are all stones and rocks. I then look at a building with clothes outside. That is the clothes shop alright. I went in the back, grab a large cloak and wore it. Nice pattern though.

Chris"Incas, very traditonal. Wonder what's wrong with them?"

Looking around, there is a temple, and people are gathering inside. Something huge is going on in there, better find out.

Chris"Temple, hope nothing bad is inside there."

Inside, the chiefs were doing some prayers. Reading these old texts, it looks like they are worshipping all the gods. Later on, there was no problem inside.

Chris"Maybe a wrong town I'm, it's always in the nearest town that there is trouble to find. If I don't find him by tomorrow, I better leave town"

At night, I was relaxing the view and the breeze of these mountains. I hear the incas music, it's much more rich rainforest type of music. Then, the ears that never failed me, twitch as people are rushing back to the temple. I follow them there and saw now 4 young boys next to the altar. Then came the headmen's and chiefs. There I finally found Guachimines.

Guachimines"I thank you all for being here today on this another special day."

4 boys, and him. What?

Guachimines"As so, we have new 4 four boys here that will be sacred to the temple of our god!"

They all cheer.

Guachimines"Now then, are you boys ready to be converted as sacred?"

They all agree.

Guachimines"Follow your headmen as he will get you ready for the ceremony."

I don't like the way that sounded like.

Guachimines"For years, we live in the mountains, hiding from the enemies, and having to be close to our god. We stand tall and face the great challenges that it will come for us. We will defeat those people with their shining armors that came to steal our gold!"

The conquistadores already made land. Which means they are in war already. Sad that these incas are going to lose so fast from the disease that came from Europe. Finally, the boys return, and they are dress as girls!?!?!? What is going on here?

Guachimines"They return as we are ready for the ceremony!"

They all are glad for this time. What the fuck?

Guachimines"Let the ceremony begins!!"

Then the chiefs and headmen's told them to bend over and get ready to be useful. Then the chiefs and headmen's grab their cocks and are going to have sex with them.

Guachimines"Everybody sing for these sacred boys!!"

Sacred prostitution! Selling off their mind just to have a mindless purpose. I gotta stop this! I rush in with a sharp rock and went up to Guachimines.

Chris"Your gods tells me to fuck off!!"

Right to the eye's and force inside his mouth and punch his throat where the sharp rock is in there. The people are shock to see this assassination. Then the chiefs and headmen's tries to fight back, but they are no match for my lethal strikes. One of them grab me at front, but I grab his arm and broke both down. Then I throw some punches and they never miss. Flipping them over and skull crush them. Outside now, guards came with their spears. One throw at me, but I grab it, and stab them so hard in the head that the whole spear went through all. Throwing these spears and breaking their legs, I make sure they bled to death. The night is bring the cold winds, perfect. More guards, and they aren't focus enough. Grabbing their spears and stabbing their chest more than once to the heart.

Chris"Fuck yeah you son of a bitch!!"

One throw his spear, I dodge it and it hit the other guards feet.

Chris"Haha, stupid bastards!"

Kicking their face and tail whip their neck open, there's blood everywhere. Then all are dead and it's time to go now before people saw my light. I strip, and hit the lights as fast as I can and I was glad to be out of there in time. Feels like the one who stays behind feels miserable. But the one who is traveling far away, is having the greatest time of his life. But this is a mission, it comes the joy for a short time. Sacred Prostitution, not one of them.

To be continue………………..Memory Complete.

Lucia"Teaching kids how pleasure is?"

Chris"Don't want to know why, puberty ritual I think."

Lucia"It's almost done. One more should do it."

Andrea"Life is a gift, a precious gift. Who would dare to just ruin the gift already?"

Memory 2 - Chapter 15 Fertility Force

Voice"You don't look good kid."

Chris"I never look good bitch."

Voice"Shame, I thought your fun."

Chris"I don't care."

Voice"Cheer up, maybe you'll be happy when this is over."


Voice"No. Hahahahaha!!"

Down I go and into something soft but hard.

Chris"Rug, great. Someone's house then. Find clothes, and get out of here."

This is a bedroom, and there is the closet. I look in, and found clothes. Nice fit, like wearing a suit. Then my ear's tells me that someone is coming.

Jayla"Brother!! Where are you??"

Sounds like a young voice. But then she enter the room and saw me.

Jayla"Hey? What are you doing here?"

What a beautiful Polecat. Should I seduce her or leave her alone.................I have to go, I don't have of this. But what about her.

Jayla"I'm going to tell my father that your here!"

She left fast and calling out her father. I went out the window, closing the window and climb on the roof. A beautiful day in the lovely city. Wonder what's it called. The year of 1678 A.D. in Birmingham. Target is Corbin, a Raven. Info is that he get's every women pregent. But which women is he going after. This will take longer than I hope to be. Now, walking the streets, I saw the art of these buildings, very exotic. And these girls I've seen here are erotic. But there is always vice, no doubt. Then I saw a sad couple in the park, the look on her, pain by physical.

Chris"You guy's look sad. What's wrong?"

Husband"Leave us alone. Please."

Chris"Just trying to help."

Wife"I was [word censored]."

Husband"Honey, please."

Wife"It was after our wedding, yesterday at night, we were planning to go on a honeymoon. We were packing, but then a raven came, tied my husband up, and he also tied me up in bed. There, I don't want to talk about it. My husband watch the whole thing."

Husband"It was painful to see it, I can't stand it."

Wife"Last thing he said was 'I was doing you a favor.'"

Chris"I'm sorry to hear. Lucky for you, I am the type of person who will get the man who did this to you for justice."

Wife"We will be greatful for that. Please do so."

Husband"Make him pay."

Chris"I will, you have my word."

Left the park and on to the hunt. Better find the church, she said it was after the wedding. My guess is that he will strike the couples there. I went to the nearest church. There is a wedding going on there, perfect timing..........................After the whole wedding, the new couple went back to their home. I follow them from my distance. The night starts and the worst thing will come to an end if he comes. They went inside the house, I watch the window across the streets. Still lights, and I hear them going on the honeymoon. But the ears detect another voice.

Corbin"Hello couples."

It's him. I fly to the window and open it up fast. There he is by surprise.

Chris"Corbin!!! It's over!!"


He ran back outside the window. I follow him, running on rooftops. Bricks and cemet's are a factor of this chase.

Corbin"Leave me alone!!! I did nothing!!"


Running and jumping over buildings, I fly instead and follow him in bird eye view.

Chris"There's no escape!!"

Corbin"You'l never get me!!!"

The moon still shines the path of his movement. I took a big dive and strike him down into another building. Into the window and in a big room now. He is hurt.

Chris"Why raping the couples!?"

Corbin"It's my duty to make more people for England! These couples have their orders from god! They are here to give life, make a new life. But these weak people decide to spent time with each other instead of giving birth already. I will help the country and god to grow more people!"

Chris"You sick bastard!! Why you have to give them birth instead of the husband?"

Corbin"They lack the strength of having the child now. No wonder this world change when it comes down to having a child, men lacks faith and love. So I decide to have them a child already and start taking care of them already and deal with it!"

Chris"You fucking moron!! You just make it worst!! They can't have it until they are ready for it!!"

Corbin"No!!! It's for the country!! Country!!! We must grow strong!!!"

Chris"Fuck you, your dead!!"

I grab pecks, rip it off his mouth, stab his balls with it and break his neck.

Chris"All you idiots never get it."

Target down, It's so much crap in this old planet. Why am I having to go through all of this now? Hit the lights, and on I go into another beautiful hell.

To be continue……………………Memory Complete.

Lucia"Getting to the good part takes a good wait of moment, not now."

Chris"I know."

Lucia"It's done."

Finally, I found how this pitch come from.

Lucia"The pitch came from an underground source, and it appears to be in an DNA Luck Casino."

Chris"Thank you so much! I'll get to it now."

A kiss of thanks, with tongue to tongue. Teleport to Jack and Viola. In this un-used hotel, Chris check on them, found them both in bed together, and he already knows they were 'taking a break.'

Chris"I hope you two had a good night."

Jack"What? Oh, yeah."


Chris"It's ok. I would have done the same thing. But I found a lead. We're close to get him."

Jack"Great! Let's catch that fucker."

Into the casino, where the gamblers are there to waste money, and a myth about a minute equals an hour. Once in, his feeling gave him the warning. The people in the casino are looking at them.

Chris"We better get to an elevator quick."

Walking fast, people then get aggressive on them. They ran to the nearest elevator, Viola was being grabbed, but Chris saves her. Then Jack was also grabbed, but then was saved by Chris. As they reach the elevator, they punch out the people to not get in. Once it's close, they were save once more.

Viola"Fucking shit."

Chris"We're almost there."

Going down, and the view is what they expect. It's a facility, and no one is here. By then they realize what they are going through is much sick than Chris's action.

Chris"Torture chambers, no surprise."

Jack"Aw man."

In disgust, they look in each room, and their are dead bodies in these rooms, chained up and their private parts being cut off. The harsh of genocide. Most of them are shemales and cuntboys, with gores and death.

Viola"A holocaust?"

Chris"Looks like, in small version I believe."

Knowing that this doesn't shows any help, it should be one of things they can't forget.

Jack"Somebody should know about this horror."

Chris"These people don't deserve this."

At the front still, they reach a room where it's code locked. Chris hack in and enter the room, the main room. The whole operation, the whole plot.

Chris"Fucking little pervert. He's watching everyone in the city."

Viola"And more in the state."

Jack"Shit, we have to destroy this."

Chris"I know. Find anything before we blew this place apart."

Looking at the millions of tv's, he found something on the desk, a prototype mobile pitch noise.

Chris"If he can do it, I can too."

After looking around, they look back and found Ryu in shock to see them.


Chris"You, fucking cunt."

Ryu"How? How?!!"

Trying to run away, Chris shot his leg, and give him his pain.

Chris"Surprise that a pervert is caught?"

Ryu"Fuck you! What the fuck you want!?!"

Chris"First, why being racist those you called freaks?"

Ryu"Their monsters! They have been mutated, by their ancestors. They are not normal!"

Chris"But they didn't have a choice, they were born with it, and how can you stop this change?"

Ryu"Genocide! We kill them, make sure the public gets the message! We are meant to be perfect and in order, far more civilizes and proper than your god awful people!"

A smack to the jaw.

Chris"Your much fuck up than I could possibly think of."

Ryu"So what! You people believe in unique, a unique that destroys the roots of where we came from!"

Chris"That's why there is history class you idiot!"

Ryu"Wrong! Those things teach them different! Way different that doesn't match to our history!"

Viola"He's lost it Chris, he clearly doesn't know what our teaches is."

Ryu"You bitch! How dare you outsmart me! I wish your kids could kill you!"


He rip his cock off.

Ryu"Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! Fuck you! You don't know life! Your a machine! Your an fucking brainless bot shit!"

Chris"Is that all you know?"

Ryu"I know a lot than you! I know there are people who loves to kill those freaks real smooth and tender as their blood drops and their pride is remove just like a sweet boy I would do to make the others suck on their opposites bloody parts!"

He heard enough, his blades destroys his face.

Chris"Fucking retard. Let's blow this place up."

Setting bombs, and they left the place with an explosion that nobody remembers what were they doing. They were leaving the place and head home, and so did the team. His kids were in hard training, pulling weights and running fast.

Hella"It going to get hard than before! Move it faster!"


Hella"Hello Chris. 10 minute break!"

Gianna"Hey dad."

Tennyson"My god, hard work!'

Chris"I know. I've been there. But you'll get used to it."


Chris"It's not like your going to get used to it now, it takes like years to overcome this physical training."

Gianna"That's how you become strong?"

Chris"I still don't know how, but you should have my genes. Like you can feel danger ahead."

Tennyson"I don't feel it."

Chris"When real danger comes, it will. Will it?"

Gianna"Whatever you say dad."

Hella"I wonder what special skills they have?"

Chris"I think they'll figure it out."

Hella"The sooner the better."

Chris"Right. Well then. ready for another battle?"

Hella"Fuck yeah."

This time, we're taking over the Fireville Comm Station. The place where every communication for war is held there, taking out their eye's and ear's, they have no chance. It was in the valley, and beautiful valley to be in my opinion. A perfect place for the old the retired, as soon as we remove the threat.

Sakura"Already our heavy armor and artillery's are striking their defensive position. Ground troops are waiting to move forward, some are wounded from air strikes. Your objectives is to destroy three Comm Towers and the Broadcast Station. You know what to do Chris, we're counting on you."

Chris"Copy that."

Jumping off and already taking out enemy fighters. Landing in with 20 confirm kills, making him dangerous in every position. Once he see's you, your as dead as a person with no plan to react. Chris moves to the first tower. Enemy tanks were no match for him, the fires that can't be block from the metals. After that he reaches the comm tower, knocking in the doors and attacking the enemies. Bloods were splatter around, the radio guys were dead and he even smash one their heads to the radar monitor.

Wake"SAM's is in the area Chris! Can't take it down!"

Chris"Hold on."

Looking outside and fireball the SAM's as making it a flare for Wake.

Wake"Thanks! Prepare for bombing!"

He left quick and watch the comm building destroy with hell's fire rase.

Fumi"Chris! Need help!"

Chris"On my way!"

Teleport for help.

Chris"What's the problem?"

Fumi"My medical supply went down near the enemy tanks area. I need more First Aid Injections for the wounded!"

Chris"Consider it done!"

Running towards the tanks, ground exploded and dirts were the mist. Giving them every fire blasts to the tanks, making it a junk museum. The down medicopter is there, the injures needs to be rescue. Good thing I was in my custom Light Armored Vehicle.

Chris"Lucia! I need transport!"

Lucia"On my way!"

I drive it down to his position, watching our tanks moving around without getting shots and watching my view for enemy fires. Then we pick up Chris and help the injured.

Raynard"Up you go buddy"

Chris"All the injured is in, go, go!"

Lucia"We're coming in fast Fumi!"


Attack helicopters were right on our tails, really, and Chris destroy it down to it's flaming destruction. Reaching to Fumi's location, Raynard use his remote chain gun and blood mist the foes.

Fumi"Thank you so much!"

Chris"Here are the injurers and this FAIs"

Fumi"I'll take care of them now, finish your job lover boy!"

Chris"On it."

Getting back to the ride, we cross the enemy lines and blow up tons of shits.

Chris"Hey, where's Chum-Bot?"

Chum-Bot"Here I am!"

Crash landing on the artillery's, such an entrance for a huge robot.

Chris"Give us covering fire!"


His missiles were tearing the enemies apart, making us go through the dust of smoke and made to the next Comm tower. He jump off while killing enemies guarding the door. Bash in and put bullets in everyone in his way. His body is on fire, making him want more.

Chris"Stupid fur fucks."

Clearing the rooms, and destroying equipments, the SAMs are in trouble.

Chris"Fire in the fucking hole Wake!"

Wake"Coming in hot and shit!"

Jumping out the building and the bombs impact the whole thing with a huge kaboom. Back for more ride, but then…

Jack"Fuck! I need support!"

Chris"On it!"

A teleport to his friend.

Chris"What's the situation?"

Jack"Snipers spotted me!"

Chris"I'll deal with them!"

His assault rifle zooms into the forest and headshot 10 guys, even I can't see them in the naked eye.

Chris"Your clear to go!"


And teleport back to us. Chum-Bot is raging fire on tanks and artilleries. Our troops are advancing more by the minute, we are going to win this battle. The last Comm tower is in sight, and then an attack fighters were targeting at us.


Chum-Bot"You die!"

His chain guns tore the fighter apart in flames, and lands in the Comm tower.

Chris"Uh, done?"

Raynard"Friendly fire, dumbass."

Chris"Wake, the last Comm tower is destroy."

Wake"How did you do that?"

Chris"Uh, they crash."

Wake"Epic fail."

Now the final objective is the broadcast system. We rush to the place quick and found heavy enemies and the robot he faced before.

Chris"I'll handle it."

He rush to the machine, running into the danger zone where his time is slow and he can shoot the enemies down and focus on the machine. His chain gun was targeting at him quick, but he wall climb with his foot, grab the chain gun and rotated the barrels as a chainsaw and skull fuck him.

Chris"Fuck yeah bitch. That was awesome!"

Raynard"Hell yeah!"


Enough for me to see him perform that and I die happy. Inside, Viola is stuck from close quarter enemies.

Viola"Little help here!"

Chris"No problem."

His blades shines their face, and quickly jump and stab to the face and block an attack, disarmed his sword and rip his body apart. Viola fights back in melee and almost got stab. So he headshot him easily.


Chris"Always win."

Going to the halls, cargos, and offices, we encounter more enemies, but that didn't even stop us for a minute. Bleeding them and tearing their bodies open, we got to the main office. The whole communication of the enemies is right at his finger tips.

Lucia"We should destroy it now."

Raynard"Or use it as our advantage."

Viola"Your choice."

Chris"We'll use it. This is going to be a big advantage."

He uploads the communication data to Sakura.

Sakura"I have the data. We won this battle. Our troops will secure the area. Well done team."

Once we got back to base, his kids were in combat training. Hurting them more and giving them pain, Hella is pushing them harder. The kids complain a bit, but he refuse to let her go easy on them. Being upset, it will pay off. Our team is resting and we have the night to ourselves. And so is the others. Sakura joins us and we the three had a good time, no more fear of the past. We all have our past in the past and the present here is a lovely day to live again with a purpose.


Having for Chris to wake up early than us, it makes us feel quite more tired than his energy. But he does wake us up with his breakfast ready and made. Pizza egg's? Who eat's pizza with egg's? But, it's so good! No tomato sauce, just bread, cheese, bacon, and scrambled eggs. Very good.

Chris"Something I like to eat in the morning."

Sakura"Mmm. I love it."

Lucia"Yes, wish you make more."

Chris"I hope that's something to remember me for what I did for this team."

Lucia"You should have to let the whole team try this out."

Chris"Maybe, if I have the chance. What's the next target?"

Sakura"Hold on."

Looking at her sPlaqueM, military computer.

Sakura"Tandrek, a old hard Turtle, Imonarpire Dynasty Warlord. He's in charge of whole military actions. And so far, he's losing this war to us young team members."

Chris"Well, just have to end his life and move on."

Move on, the subject it was hard for him to move on. In the same principle, we can't move on from war or death, our brothers and sisters, even him can't move on. But time will and hope it will be a great story to tell instead of how many friends we lost. But they won't forget their fellow brother and sister.

Sakura"Check on Raynard, he has something for you."

Checking in with Raynard, he saw him and Hella both in bed together. And seeing this, he was happy. Raynard was checking his Chum-bot.

Raynard"Hey buddy."

Chris"Ray. You have something for me?"

Raynard"Yeah, the one you pick up, the pitch noise mobile. Well, I can install it for you."


He install it to his head and finish it with a new feeling.

Raynard"How you feel?"

Chris"A bit cold, but I'm fine."

Raynard"Good, you now can control people's thought and will and command them to do something."

Chris"Wow, I can make the world bow down to me."

Raynard"What have I done."

Chris"Don't worry, I still have this repercussion feeling that backs me up."


Chris"In other words, do the right thing."


Hella"Babe. Come here."

Raynard"Yes love."

Chris"Love birds."

Then back to Sakura.

Sakura"Your going to Morburn, Fastr. Industrial type city, getting to play in the metal jungle."

Chris"A good hunting place. I love it."

Sakura"Your going in with Wake and Fumi. Take care."

Chris"Yes ma'am."

Flying to Morburn, the city is yet like a industrial park, but the homes are new. Building new buildings at this stage, and are making new hubs and parks. He likes how the look of poor and strong turns out to be a industrial hybrid type in his mind, with the technology he sees. In the streets, he saw protests, to have a new government, to have world peace. They were mad about the take overs, mad about the airport shutdowns. Of course we all would be mad but a war is a war, at least they understand safety. Riot Police were controlling the area in the main plaza. Pushing them back to the ground, scaring them with the sight of fear and might. But Chris saw is bunch of assholes who can't let them speak up for their actions. They were watching the whole protest from a unique bar that he finds it very interesting about political views and debates speech-off.

Chris"The struggle I say."

Fumi"Watching this riot, I say it's like a advertisement."

Chris"I agree, the way it looks like it. But I'm surprise no gun shot."

Wake"Just wait and it'll come."

Fumi"But we should focus on the mission."

Then a armed robber broke in the bar.

Robber"Hands in the air! This is a robbery!"

People were crawling in their tables and the bartender was in shock. Chris decide this is a waste of time.

Robber"Hand over your money!"

He grab his face.

Chris"Talk to the hand."

And his blades strikes his jaws open, in and out without arm movement. Let's go and drop dead.

Chris"So, any plans?"

Wake"Uh, we don't have any access to Tandrek's data info. We don't know where he went."

Fumi"Neither our drones and spy cams knows where he is."

Chris"Damn it. Even technology, it's hard for us to find just a man. But I have no doubt we could just bust in his home."

Wake"He never was in his home for a month ago."

Chris"Better than nothing to check out the last known place right."

Fumi"Right, let's go then."

Flying to the plains of Sovereign, the house is a just a mansion, with biotech theme and research type of man. But for a warlord, he has his taste of living in the atmosphere. Landing in the tree's where they can't find the jetcopter, they walk towards the house. No guards, just cameras.

Chris"Too easy."

He EMP the place and enter the house with ease.

Chris"Look for his last time being here and his whereabouts."

They look everywhere in the house, the computers, hidden safes, hiding spots, nothing. They are not sure what to do now. But then Chris use another idea, he scans for DNA. It founds Tandrek's DNA and he follows the path. One where he would least expect it to be. In the pool, under the cave, there he found a hidden door. Inside, he found a office, but it's all but a journal in the desk. He reads it and check his last entry.

Tandrek"Upon my research, I found what I was looking for, a weapon that I was looking for since my childhood years. I can't explain much but it's a ancient type of weapon hidden in one of our oceans. But first, I must travel to my 'trusted organization.' I should leave behind this war stuff and head out for an exploration. The organization is what I proudly called Neo Teck Organization. I would be glad to put all my funding to it and get what I wanted."

Chris"Neo Teck Organization."

But then they saw attack helicopters on their way.


Wake"We must have tip off some alarm, but hurry back here!"

He rush back to the house and regroup.

Fumi"Back to the jetcopter?"

Chris"Back to the jetcopter."

But they were open fired and shoot through the buildings structures and ripping off everything inside.

Chris"I have an idea."

He goes and takes a peak out the window and looks at the pilot. He use his pitch noise and controls him.

Chris"Your friends are your enemies."

Pilot"My friends is my enemies."

He then attacks his friends, blowing them off with confusions


Running towards their exits, the roof collapse down and blocks Fumi out of the group.



He breaks the fallen obstacle and frees her.


Going outside and still under heavy fire. Wake fell and looks back at the helicopter approaching him without mercy to kill. But thankfully his new friend was destroying it. Chris grabs Wake out of the way to safety.

Chris"Up your feet pilot!"

Running towards the trees, all enemies are eliminated. The control pilot is still alive.

Chris"My base is under attack from your betrayed friends. You must kill them."

Pilot"My base is under attack from my betrayed friends. I must kill them."

Off the mindless idiot went.


Wake"Thanks Chris."

Fumi"Yeah, thank you very much."

Chris"No problem. Let's go to this organization."

In the jetcopter and off they went and left a destroyed mansion once again. Back into city where the people is on the loose more, the tower of the Neo Teck Organization is crawling with riots. They are trying to break in, but for what reason, it's just like a museum.

Chris"Wonder what made these guys piss them off."

Wake"Why attacking a museum collectors?"

But they have little chance of knowing, they land on the top roof and start working their way in. Guards were on full alert, and sentry turrets were online.

Chris"Tandrek has no where to go now."

Fumi"He's screw now."

Being as stealth as they could, the halls were full of historical items. They dare not to touch one of them, but they have to move fast. Seeing guards, and they headshot them down before other notice. In the main treasure exhibit, a camera was at the roof way up high. Chris climbs up the walls with his foot and reach the most advance camera in the world, and he unplug the cable, and disable the camera. That camera could have seen anything from air dust, to invisible people. Following by guards that are walking in, and this room is full of rare treasure. Chris slowly sneak up on one of them and snap their neck quick, but it made noise from this large echo room. Guards were in panic and stare in space, finding out where is the killer. Chris waits, and watch them go, walking around and they fear him. There, at the perfect line, he rush in and strike their skull with his blades, and kept going forward until they all were skulls were rip apart.

Wake"Quite a mess you did."

Chris"Don't care, let's go."

Into the elevator, and scan recent elevator DNA, found Tandrek in the 48th floor.

Fumi"What are we going to find?"

Chris"Him and probably more shits."

It open, it's the god's and beyond section.

Chris"Ok, we're looking for some type of ancient weapon of some sort."

Wake"These look old, how could they be some type of weapon?"

Chris"Think outside of the box, shapes can always trick your mind."

This section here is off limit, but no one seems to care. Old stuff, and Chris was getting his interest with god's staffs, potteries, statues, paintings, even stone written walls. Then he read one of the golden wall.

Wake"They say who ever can understand it, gains knowledge."

Fumi"Try it out Chris."

He reads the following passage, "To does who seeks power and wisdom, you seek not far but into the abyss of the so dead. Where one can follow it, the other will question the second one why they are wrong to find such seek. For whoever tries, their tools will not gain entrance at my shrine of home. A fool will follow, but the wise knows who to trust when it's power is not from exist, but from curiosity and caution. Desire is Strength, Pleasure is Life, Love is Infinite, but you seek all for your desire, your pleasure, but love is missing, lost in the dark. A man who I know, a new man in my age, knows what I understand and why I lived. For he is my friend, and he is just another man. My power is with him, whoever shall claim the high power that I see, I grant the worthy my wish. My close friend seeks justice, to justify my mission. It then return to my birth, and I was in pain, and I was lost. But fire courages me, my word is gold after my greatest friend who my other nonsexist's knows him as a interesting man in the world. -Cuthbert."

Wake"Mind hack?"

Chris"To be honest, I almost understand his message, until his friends is a lot and I don't know if that's the same person."

Fumi"I wouldn't have guess that, but the scholars never mention some possibly theory. You just like, made it up."

Chris"I'm guessing really."

Wake"So, no DNA trace, no recent evidence, what now?"

Chris"X ray maybe."

Seeing through walls, and luck strikes again. A secret passage behind a painting, the secret lie's ahead and it there they found a data room.

Chris"He's not here, fuck."

Wake"Dead end."

Chris"No, there has to be something here."

Much of the core, like a library, looking for recent ones. And the names came up Tandrek, looking on God's Weapon, Sword of Law. The most powerful weapon in the world, whoever holds the sword, the sword obeys it's new law of the master.

Chris"Cool, but not him having it."

Wake"Does it say where he went?"

Chris"He's on his way to the Vova port. Track down the route he's on Sakura."

Sakura"On it."

Fumi"Let's get out of here."

Then a tremor happen, the building just got exploded.

Chris"We have little time."

Leaving the data room and was spotted by guards. They attack the team, but Chris and his friends gladly fires back. The elevator then didn't work at all.

Fumi"We're screw!"

Chris"Not yet. Grab my back Wake, and grab his back Fumi."

They did, broke out the window to the outside and run up the walls. While making them a bit nervous, it gets more nervous when an attack helicopter appears right behind them.

Wake"Oh fuck!"

But despite no time to waste, he just shot the pilot down without bothering looking at his aim. Reaching to the top, guards were ready to shoot down the jetcopter, slow motion kills and saves Wake's personal jetcopter. With bloods and eye balls bleeds, they got in and left the area.

Chris"Sakura, where is he?"

Sakura"He's almost to the port! Hurry!"

Flying their and seeing the view of the world sure makes a beauty more colorful. There at the port, the water that shows the golden sun, the team was ready for the jetcopter to sweep the enemies, knocking them down and let the team shoot them down before they stand back up. The whirlwind push them hard and fell down, right at the time they shoot those enemies right to the bodies.

Chris"He's leaving!"

On a huge speed yacht, he runs quickly and catches it up before it leaves. Killing enemies that was standing in his way, and beheading them those who tries to play hero. Once he was out of grounds, he jump and grab on the tail of the yacht.

Wake"We'll hold off here, finish the job!"

Climbing on and suddenly saw the enemy first before they kick him off the boat. Chris grab their foot and threw them but also with the same hand, his blades gores him in half, while the other enemy tries to shoot him, but was late by Chris's white noise. He controls him, to jump off and kill himself, which he did.

Chris"One day, I'm going to control all the enemies and kill themselves. I'm done killing for this life."

Depress but kept going, I figure he will completely will shut down his body for a huge rest and retire from war, that's all he ever wanted. Then he enter the back, having the enemies not knowing of his presences. Shooting them down and watching them fall with bullet holes and flying to the ground with shatter glass, broken tables, bloody walls, and puddle of blood with a arm. In this living quarter, he open the hall door, and found one guard, grabbing him to his side of the room and smash his chest with his blades and fist.

Chris"Don't scare me like that, I just kill you."

Not that he was really scared, but was bored just to for a taunt. Finding this yacht a bit more redline theme, with the need for fast speed and having the spotlight all on this yacht. Climbing on top of the captains deck, there was the drivers, and smack both of their heads together hard as skull fractures. But Tandrek was not here.


The radar was sounding, a submarine was detected.

Chris"It's huge, but where?"

Arising from the ocean, the hugest submarine I ever seen.

Chris"What the shit?"

He quickly go invisible, the enemies hop out of those hatches. He jumps in the sub and slip in without noise.

Chris"Sakura, I didn't find Tandrek. But I'm in this huge submarine. Your tracking my position?"

Sakura"Yes, what a huge submarine. It's not military type vessel."

Chris"It should be, it could carry like dozens of missiles to end the war."

Sakura"But it's not really. It's a explorer vessel."

Chris"Must be trying to get this type of ancient sword."

Sakura"Either way, you have to sunk it down. They cannot have the weapon, and you must confirm Tandrek is killed."

Chris"On it."

Searching around the area, this place is huge. It's like a ship cruise, but a bit more tech to it. Researchers were running back and forth to their works. In the load station, hundreds of dig site vehicles are parked and ready to go. He decides to plant a bomb in those oil trucks. He did so by taking a bag of C4 and placing them under the trucks. On his way, he found a room which is top secret. He pick lock, enters the room, found much tools and weapons that are prototypes.

Chris"Something here for me?"

There is, one of them is a harpoon device, allows to be heat seeker, and while in the air, it splits to three harpoons and hits three targets at once.

Chris"I'm sure they won't mind if I take it."

He acquire it and also a new Epoch-Mors Custom Assault Rifle.

Chris"An event of death. Sounds like a myth type, no wonder it's here."

No wonder at all, a rare military type weapon that was in production for a short time until budget was in crisis. Leaving the room and looking around for more. The steel support structures in the halls hints him as the weak point.

Chris"Is everything we build has a weakness?"

Lucia"Yes and no."

Chris"How so?"

Lucia"They could be rust or being maintenance."

Chris"But a bomb should ruin it."

Lucia"That's being stupid."

Chris"Like I am?"

Lucia"No. You get the idea."



Chris"Oh their stupid alright, they been push around and killing is their answer. They really lose their reason to live, depressive they are."

Lucia"Why are we talking about this?"

Chris"Don't know don't care."

Placing those bombs and move on. Then he reach the back engine room, a far hall distance he went, with windows of the wonders that he sees. The beauty, the lights that reflects on the colorful fishes. Even it they didn't evolve, they are still beautiful like us animals. The engine room was massive, the pump system, the motor, everything. Too bad it's going to blow up. Placing bombs inside the motor, with oil's slick trace to the whole diesel component. Then the alarm sounds on.

Tandrek"We're on full alert! I repeat, we're on full alert! A spy is in this vessel, locate and capture him! He's extremely dangerous and an enemy to our cause. Shoot to kill, I repeat, shoot to kill!'

Chris"He's here, but fuck!"

Sakura"It's diving now. Better chance to find him and get out alive. Wake will find you."

Chris"Got it."

Guards were searching the area, looking for him. Invisibility just hack the whole operation. Going back to the huge halls, he notice someone not doing their jobs. One of the room is open and he checks it out.

Soldier"I don't care where he is. It's you and me, and they won't come to save you now you little bitch."

The two rival start fighting each other. It's just a waste of time. But he still decide to put his bullet to both of their skulls as the crimson master just made a mess. Moving on, the red lights ruin the beauty of this white colors, like fear just battles the freedom.

Guards"Nothing here sir."

Tnadrek"Keep fucking looking! He can't just leave!"

Chris"Or can I?"

He detonate the bombs, exploding the structures, oils and diesels and motors. The vessel is sinking fast, waters are tearing holes and breaking doors. Chris ran towards the observatory, the alarm went on to extreme evacuation. At the deck, people were panicking, losing hope. And there is Tandrek, telling them all what to do and ordering them.

Tandrek"You fools! Move now! Why are you panicking like pussy's! Your all cowards! Cowards!!"


Tnadrek"By the gods!"

Chris"Yes, it is I. Now shut the fuck up!"

Smacking him off the balcony, and smashing through the equipments. In pain, he was kicking his ass, beating him up bloody and breaking his bones.

Tandrek"Stop! Please! I did nothing wrong!"


Tandrek"Really! I didn't done no wrong! I was just doing a exploration!"

Well, he really did nothing to deserve death. No crimes, just act as a warlord.

Chris"Your a warlord. Why don't I kill you?"

Tandrek"Because there is way to finish this war! I shall reclaim the throne as a new King."

Chris"That just makes it worse."

Tandrek"You idiot! Do you know whats at stake here!? The ancient weapon I'm looking for! I could overthrow the current Deity and reclaim as King! I can make peace!"

Chris"Since when Warlords ever understood peace?"

Soldiers were then in the area, pointing their weapon at him.

Soldiers"Hands in the air now!!"

Tandrek"There's no way out. You lose. I'll soon be King! I will be invincible!"

Chris"Really? Well, future King. Invincible this!"

A strike at the heart, and cut his head off. Before they pull the trigger, he smash a huge window that it's the main view of the ocean. Breaks it and it is then swallow by the violent waters that was meant to be a peaceful trait, unless provoke. Smashing and breaking the bones and steels, he was just not moving from the strings waves, for his feet is stronger than water force.

Chris"Submarine is sinking. I'm emerging up to the surface."

Sakura"Well done Chris, Wake should be there to see you."

Swimming up to the surface, watching a new park falls down for the fishes, and then splash out the water.

Wake"I see you! Let's go home!"


They left and head back to base once more and ever. Dry and standing, he gave Raynard a new weapon to study on. Then went to see me.

Chris"Hello Lucia."

Lucia"My love, your ready?"


Andrea"Like we ever release our power, energy, and take it back? It should regain itself, not taking back whats left of it."

Memory 2 - Chapter 16 Wasteful Ritual

On I go again, again, and this fuck.

Voice"You need some help boy."

Chris"Fuck why?"

Voice"Because, they are dead because of your worst mistake ever!"

Chris"Your not making sense here you stupid cock fuck!!"


Chris"You really are annoying as fuck!!"

Voice"Said the one who's life is already screwed!! Hahahahahaha!!!"

Light is gone and back to another time.

Chris"If he has a body, he's going to get fuck real badly, now where the fuck am I now!?"

In the forest, and the light grey clouds, year 1702 A.D. in Kyoto.

Chris"Japan again? Ok, I bet they have more sick crap than anywhere else."

Target is Akio, a Shika Deer. Usually, these types of animals are consider to be like peaceful ones. Maybe not all of them. I guess we have to figure out what the fuck is going on here. Nearby, Kyoto is just a short yards away. Even so, I jump to roofs, finding clothes. It starts to drop little waters. Then, out of the blues, some guy's is beating up some poor girl there, a Raccoon Dog.

Bully"Gives us your money slut!!"

Chiyoko"Please!! Help!!"

Fighting naked or keep going......................hurting her, big mistake.

Chris"Leave her alone!"

Bully"Hahaha!!! Your naked!!!"

Quickly went up to one of them and quick knife hand strike his neck. He then fell and choke up blood.

Thug"You'll pay for that."

Giving him few punches to the body, then I jump kick his face and smash his face till I saw blood from his eye's.

Chiyoko"Thank you, whoever you are."

Chris"No problem, need help?"

Chiyoko"Can you help me get home, I'm hurt badly."


End P4
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