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The First Time - by Constance Mayflower

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 24, 2011 9:03 am    Post subject: The First Time - by Constance Mayflower Reply with quote

Dear Diary

Iíd like to tell you about my first time. It happened many years ago, when I was young and still living with my parents. The neighbors had a daughter named Vivian. She was a beautiful, white mink. She was very popular and the pride of her parents. She was also my best friend. We shared everything. All our thoughts, dreams and even forbidden fantasies. Vivian was a virgin like myself, and like me, she was very interested in learning about sex. We spent more and more time talking about sex, eager to fantasize about it, but also getting increasingly eager to actually do more than just dreaming about what it must feel like to have a man inside you.

We experimented a little, like many other girls do before they are married. Vivian gave me my first kiss. It wasnít meant as a romantic moment, it was just to try what it felt like to kiss and be kissed. We were very comfortable around each other, and had tried being naked in front of each other and to touch ourselves while the other watches. Again it was more out of curiosity than any actual attraction between us. We didnít try to pleasure each other; we just tried to learn how to reach an orgasm. We werenít very good at it, though, and never succeeded in reaching that moment of pure pleasure we had heard and read so much about. Vivian said that she thought she might have climaxed once, but she wasnít really sure. After talking more about what an orgasm must feel like, we agreed that she probably wouldnít have had any doubt if she had actually had a real one.

We spent a lot of days trying to pleasure ourselves, and we were both starting to get frustrated. Then one day when I visited Vivian while her parents werenít at home, she showed me something she had found hidden at the back of a closet. It was her motherís collection of sex toys. It was a pretty big collection of toys, of all shapes and sizes. We had both heard of such things, but hadnít thought that someone like Vivianís mother would have any, or that they could be so varied.

We were two curious young women, all alone with a large collection of sex toys. Of course we wanted to play with them all. That day we both learned what it is like to be penetrated, and we both finally reached an orgasm so good that it left us in tears.

A lot of things changed after that day. We werenít satisfied with it just happening that one day. We started doing it more and more. Whenever I wasnít practicing my singing, I was spending time with Vivian, pleasuring myself with one of the toys. We often had to do it away from home. We dared not do it while our parents might walk in on us, so we often stole off to one of our secret places with a couple of the toys. Fortunately it didnít seem like Vivianís mother was using the toys anymore. They never seemed to have been moved whenever we borrowed a couple of them, and she never said a word about it to us.

One day, Vivian suggested that we tried using the toys on each other. It wasnít meant as us having sex, it was just a game where we would lie with our eyes closed, imagining that we were being penetrated by a man. I loved it. I loved feeling a toy sliding into me, filling me, without having to do anything but enjoy it. I also discovered that I loved pleasuring Vivian this way. I had always thought that she was very beautiful, but seeing her writhing in pleasure, knowing that I was the one doing it to her, I began having thoughts about her I had never had before.

Soon, all we did was pleasuring each other with the toys. We never touched each other in a sexual way, but I was aroused by it anyway. I loved when she was on her back with her legs spread wide, and I could look at her face while sliding the toy in and out of her. She was very beautiful when she moaned. I also loved it when she was on all fours, and I was using a toy in her from behind. It was so naughty. Sometimes, when she was on all fours and ready to be penetrated, I pretended that I couldnít decide which toy to pick, just so I could stare at her most private areas some more. I was extremely aroused by the sight of both her holes displayed like this, and I dreamed of touching her there, tasting her and giving her an orgasm with my tongue.

Nothing happened, though. I kept my hands, and my tongue, to myself. I dared not risk our friendship, and she hadnít given any signs of wanting me like that. I wasnít sure what to think either. I had always liked boys, and I always thought Iíd find a man to make me happy. Back then I was very confused about my feelings, and wasnít aware that I was bisexual. All I knew was that it was the one thing I couldnít share with Vivian.

One day when we were going to one of our secret hiding places in a forest nearby, carrying a couple of toys in a bag, we heard moaning coming from somewhere between the trees. We both instantly knew that they were sounds of people having sex, and we quietly tiptoed closer through the forest. There was no doubt in either of our minds that this was something we wanted to see.

We found a woman having sex with two men. She was a big, mature bovine lady. I remembered her first name as Dorothy, as I recognized from some of the social events my parents sometimes hosted. She was married to someone important and wealthy, but that obviously didnít concern her at that time. The two young, male foxes were eagerly taking turns mating with her on a blanket. Their slender bodies were in sharp contrast to her full figure and voluptuous curves, as they thrust their hard members into her, over and over again.

The sight had left me momentarily stunned. When I could finally take my eyes off the scene in front of me, I turned to Vivian and saw how aroused she was. She was staring wide-eyed at the three people mating, while one hand was holding up her skirt, and the other was moving frantically in her panties. We were hidden from sight between the trees, and if we just stayed quiet, I figured that we wouldnít be noticed, so I found one of the toys and offered it to Vivian. She looked at me, all flushed and breathless, and just shook her head. I was briefly disappointed that she had refused the toy, but then she bent over and put her hands on a tree stump, while her eyes were fixated on the erotic scene we were witnessing. I understood what she wanted, so I got her skirt bundled up around her waist and her panties pulled down around her knees, before I slid the toy into her sobbing wet sex. She had to cover her mouth to prevent a moan from revealing us. I grabbed her shoulder with one hand, and with the other I thrust the toy deeply into her. I did it quick and hard, and she didnít complain once. I wanted her to climax quickly, so I could have a turn as well. I was afraid that they might be done before it was my turn, and I really wanted an orgasm while watching Dorothy and her two young lovers.

When Vivian climaxed, she nearly fell over. Fortunately I still had a hand on her shoulder, so I held her in place while her whole body trembled, and I drove the toy all the way into her. When she had regained her senses, it was my turn. By now the two foxes both wanted a turn at the same time, so they arranged themselves such that Dorothy was on all fours, being mounted from behind by one, while the other thrust his member into her mouth. It was one of the most erotic sights I have ever witnessed. They all moaned while I did my best to keep quiet. Vivian was working the toy in and out of me, twisting it while pulling out, only to slam it hard back into me. I was seeing stars and my head spun. I knew that I was close to a powerful orgasm.

When I climaxed, I couldnít stay quiet. I let out a loud moan that instantly gave our position away. Dorothy froze completely, and the fox in front of her pulled out of her mouth in surprise. Apparently the shock of being discovered triggered his orgasm, and his seed hit Dorothy in the face, as he scrambled for his clothes. The other fox hadnít noticed us, or he simply didnít care. Even when Dorothy struggled to free herself and clean her face, he kept thrusting against her big butt. I was still riding on wave after wave of pleasure, as Vivian, sweet and thoughtful as ever, kept thrusting the toy into me, not wanting to cut my orgasm off right in the middle of it.

The moment seemed to go on forever, until the young fox finally climaxed deep inside Dorothy, who had by now stopped trying to cover herself up, and my own orgasm slowly receded. As soon as Vivian removed the toy from my sex, I pulled up my panties, and we ran home as quickly as we could.

It wasnít until we had gotten all the way back, that I realized how wet Vivianís clothes were. It didnít make any sense to me at first, but then she told me that it had come from me. She had stood directly behind me when I climaxed, and I had drenched her. It hadnít just been the most powerful orgasm I had experienced; it was also the first time I ejaculated.

I tried many other things with Vivian, but that is something Iíll tell you another day.

With love,

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