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The Blue Dragon: Crossing Time 30

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 9:32 am    Post subject: The Blue Dragon: Crossing Time 30 Reply with quote

Chapter 30 ..........Results

................I better leave now. Having much sex and pleasure may be all fun and all, but it's better more to be home. I hit the watch for a mission complete. I then came back to the real world, where lights is still on.
Lily"How you feel?"
Chris"I'm fine."
Lily"Your test results are in."
Lily"The point of this test is call distraction. How truthful you are to your wife depends here. You have sex with 10 required girls. You like them all, but in your brain scan, it shows that Andrea was still in your head."
Chris"So, that means?"
Lily"You are very truthful to your wife, you never forget her and always think about her."
Chris"Of course, she is my true soul mate. I saved her, and I sore to protect her from anything, she even said so. I won't abandon her for something stupid. I love her."
Lily"That was the test. And you pass. This whole thing is done. An Excon soldier with love in you boy. This whole thing, this is rare of you. Showing much power in you and your decision. You can now leave."
I went back to the house, this beautiful day shows that I'm so strong to anything. Inside the house, Andrea was about to be awake, I was next to the bed.
Chris"I'm back."
I crawl up to her and strip all my clothes. She is very beautiful, even when the day shines on her.
Andrea"Chris, you pass?"
Chris"Yeah. I'm really faithful to you babe."
Andrea"Oh Chris, let's do something new today."
Chris"Like what?"
Andrea"Maybe, making love out there with nature."
Chris"Mmm, not a bad idea love. What about the kids?"
Andrea"Our motion scanner will tell if they are awake. They just ate bananas, and they fell asleep."
Chris"Alright, let's go."
No clothes, we flew to the beach, where the sun is starting to set. She was lying down on the sand, showing me her beautiful body.
Andrea"Get yourself wet silly."
I went in the water, took a dive, and walk back to the beach like I just pop out from the magic sea. I was then on top of her, dripping salt water on her.
Andrea"My hero."
Chris"My love."
French kiss there. So tender to have her with me as one.
Andrea"Let's try to have sex everywhere."
Chris"Sounds like a lot of fun there."
Then we fuck, missionary in the beach.
Andrea"Oh yeah!!!"
In the jungle, where the vines are turn into those sleeping nets with two trees, we were feet's high from the ground, and she was on top of me.
Andrea"Ahhh!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!"
Inside the cave where the waterfall was falling inside the cave like a ring, we were in the middle, in spoon position.
Andrea"Oohhhh!!!! Yeah!!!!"
Under the sea, where we hold our kiss and the coral reef is like a city.
At the sky, I was upside down and guild down slowly and she was on me in 69 position.
Andrea"Right there baby!!!!!"
Inside the ice cave, where I use my wings to cover her from the cold while is giving me a nice blowjob.
Chris"Oh god, your so warm!"
Last one, next to the lava, inside the volcano, the heat was strong, but in doggy style, pleasure and love is stronger.
Chris"I'm cumming!!!"
Andrea"Me too!!!"
The lava exploded same time when I pull it out and blast my cum on her back. The intense of these environments is very creative to our pleasure. We then went home, was tired. It was almost night time, the kids were awake. We gave them some food, and play around with them. They were happy, have jiggles and curious. This is my family, I love them. I think, with me, I can do anything.


Desire has no limit, it can be twisted

I really hope you like this story. Please leave a comment.

Voice"Is he ready?"
Voice"........what you think."
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